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Use custom bakery boxes for a bakery-fresh look. Making chocolate-clotted cakes can be a tricky process. And making them look right is even harder. The main thing that affects how your product appears is the food packaging box. A good packaging design will make your products look great. There are many factors that determine a good packaging for your food product. Like the material used, printing style, and colors. Decorative bakery food boxes are usually used for commercial purposes by bakeries and pastry shops. A little creativity and the right material will allow you to make a cake or dessert box that will elegantly showcase the desserts lying inside. At, we want you to succeed. That means making the best packaging for your bakery products. Our bakery food packaging boxes are top notch, and are made using an FDA approved material. Thus, standing up to heavy handling as well. We offer an extensive variety of styles with many designs motifs, shapes and colors so you can stand out from under the competition. From grilled cheese sandwiches to quiche tarts, from artisan breads to muffins, our custom bakery food boxes are the perfect packaging for any bakery or coffee shop.

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Custom bakery boxes with cardboard let bakeries create premium packaging for their baked goods.

It would help if you had a box to hold your delicious products no matter who you are. For example, you need them if you’re baking pies, cupcakes, brownies, or anything else with a tasty treat inside. Your customers want it to arrive safely and in an appealing package.

So what should you use for your package? How about custom bakery packaging. With these boxes, you can make food look its best. And not worry about any damage to the food during transit.

Bakery boxes are used in the food retail industry to pack and protect baked goods. These boxes take on a more critical role. It’s because they work to store, display, and transport desserts.

And the best part?

These boxes come in handy for retailers that want to “wow” their customers with a professional presentation.

Custom Bakery Box Printing & Manufacturing Service

You’re just starting a small business baking delicious cupcakes. How do you ensure the safe transport of your goods? How do you ensure the branding of your bakery?

The standard waxy paper bags and kraft boxes look okay. But they don’t reflect your brand, nor do they protect your goods either.

The solution?

Custom bakery boxes are inexpensive yet highly effective and professional ways to pack cupcakes, muffins, and other bakery goodies.

In addition, this bespoke packaging service is perfect for confectionery, cake shop owners, pastry chefs, or any other food seller looking to promote their product and protect it.

Welcome to the custom bakery box printing and manufacturing service by [ECB]. We have the right box for you. This includes everything from our class, sturdy and colorful cardboard boxes. All the way to our eco-friendly, freshness preserving, and stacking containers.

Our custom-printed bakery packaging is great for use in bakeries and cafes. Or when your food chain needs to transport fresh food to events and parties. These boxes create an upscale appearance. While also being sturdy enough to keep your freshly baked goods intact.

We make bakery food boxes to every customer’s bespoke demands. Therefore, you have a free hand in choosing any size, design, printing pattern, and design for the box.

Contact us today to receive a free quote!

Bakery Boxes with Logo Printing Facility

You have a vision for your business that is both grand and the life of the party. But you have no idea how to make it happen.

Therefore, it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. You know you deserve better than some tatty brown paper. You need something fresh, something unique. Thus, you need custom bakery cake boxes with logo printing.

Getting your bakery customers to take home your products in an image-aesthetic way is crucial in today’s competitive marketplace. And bespoke food boxes are a reliable and cost-effective way to do that.

We at ECB offer a complete range of packaging solutions for bake and pastry shops. You can choose from hundreds of design templates on our site. And then customize them with your logo and text to create your very own custom bakery box.

And when we say custom, we mean it.

Being able to design your bakery box with a logo or other graphics will make your treats even more special for customers. We ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, if you produce the best tasting pastries and sweet treats in town. Then ensure you dress them with customized boxes by ECB.

Do you want to go with a simple packaging? We stock a large range of white boxes as well.

Premium Pastry Shop Cake Boxes

A beautifully decorated cake. But it’s spending the whole day on your pastry shop’s counter – sad and lonely.

What you need is something to protect that lovingly-crafted masterpiece so you can transport it with the consumer with pride.

Coming to your aid is ECB!

We take your personalized design. And use the highest quality material to bring it to life. Our premium collection of boutique pastry boxes will give you an upper edge in the patisserie niche.

Our custom cardboard cake boxes are strong enough to hold circular cakes, tiered wedding cakes, or other baking treats. These beautiful boxes have thick flaps on the sides that give you plenty of room to write the name of your bakery or pastry shop. There is also a sturdy carrying handle with a snap closure that keeps your custom cake box from falling apart during transport.

So show off your baked confections in one of our ready-to-use Custom Cake Boxes. Thus, allowing artistry to shine!

Custom Boxes for Bakery Biscuits & Desserts

When you are in the baking business, there is a lot of pressure to keep the pastry pristine, soft, and appealing. And the biscuits are crisp and tasty.

But how often does packaging sabotage the quality of your dessert? Sadly, that happens far too often.

Fortunately, ECB’s custom cardboard boxes for bakery biscuits and desserts assist in this regard.

These custom cardboard boxes are just what your pastry company needs to keep the food fresh. The opening on top provides easy access for serving your customers. If you are packaging butter cookies, cinnamon buns, doughnuts, quiche, or mini-cupcakes, this box is the right size at the right price.

Therefore, ECB’s custom bakery boxes are ideal for the enhanced visual appeal. But these boxes will keep the bakery fresh as a daisy from the second they are made to the minute they are eaten. While at the same time also ensuring that pastries and biscuits reach their final destination in a perfectly fresh state.

Custom Confectionery Packaging Boxes with Lids & Windows

We all like to show our baked goods in beautiful packaging for the ultimate customer experience. But, we don’t always have beautiful packaging to show off with. It would help if you either made packaging. Or you buy from other shops and the customer experience is missing.

What is the customer experience? The customer experience begins when the customers pick up their cookies, pies, cakes, and cupcakes. And sees how amazing they look in your box packaging. The customer experience ends when they serve your baked goods to their friends and family, who ask where they got the sweets from.

Your customers deserve the best. It’s time you give that to them via bakery boxes with window and lids. Therefore, help your baked goods and let your name stand out from the rest of the bakeries.

The lids are made of the same cardboard material as the rest of the box and fit securely into place with a sturdy latch. The windows are clear, so customers can easily see what your bakery has created.

From bagels to buns, doughnuts to donuts, our muffin boxes give you the ability to create a beautiful snack display with the goodies you sell. Its stylish design will help you attract more customers. The box and lid are made with custom corrugated cardboard, which provides protection and durability. Additionally, the window is filled with clear plastic and has an adhesive on its back.

In short, bakery boxes with window allow for easy viewing while protecting your product and table from unwanted crumbs while delivering your treats in style.

Food-Grade Hygienic Bakery Box Packaging

Bakery and food manufacturers struggle to find the proper packaging for their products. Traditional cardboard boxes don’t solve hygiene issues or require a distinctive look.

But now, tailor-made boxes make all that hassle go away. These specially-crafted boxes keep food in good condition. While providing a place for branding, a raise-edge seal that helps keep moisture out, and an optional leak-proof lining – just in case.

Our cupcake boxes are made as an affordable and eco-friendly packaging solution for your food business. Stackable, moisture-proof, and easy to carry, it is the ideal solution for takeaway food businesses, supermarkets, or caterers.

The cardboard is a sturdy 250gsm stronger than the standard 200gsm brown board used in most custom boxes. This helps to protect against rough handling in transit. The corrugated design of the box also gives it extra strength.

Custom Bakery Boxes in Wholesale

We are one of the leading providers of custom boxes wholesale. Our products are made as per the customer’s requirements. In addition, we offer these boxes at very reasonable and affordable prices.

You can visit and order the boxes for your bakery items. You need to fill out a simple form that requests specific details about the products you want to order. ECB will get back to you with a quote for the product you want to buy. We will deliver your order to your doorstep within a specified time frame if you accept our quote.

ECB is committed to providing value for money and good quality products. We have been in this business for years and understand what our customers want from us. Our company do not compromise on the quality of our products at any given point in time.

If you are looking for top-notch cardboard boxes for your bakery product in wholesale, please get in touch with us today!

Why Choose ECB?

When you are in the market for bakery packaging , you must choose the right vendor. With so many to choose from, why should you pick us? Here are a few reasons:

Wholesale Rates: We offer all our services of boxes and packaging in wholerates with high quality material.

Quality Service: Just because we offer customized boxes at the low price doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. Our custom packaging are made with high-quality materials and are very sturdy.

Customer Satisfaction: When it comes to custom packaging, we understand how important it is to design your packaging. While some companies will say they will work with you on this, they might not. We’ll work with our clients until they are delighted with their new product packaging.

Bespoke Needs: ECB has a broad range of stock sizes of paper boxes. From small boxes to large boxes, we have everything you need. It means that you can save money by ordering directly from us without paying for excess inventory in specific sizes!

No MOQ: We don’t put any MOQs on your order, which means that you can order as few as you need. But if you want, you can also place bulk orders with us. ECB will offer the same great price on all of your boxes, no matter how many you want to buy.

Fast Shipping: We ship out your order in as little as five days after receiving your design approval, which means that all orders placed with us get to their destination fast!

Why not choose us when you are in the market for custom bakery cake boxes? We hope to hear from you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best bakery boxes?

If you owned a bakery and sold bread, doughnuts, and donuts, then you know that your bakery boxes have to stand out against the competition. If you can create a custom bakery box that really stands out and is stunningly beautiful, it will not only draw attention to your high-quality baked goods but also introduce your customers to your new retail cardboard boxes. 

There are many types of these boxes available on the market today; however, EliteCustomBoxes provides some of the highest quality ones for its customers. We’re talking about sturdy dies that won’t bend or break easily under any circumstance and thick cardboard so you can make sure the product inside stays fresh for as long as possible.

What are customized boxes?

Custom boxes are a great way to promote your business. Whether you are selling cakes, cupcakes, or cookies, it is essential to keep them fresh and secure while they are transported to their destination. A custom bakery box will help you achieve this by providing high levels of insulation, as well as superior strength and protection during transit.

In addition, these boxes can be decorated with your logo, image, or message to reinforce your brand awareness. This helps increase the likelihood that customers will recognize you the next time they purchase goods from your company or business sector.

Do you make die-cut bakery box packaging with windows?

Yes. Many bakeries use our windowed bakery boxes as an easy way to show off the handmade treats they sell. The use of clear plastic in these food boxes gives customers a full view of the food and baked goods inside. The packaging allows customers to see everything that is inside of the box. This includes the product, filling, icing, and toppings.

Where to order custom-printed cake boxes online?

One of the best places to order custom cake boxes online is EliteCustomBoxes.

Here’s how to order cake boxes online:

  1. Visit, and then choose your favorite design from their templates. Or upload artwork of your own for a custom look.
  2. Get a quote for the box that you want, including the cost of printing and shipping.
  3. Place your order and they’ll deliver the finished product directly to your doorstep.
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