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5 Best Candle Packaging Ideas for Sellers & Consumers

5 Best candle Packaging Ideas For Seller & Consumers

Best candle packaging ideas really matter for the candle’s proper marketing. Even when it is not a business that is into candle making, these candle packaging ideas may be used by ordinary people to make an impression on the candle’s recipient.

Candles are an essential source of light, comfort, and fragrance. Suppose you want to make your candle business boom, then add some adorable packaging ideas to it.

You can use these ideas for your handmade candles, soy or paraffin candles, and even mason jars. The following ideas will also give you the answer to the question: which material is best for candle boxes?

5 Best Candle Packaging Ideas

Candles aren’t just used to create an atmosphere. They are also a great way to spread your message. Now a question might come to your mind that why not sell candles direct and why are candle boxes important? The answer is more than simple, a package is essential to create an ambience.

Whether you have a small business and would like to gift potential customers something truly unforgettable or you want to give your friends or family some handcrafted candles as a present, we bring you an excellent list of candle packaging ideas. You’re welcome!

“Candles are one of the most popular forms of home fragrance, but as a retailer, you need to pay attention to the aesthetics as well as the scents. A candle can take on many forms and evoke various emotions, which is why so many people enjoy them. Candle packaging represents a unique opportunity for retail product packaging ideas that can make your candle stand out from the competition.” – EliteCustomBoxes.com

1 – Use Custom-Printed Candle Boxes

If you have a retail shop, it is vital to make your product packaging stand out via custom cardboard boxes.

Customers will pick the most attractive option out of a sea of options. You want something that will catch their eye and attract them to your products.

But why?

Candle boxes can make or break a sale. Customers often make their purchase decisions based on the design of the candle custom boxes. If you want an answer to these questions and also, what are the benefits of candle boxes? Here is all that you need to need about it:

  • If you sell candles at a retail store, your customers will see the candle before they smell it. The design of the custom boxes is what’s going to draw them in.
  • If you sell candles online, your customers will be attracted by your website’s “preview” photo. This is also where they’ll get their first glimpse of the candle box, so it’s important that it catches the eye and entices the buyer.
  • In either case, if the box doesn’t live up to expectations, your customers may not even open it and test the scent for themselves. You’ve lost them as a customer before you even had a chance to impress them with your product!

An example of how custom boxes instill impulse purchase:

When Sam walked through the city, she saw some beautiful bakery boxes at a pastry shop. She loved how it looked so much that she decided to buy the baked goods even though she didn’t know what was inside.

2 – Attach Customized Labels

Using customized labels is also one of the best candle packaging ideas. 

You can also use labels for marketing purposes. One way to do this is by creating an eye-catching design that catches customers’ attention passing by.

Another way is to create a special label just for holidays or other events to increase sales.

Most candles are sold based on their scent and colorful appearance. However, the label is what attracts the customer to buy your product. You should therefore take this stage seriously.

When you’re designing a label for your candle, you must pay attention to the design and information on the label. Here are the things that you can include on the customized candle tags:

The scent’s name and any relevant information (for example, ‘scented with essential oils’ or ‘made with 100% soy wax’).

The weight of the candle, volume, or size in both imperial and metric measurements.

The price of the product (if selling them individually) and selling a set of candles, you can include the total price for each set in brackets next to it.

In addition, labels should be big enough for people to read them from a distance and understand what the product does. Some people might need glasses just to read this label if you put it on there too small or too close together.

You want everyone to be able to see it from a long distance away, so they know what they are buying before they even get there.

3 – Use Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Candle sellers have begun to realize that they can increase profits by showing off their products creatively. In other words it is the one line answer to the question often asked at various packaging platforms, yes you are right, and we are talking about, how to boost candle boxes sales?

But what is the best way to show off a candle? 

We have seen everything from putting them in mason jars to putting them in plain boxes with no label and just writing on the box. 

The most interesting way of showing off a candle is by using hand-drawn illustrations on a plain box to give it an organic look.

Hand-drawn illustrations on candles give it a rustic look that makes the product look more natural. It also gives the consumer a warm feeling when they see it because of how heartfelt hand-drawn illustrations are. 

When customers see something drawn by hand rather than Photoshopped, they attribute more value to it, making them feel like they will get more out of the product than if it had been Photoshopped. In short, candles with hand-drawn illustrations sell and look better in candle gift boxes.

4 – Use Holiday-Themed Packaging

Candle packaging design is a perfect way to make your products more attractive, but with the limited budgets, you want to ensure that you will get the best returns on your investment. 

Creating a memorable package that suits the Christmas holidays can be easy if you use holiday-themed packaging. Therefore, you can help spread some Christmas cheer around by packaging candles with festive and fun designs with the incoming holiday season.

These are some suggestions for packaging your candles with a Christmas theme:

  • Use red and white colors in your packaging design
  • Use symbols of Christmas – pine trees and candles
  • Make sure that you add a Merry Christmas greeting
  • Package your candles in boxes shaped like gifts – they are pretty, practical, and will make someone smile.

In short, candles are practical and are often used during the holiday season. Making them part of the decoration adds a festive feeling while providing a scent during the holiday season.

5 – Wrap Candles In Gold Foil

Candles have been around for thousands of years, and they remain one of the most popular home decor accessories. They are especially great for creating a romantic atmosphere. 

There are plenty of affordable ideas for candle packaging .If you know where to look. The most important thing is choosing candles with the best scent possible.

A candle with an excellent smell is sure to be a hit during special events such as weddings or baby showers. Investing in high-quality candles will also reduce the risk of someone suffering from allergies.

You can use gold foiled cardboard for packaging these candles – we certainly love it and think it’s one of the best options out there! Why? Because it looks amazing and is sure to make your candles look even more luxurious than they already are! What’s more, it makes them look like a true luxury product – which they truly are!

To make your candles look even more luxurious, you can use it as a wedding favor packaging and add logo print on the front side of the candle box.

The gold foil will reflect lights during the wedding ceremony and make your wedding favor stand out from the crowd. Plus, using metallic paper to wrap light bulbs would be ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere in the entire room.

Importance of Beautiful Candle Packaging for Candle Sellers & Businesses

One of the most important things when packaging your candles is making sure your candle packaging is appealing.

The candle packaging will be one of the first things that people will see when they look at your products, so it is important to make sure that it is attractive.

The way a candle looks from the outside can hugely impact how well it sells. If your candle packaging looks cheap, then you are not going to do as well as you could because people will assume that the product inside is also cheap.

Essentially, you want to create a package that looks professional and suggests that you take pride in what you do. This will help to lure in customers and get them excited about your candles.

Importance of Beautiful Candle Packaging for Ordinary People

The candle packaging is the first thing that everyone looks at. It’s the part that makes them go, “Wow, I’ve got to have it!” The reason why beautiful candles are so popular is that they make a good candle look even better.

Candles have been used for centuries for many reasons. Some people use candles for relaxation and to help them sleep at night; others use candles to simply make their house look more homely and welcoming.

Candles also make a nice gift. If you are going to give someone a candle as a gift, it must be packaged well.

Packaging your candle in beautiful packaging will ensure that the person receiving the gift will think of you every time they see the candle.

Candle packaging can make a nice addition to your home decor if you choose the right candle packaging.

A beautiful and well-made candle box can look amazing on any shelf or table around your house, especially if filled with a delicious-smelling candle!

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