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Attractive Box Styles for French Fry Boxes

Attractive Box Styles for French Fry Boxes

There is nothing better than French fries. The ideal French fry holder is the key to serving French fries properly. There are many options available for serving French fries. By doing so, you can select the one that is the right fit for the style of your eatery. You can also manage product costs more efficiently by serving guests consistent portions.

Container Materials for French Fries

A holder for serving fries has three key benefits of custom fry boxes in the food service sector. They are as follows:

  • Make your restaurant look cleaner for your clients
  • Provide the same size portions for your customers
  • Visually appeal to the eyes when presenting the food

Taking your business’ specific needs into account will help you choose the ideal fry stand. If your business serves plenty of products, you need a holder to hold them. The pace is much slower at a fast-food restaurant than at a sit-down restaurant.

As for materials, there are several types of cases, each of which provides a unique level of benefit. If you want to use disposable French fry boxes, you will also need to consider whether it is more convenient to use reusable ones. Below you can find an overview of the four material types that come with some of the most common types:

  • Paper 
  • Melamine 
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper-Plated 
  • Metal 
  • Bamboo

Fry Holder Sizes for Disposable French Fries

Fried food holders come in a variety of sizes. Most of the time, disposable containers come with the same holder as small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extended sizes. So, the same meal comes in different sizes for shops offering fast-paced service. Also, the best way to increase the number of fries is to match the proportion of fries to the size of the food.

It will depend on its capacity or dimensions, the form, and how large the holders would be. Custom box printing requires a piece of special knowledge and skills to design and decorate them. The sizes vary by the solid fry ounces of cup and scoop holders. There is a different “category” for bags of French fries. Also, there is an uneven contrast between thickness and density with disposable bags.

French fry Holders: How Their Shape Impacts Their Capacity

A variety of forms are available for French fry holders. The shape of a container can have an impact on its volume. So, it makes it easier for you to select the right option based on your market and the number of products you have. Solid fry ounces of weight is used to measure a container’s capacity. French fries, for example, can be measured by how much they fit into the plate.

Note that this is a rough estimate rather than an exact number. Because items such as fries have irregular shapes, they won’t fit inside most holders. Every shape is measured differently to assess how many fries it can hold. Also, you can find different styles of holders by selecting from the following:

Scoops for French fries

They have a specific capacity at the back of the holders. This holder has a range of storage space based on how much you put inside the top and bottom sections. Also, with its angled edges and high back, this product is easy to take straight from the warmer into your hands. 

Cups for French Fries

This shape uses every square inch, from top to bottom, enabling it to contain a large amount of material. Guests can sit down to enjoy fries in the cup style. It is easy to place on top of a table since it has a broad base, so the product is stable.

Scoop cups for French fries

The design is similar to one of a cup, but the lid looks like a scoop. It has the capacity of a cup plus extra storage, such as a scoop at the top. The volume is visible at the top of the rear, but it may vary a little according to how full it is. The wide bottom of the cup holder makes it easy to place on a table.

Cones for French Fries

The cones have varying capacities, just like the scoops. Their measurements occur near the top of the cones at the back. Customers who order fries to go can take their measures at this point. These people will enjoy the stylish look and comfort cone shapes offer. Also, this is one of the best event ideas for fry boxes.

Bags for French Fries

As a result of the bag’s size, it breaks at the bottom edge. The bag can fill mostly, but there will be some space on top of the pack. If you want to transport fries or are using it as a container for them, this shape is perfect for you.

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