Benefits of Using Custom Mailer Boxes


As time passes, packaging trends gradually change, and quality packaging boxes have become standard. For packaging and shipping, brands used stock boxes before. But now, shipping is done in dedicated mailer boxes.

First of all, you should know what are mailer boxes? Generally, a mailer box is a paperboard packaging that is designed to store and ship products. Custom mailer packaging are customized packages used for delivering different products. Therefore, several brands and companies use printed mailing boxes to ship their products.

There are many differences between mailer vs. shipping boxes. Mailers are very easy to assemble, whereas shipping boxes are quite hard. Most bakery packaging has a joined lid on a mailer box. Comparatively, packaging solutions for shipping need to be strong and more durable. These are to protect and deliver large products. Alternatively, you can get them with flaps on both sides or as two pieces.

Custom Mailer Boxes for Shipping

The purpose of mailer boxes is to ship. Many brands use mailer boxes that are customizable. Their purpose is shipping, but customizations are necessary as well. A brand must pay attention to the material with the best attention. Most brands use paper material for their mailer boxes, a trend that’s still going strong. It is because it’s lighter. They don’t want their packaging to become heavier.

Paper is the best choice for them. On the other hand, they also want better protection, and paper alone won’t do it. As such, Kraft mailer boxes provide better overall durability compared to paper boxes. In addition to paper, Kraft is also a strong material that provides better strength. Easy-fold mailers are another option. It is more convenient to ship these items in mailer boxes that fold up.

Custom Mailer Boxes Benefits

Custom boxes can be helpful either short- or long-term to your business for several reasons.


Various objects move using the mailer boxes because they are easy to transport. Many people send gifts and valuable items to their loved ones using mailer boxes. They do not just use them in factories or warehouses. Moreover, one of the advantages of being weightless is that the cost of shipping does not depend on the weight of the box.

Transport Safely

Manufacturers of cardboard boxes wholesale and retail boxes create boxes according to the size and shape of the product shipping. You can use mailer boxes to transport your products. It will prevent any damage to your products during shipping. Customizable mailer boxes come with the material of your choice. The sturdy design of the mailer box prevents damage.

No External Packaging: 

You do not need to add extra fancy packaging to your gifts or any special items you send to your family or friends. Custom cardboard packaging fits your needs exactly. You do not need fancy wrapping and packing.


With a moderately low price range, everyone can afford these mailer boxes. That is their main advantage. Makers of cardboard packaging boxes can vary the price depending on the material of mailer box product shipping used.

Available In All Sizes and Shapes: 

Mailer boxes come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, which is their best advantage. Make sure you inform your vendor about the packaging design and size of the item you want to ship. However, your preferences in terms of design and material are likely to be met at your doorstep.

Environmentally Friendly: 

As global warming continues, mailer boxes are eco-friendly and harmless to nature. Eco-friendly and safe materials are used for the mailer boxes.

Labeling Is Easy: 

All the mandatory and required information appears on the custom Mailer packaging. Labels and box tops look best on the Mailer boxes.

Fast Printing: 

Fast printing is most beneficial for companies in the mailer box business. Additionally, print anything you like on a mailer box. It makes everything much more tidy and clear.

Personalize It:

Design your custom mailer boxes at any time. Choose the color, the design, the print, and the shape that suit your style. Additionally, you can tell your seller what materials you need for your mailer boxes.

Make Your Customer Feel Special:

Advertising on box tops can be very influential and effective as a marketing tool. First-time clients should feel warm towards your company when they receive a custom-designed box. You can do this by adding your brand’s colors or some simple message that your customer will find appealing.

Create Your Custom Mailers.

You can enhance the look of the mailer boxes by printing them. Many items come in custom printed mailer boxes. The boxes are most commonly printed using digital and offset printing techniques. However, either method works well for colored mailer boxes. Use different colors to create a visually appealing custom mailer package.

Add your brand’s logo to draw attention to your business. The packaging comes in a variety of styles in addition to printing. Book mailer boxes with tuck tops provide a unique styling. You can also ship by using sealed end mailer boxes.

It is also quite popular to use decorative mailer boxes. The boxes can be enhanced with beautiful graphic images. Choosing an attractive finish will enhance either appearance.

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