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Different Box Styles for Candle Packaging

Different Box Styles for Candle Packaging

Is there a way in which candles can be packaged and given away as gifts? How does candle giving make you feel like it is the ideal gift? It’s vital to know the fact that candles have other uses if you’re a candle addict. Custom candle boxes are a must to create appeal. There are many purposes that candles can serve. Also, give things away if you can.

So, custom candle cartons are ideal for this purpose. The display boxes you need as a candle retailer must vary. Candles also need a package, just like every other product. Thus, this item comes in a wide variety of handy boxes.

An event or occasion will be fuller and more memorable when candles are present to celebrate beauty, light, the divine, love, desire, faith, humility, and many more. Our lives shine with candles from the moment we are born until we die. Thus, it is impossible to ignore their significance at all times of the year, from Easter to Christmas.

Candle holders wholesale are essential for preserving the soft flickering effect. Also, candles that are packed in custom boxes last longer. An attractive look is possible with custom box printing over packaging. Each candle requires a different amount of wax.

List of Most Used Box Styles

You need to know why you need these packaging options before deciding if boxes for your candle products are essential. Selling your candles will require bulk crates, so buy them in bulk if you plan to sell them. There must be no plain boxes here. The logo, brand name, or other details need printing.

Add some wishes to personalize it. Sturdy candle containers are best for such a purpose. If you don’t need a lot of packaging, many printing companies offer bulk or small quantities. Here are some candle containers styles you might want to consider if you are one of those business owners doing things on your own.

Pillar Box

It is because of the shape and size that pillar candles get their name. It is usually tall and wide, between 5 and 8 inches tall, and 2 to 3 inches wide. The pillar candle is among the oldest and most timeless designs of candles.

Their longevity is due to some attributes. First, they burn slowly, so they are very economical. There is to say that they look good as well as are practical. I think these look great when used to dress up a room for a party or when they are strong and broad to dominate a table setting. 

Square Box

The square candle box is one of the most original but also one of the most reliable candle holders available. The really attractive ideas they have introduced have led them to make rapid inroads into the packaging world. In addition to their unique box-like shape and design, these candle holders attract those looking for them.

It is possible that a simple product can sell readily on the strength of packaging like this. It is ideal for gift packaging to use these display boxes. They are available in a variety of sizes, which makes it easy to pack a variety of kinds of items. Further, another retail product packaging can also work with this design material.

Taper Box

There is a sense of luxury and quality one does not relate to with taper candles when you think of them. Most of the time, they stand out only because of their color or scent. You may even be able to get a better grip on what’s going on with them. My favorite thing about Hyoola’s taper candles is how they appear. An original pattern is hand-cut into the Kraft paper box. So, people can know who they are. The Kraft paperboard is a perfect option since the candles are handcrafted, locally sourced, and made from natural ingredients (beeswax).

Votive Box

Labels are a great option when it comes to votive candles. Various events are using it to decorate their events, which has made it very popular. Due to the unique nature of these candles, candles come in special boxes at retailers and suppliers. They are a beautiful addition to the boxes you have around the house.

Customers are more likely to be drawn to the product due to this. A candle box wholesale with a clear plastic paper top will also maximize the power of perfume by presenting it with its features. It protects candle scents from dirt and dust yet keeps their graceful look.

Hexagon Box

Candles made from hexagons are limitless in their creativity. A wide range of hues, aromas, styles, and packings are available. There’s nothing like a hexagon on a shelf to make a difference. Customized box can alter with a fancy cutout or display window or simply white or Kraft paperboard boxes. Adding a suggested sleeve or label will do the trick.

You already have a special candle pack. Ensure that the packaging is proper and that it maintains product quality. An insert or sturdy box that prevents the candle from moving is easy to use. Moreover, customize the packaging to reflect the contents, and there will be a dramatic boost in brand awareness.

Sleeve Box

Candles can be made using certain types of boxes that can make according to the needs of the client. As a result, they completed their purchase at the store and left with it in hand. With the diverse types of shapes, colors, and designs, sleeve candle container boxes also offer a variety of reasons for customers to purchase the products. You can use this method to attract clients based on good packaging to bring profit growth to your firm.

Make Your Candles Look Chic and Affordable

A custom cardboard package is the perfect way to offer your products at a low cost while retaining their attractive appeal. Your wax candles stay securely in a manner that does not affect their quality. Material stains are not an issue with these boxes because they consist of corrugated cardboard. Providing your customers with gift boxes is a great way to make their experience unique by giving them a gift box that can store candles securely. These boxes are customizable with your brand’s logo, the name of your brand, a text, an ad picture, or another text if you wish.

If you want to package candles in rigid boxes, this is an option that you can consider. A long-term packaging solution like this is ideal. Corrugated boxes lie on top of one another in the boxes. It is a good choice for consumers who would rather spend less money because heat and light are not a problem. In addition to making your boxes heavy, a rigid material option can help make them difficult for your clients to carry.

Your Kraft candle holders are available from eco-friendly materials if you want to provide your customers with eco-friendly packaging. A glass jar with the creation of clear plastic is used for most candles today. Although these jars are a bit fragile, they will only hold a few candles.

So, if you want a sturdy box that can handle light and heat, Kraft boxes are the way to go. Many people choose glass boxes for their recycling and lightweight properties, which can boost their products’ value.

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