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Custom business card boxes can give your customers a fun and memorable way to carry and protect their cards. These boxes display your cards in stores. Although these boxes can be an effective sales tool, they also distinguish your card from everyone else’s. Do you have employees who are on the go? Not all leads will wait for you to be ready to handle their needs. They already know what they want. So if your team is out in the field, they’ll need a business card box. This way they can quickly pull out some cards and customize some new leads. Therefore, improving sales. ECB’s custom business card packaging boxes ensure the safety and beauty of your company cards. Our custom boxes are great for keeping your brand looking fresh. The boxes also protect your cards from being bent or being exposed to liquids. So not only is it a great place to store your cards, but it also shows off your unique personality. And helps you leave an impression with those you meet. Contact us today at (888) 908-3029!

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Create your own business card boxes with EliteCustomBoxes (ECB). 

Made to fit your standard business cards, these boxes fold flat and are sold printed with elegant cardstock papers. Our selection of paper options has something for everybody. So you can create the right look for your personality and brand. Any side of the box is also available for printing with company info, customer logos, or additional designs.

Boxes are useful marketing tools to help promote your business cards. No matter what your company is about, these products can help you make your business look more official. Therefore, the main idea is to make your business cards look professional. No matter how small or big your company is.

A business card box is typically a box that has many slots inside it. This is where you can store your business cards. You could use the box to carry your business cards with you. Or you could even take out a few cards and hand them to other business associates – who knows? – maybe one of those will prove to be a valuable contact someday.

ECB is an up-and-coming business card printing company, with a focus on super high-quality business cards. We are based in the USA. Our boxes feature high-quality thick stock cardboard. This means your business cards receive protection in transit. All of our boxes are brandable so that you can include your insert designs. Thus, enabling you to make the most of your branding to create a one-of-a-kind, unique box that you can give out at any promotional event or trade show which you attend.

We’ve got the low-down on thousands of top-quality, custom business card boxes. We know you want to get your product quickly. Therefore, we’ve made the process as fast and painless as possible. All retail boxes come with free shipping and helpful customer support thus giving you more time to market.

Business Card Packaging Boxes by ECB

Custom boxes for business cards make great gifts for business associates, clients, and friends. Made in America, our boxes are made from archival quality paperboard and thus stay in mint condition even after many years. We offer the best selection of custom cardboard boxes at prices that meet your budget. ll with fast turnaround times to keep you moving forward.

Our laminated business card box is the standard by which all others are measured. It features a polished, beveled mirror-finish lid, which makes a striking impression when your client opens it. The compartments at each side of the box hold business cards vertically. So they are visible from both sides of the box. These compartments have a scripted Walnut edge surrounding them to add a traditional touch. This is a premium box so it will fit in with any decor and give you that professional feel you want when meeting with clients.

Therefore, open your door to the world of business card boxes with ECB. All our retail packaging boxes maintain a level of elegance. Every box carries your name and important information on the front. With options for custom text, our boxes can fit your brand while also showing employees and clients that you think of all the details.

Boxes for 100-1000 Cards Storage

With our custom boxes wholesale, you’ll be able to present business cards in a stylish way. They’re available in different custom colors and can hold 100 to 1000 cards depending on the size box you order. The boxes are made from 1/8″ thick rigid material and securely held together. Each box comes standard with a clear slipcover for easy viewing of contents and has a flat bottom to stand upright.

Also, the look is just as important as the protection to get you the best price. Therefore, ECB’s in-house design team does everything in-house to make sure the creator has everything they need to start creating right away.

Our boxes will help you build brand awareness and deliver a more professional image. So use them to deliver cards at networking events, give them to new business contacts, or use them as a memorable gift for clients and vendors. Each box opens to hold 100–1,000 cards and includes our popular three-side debossing of your logo.

Box Printing for Business Cards

A business card has often become something more than just a name and number, but rather an extension of your business. Your cards are extensions of your brand’s image, so why tuck them away in ugly retail boxes? 

Therefore, ECB’s custom retail packaging boxes give you the elegance you want, wherever you want to showcase your cards.

Whether you’re giving them out at a tradeshow, networking event, or simply handing out business cards to new contacts, make sure they make a personal impression with custom boxes. 

They feature sturdy and durable cardboard. Thereby, helping you to organize and protect your business cards. While at the same time, also standing up on their own for easy access.

Therefore, don’t settle for less.

Design your own boxes with a high-resolution custom printing service by ECB. And that too at a cheap price and quick lead time with no MOQ. You can have your own business cardboard mailer boxes with laser custom logo and fine embellishment works on the surface.

Order business card boxes in wholesale now. Free quote available!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business card box?

A business card box is exactly what it sounds like, a box that holds business cards. It is a great way to keep your business cards safe. With these boxes, you can be sure that your business cards won’t get lost or damaged.

Apart from being great custom index/business card holders, they are also great for organizing and holding photos, get-well cards, and other special mementos. Their simplistic design makes them a great addition to any desk, table, shelf, office supply drawer, and more.

Should I get a box of business cards?

Business card boxes are a very important part of your business card marketing. When you have custom business card boxes you can then give them away to people or hand them out at trade shows or events. When you print your logo on the outside of the box, it creates brand recognition.

Therefore, business cards and business card boxes go hand in hand.

You can use them to give your new contacts the perfect first impression on how professionally your business is run.

So to sum up all, a business card is an important part of one’s identity. It represents you and your organization in the best possible light.

For this reason, you must put in the effort in making sure the design of your business cards encompasses all the qualities and characteristics of the brand and the business.

Also, custom business card boxes are a great way to keep your card fresh and clean so that you present them professionally and effectively.

Where to get custom boxes for business cards?

ECB can make custom business card boxes to your exact specifications. These are the best business card boxes around, perfect for employees, executives, trade shows, marketing campaigns, giveaways, and much more. Whatever your needs are, ECB has just the box you are looking for. Contact them at (888) 908-3029 or visit

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