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You’ve got the best burger in town, but if no one knows it, then no one will order it right? Where’s the product that’s going to advertise your creation? It’s the Custom Burger Boxes. In today’s competitive marketing environment, it’s not just about a logo and catchy tagline. It’s about standing for something real – something that differentiates your brand from the rest of the noise out here. Let us help you develop a strong brand for your business. Custom Burger Boxes are perfect for any burger restaurant, food truck or event. These boxes, also known as hamburger boxes, are a necessity for almost any burger business. They allow you to hold the contents of your food items until they arrive at their final destination. This helps ensure that your burgers remain warm and ready to serve upon delivery. Elite custom boxes specializes in creating burger boxes because we know how important they are. These custom boxes are great for restaurants, kitchens or caterers that desire specific themed packaging. They make great restaurant supply products to help get the word out about your food business. And customers will enjoy having something so attractive to be seen carrying your delicious food.

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Custom Burger Boxes are here! Although burger packaging is nothing new for big brands like McDonald’s and Burger King, who have mastered its art.

But yet many lesser-known brands are looking forward to cost-effectively popularizing themselves. And one such way to achieve this is via custom food boxes – an option that’s both affordable and effective for branding.

In the affordable, flashy world of packaging, who wouldn’t want a box that screamed your company name?

Creating custom burger boxes for your restaurant can add a brand new layer to an already established business.

With burger packets, you will be able to serve great food excitingly. You will impress your customers by the way you serve your delicious burgers. These are also unique promotional products. It is because you can have your logo or company name printed on them.

Therefore, look no further!

EliteCustomBoxes [ECB] offers custom burger packaging boxes that not only provide bacteria-free packaging for your sandwiches. But also work as a tool to attract mass appeal to your food chain.

Need custom burger packaging? Get a free quote or place your order by dialing (888) 908-3029.

Custom Burger Boxes by ECB: What To Expect?

Everyone deserves the authentic burger experience. Therefore, keep your zinger burgers the way God intended with ECB’s custom burger boxes. Our custom-printed food boxes are the perfect way for your customers to carry your burger from the restaurant. Also, it’s easy with our unique design that can hold burgers along with fries, salad, and ketchup sachets.

An added advantage is that our custom burger cartons are printed on food-safe, sustainable bamboo pulp paperboard. Therefore, providing an upscale appearance with naturally antibacterial and odor resistant food packaging. As a result of this, a burger will stay soft and fresh inside the box for hours.

But that’s not it. Listed below are a plethora of benefits that come along with custom burger box packaging by EliteCustomBoxes.

Successfully Brand Your Fast Food Chain with Logo Printing on the Burger Box

Calling all burger makers, we’ve got precisely what you need to house the perfect burger. Our promotional burger boxes work as a fantastic tool for restaurants or takeaways to promote their brand. The box has a central holding tray that will hold the burger, fries, and dips. At the same time, the outside cardboard can have your company’s logo or bespoke artwork along with the restaurant’s contact details.

Therefore, restaurant owners have the perfect chance to set out their burgers in style with our high-quality custom burger box packaging. Your dream burger in a box will bring the wow factor… for sure!

→ Encourage takeaway sales by offering branded packaging.

→ Promote your brand identity, logo, and artwork.

→ Unique bespoke design that distinguishes your food chain from the competition.

→ Increase sales by providing unique packaging that catches the attention of potential customers working their way down the queue.

So we have a burger box that fits your brand and is perfect for storing the burger. Your box will be made to your bespoke design. Therefore, delivering a unique takeaway experience for the consumer.

Food-Grade Custom Burger Boxes For Keeping Burgers Warm & Delicious

ECB thinks Outside the Bun!

This is because we have developed a sustainable packaging solution to make burgers easy to eat off the go. Our patented packaging solution is lightweight, food-safe, and customizable for any brand.

Our new burger packaging is made of high-quality food-grade cardboard. Made in the USA, these boxes create an airtight seal even when folded. This keeps your burgers fresh and crispy beyond regulation restaurant food packaging.

We print our custom boxes with FDA-approved ink to ensure your packaging stands out while remaining completely safe. These boxes also fold as trays, so customers can use them for eating burgers as well.

Therefore, decorate your burgers in style with our popular cardboard burger boxes. These food-grade cardboard food boxes are hygienic and reusable. They also fit kids’ meals and even include a window to show off your best.

Call today for more information about our custom printed burger boxes!

Hamburger Boxes with Unlimited Box Style Customizations

We custom-design beautiful hamburger boxes to match your branding. So whether you need square or round, basic or exotic, we’ve got you covered. Add your name, image, logo, promotional message, etc., to the box to catch sight of the box. So there’s sure to be a lasting impression made.

ECB is the only custom food box manufacturing company that offers different box types with unlimited box customization options to make your hamburger boxes unique. This includes:

Burger Cardboard Boxes with Handles – Make burgers, shake hands, go big! Our custom food boxes will take your burgers to the next level. With convenient handles, these boxes are easy to carry. The durable construction will hold up to the toughest crowds.

Burger Packaging Boxes with Compartments – Our boxes feature separate compartments for your fries, onions, sauce, and toppings. Keep everything upright until you get to the party or bring it all home. Perfect for every event from birthday parties to tailgating…and beyond!

Boxes with Windows – Like food boxes, but better. We’ve completely redesigned the box for the way we now eat burgers. Our custom fast-food boxes now feature windows to showcase your delicious masterpiece and its signature toppings, such as fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and more! So grab our custom burger box and start making those gourmet burgers like a pro.

We Print Custom Burger Boxes at Wholesale Price with No MOQ

The burger box is an absolute necessity for any restaurant or fast food truck selling burgers. EliteCustomBoxes takes pride in providing custom-printed burger containers at the best price with the quickest production time. No MOQ required. And since burgers are meant to be shared with friends. So these boxes with logos and bespoke artwork on them will allow you to do that while drawing attention to your restaurant.

Give Your Burgers An Upscale Feel With Cardboard Packaging

Everybody enjoys a good burger and fries. However, sometimes that burger needs a bit more of an upscale feel. That’s where mini burger boxes wholesale come in. We offer custom boxes specifically made for burgers and fries. Therefore, whether you’re looking for something fun or classy. We have it covered!

Are you tired of having a boring, generic burger box packaging? Or, do you run a chain of burger restaurants and want to differentiate your stores with some unique designs?

Either way, we can help you create custom food boxes for your restaurant. From the design process to printing and delivery, our team of experts is going to assist you in creating the perfect packaging for your business

Boxes That Catch The Attention Of Hungry Customers

Looking to start a food truck business?

If so, you’re going to need a burger box.

Packaging is one of the most crucial tools in any business’ arsenal. It’s how you present your product. And how you differentiate from your competitors.

A good burger box can get the attention of hungry customers whether walking down the street or inside the mall. Therefore, you must consider getting a bespoke burger container.

So let’s make your next burger stand out with our bespoke burger box packs and takeaway containers. Go crazy with colors, add a logo and we’ll print it. And then laminate it to take care of any splashes. There’s no better way to keep your packaging top notch than with our fresh design process, so check it out today!


What is a custom burger box?

A custom burger box is made to hold your burger and fries. While at the same time looking great with the help of vivid colors and eye-catching prints on them. The best feature is that they allow food chain owners to take their branding campaign up a notch with their logo printed on the box.

What are the best features of custom burger packaging?

Every custom burger box is made with the highest quality materials to ensure that you will serve every burger in perfect packaging.

These fully custom food boxes come with various customization options. Therefore, allowing customers to see the branding and design of your burger. Want to use them for sandwiches? You can do that too!

They are great for marketing, advertising, and events.

A burger box with a custom logo design makes your brand pop.

Where to get the best custom burger boxes?

EliteCustomBoxes custom prints and manufactures burger boxes that go beyond the call of duty when it comes to packaging your burgers. Our boxes are strong enough to hold up in high-pressure steam tables yet are light enough that you can carry them around. So don’t let your burgers get harmed by cheap, flimsy boxes… treat them with respect with these beautiful custom food boxes. For orders, dial ECB at (888) 908-3029.

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