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5 Best Candy Packaging Ideas 2022


Candy packaging ideas can be a little tricky. The goal of your candy packaging is to create a desire by the potential customer. They have to fall in love with your candy before they even purchase it.

Have you ever wondered how to package your candy products?

There are so many options out there. But not all candy packaging ideas are created equal. Some are even downright weird. Therefore, you want to make sure that your candy packaging is the best it can be.

“Everyone simply loves candy and to them, there is no better toy than the packet itself. They love peeling it open, tasting the sweetness, and then covering their teeth with sugar. It is important to make their experience with this great sweet a memorable one with appealing, attractive, and eye-catching candy packaging.” – Elite Custom Boxes

5 Best Candy Packaging Ideas

Being custom packaging experts, we have the privilege of working with a lot of people who are launching their own line of confectionery products. Whether it’s chocolate, hard candies, or some other tasty treat that you’re distributing. There are specific strategies for getting the best results.

Looking for the perfect candy packaging designs? We have everything you need to know from candy bar packaging to box design templates. So that you can start making beautiful and unique candy packaging.

1 – Use Custom-Printed Candy Wrappers


Using a custom-printed candy wrapper is the best way to get noticed on the shelf. The candy wrapper will take on the color of the candy, so it will be hard not to notice it. Plus, when you use custom candy wrappers, you can get your logo. Or message out there in a more direct way.

The color of the wrapper and lid of your candy will set a tone for whether you want to create fun. Or a serious atmosphere regarding your candy. If you are looking to create a fun atmosphere, then you are going to want to use bright colors for your candy. A serious atmosphere on the other hand would be better served by darker shades such as black or brown.

Possible Use: 

Candy packaging for a “Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party” at an upscale hotel. The candy wrapper would have a picture of the birthday girl on it. Surrounded by colorful balloons, with the words “Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party”. Or something to that effect near the top. The rest of the wrapper would be blank.

2 – Use Silver or Gold Foil Packaging


One of the most useful applications of aluminum foil is its use in candy wrapping.

A brilliant and unique new idea in candy wrapping is to use silver or gold foil on the outside of a package of candy. The packaging will not only feature foil, but also a certain thickness to the foil. This creates a luxurious feel for the candy wrapper. Therefore, making it ideal for gifting at a special occasion. Such as a wedding, baby shower, graduation, birthday party, or other special events.

The type of candy that would go well with this type of packaging would be anything wrapped in chocolate. Such as chocolate-covered strawberries or chocolate-covered nuts. This type of packaging would allow the giver of the gift to express their appreciation for the person receiving it. By giving them something that feels like it is truly worth unwrapping.

For instance:

M&M’s and Hershey’s kisses use gold foils for their candy packaging. The shiny, ornately shaped candy wrapper adds another dimension to these sweets and makes them look even more delicious.

3 – Use Cardboard Boxes for Candy Packaging


Marketing is all about creating a sense of value. So, if you want to create the perception of value in your products, one approach is to use unique candy packaging made possible via custom cardboard boxes.

These boxes are the perfect way to present your candy creations. The box itself is made of high-quality materials and will be a talking point for your customers. They come in various sizes and are fully customizable with any logo or design.

The significance of the custom candy boxes is in the attractiveness and the effectiveness of the packaging options. These boxes are manufactured to make the product more appealing according to the buyer. The high-quality materials used in their manufacture give them a unique look. Thus, turning them into a great deal more than a container.

Several factors such as waterproof properties, stain resistance, durability, anti-corrosion features are taken into account while designing these boxes.

4 – Use Vivid Artworks & Cartoon Character Printing


A box of candy, with vivid artwork and cartoon printing on the package, will become the best choice for mothers who give out candy as gifts to their kids. The illustrations on the package are very attractive for kids. These designs are vibrant, colorful, and eye-catching.

Candy is the best gift for kids. It’s because it can make them happy and bring a great smile to their faces. Unique candy packaging with an interesting graphic design can be a great choice for all kinds of sweets, snacks, and chocolates.


Other brands use standard designs for packaging their candies, which can be easily found in different stores. But when a customer sees a box of candy with vivid artwork and cartoon graphics on its package, he will surely feel attracted to it immediately.

5 – Use Gift Baskets & Decorative Ornaments


Unique candy packaging is a good example of how a product’s image can be enhanced by using gift boxes and baskets. Candy comes in many different sizes and shapes, and the packaging for each size is usually the same. This means that an impressionable child is always seeing the same packaging. No matter what size candy bar he or she buys. This fact has been used to great advantage by candy companies who would like to make their candy bars appear to be more valuable than they really are.

Taffy manufacturers have found that they can create an aura of luxury around their product by giving it individualized packaging. The taffy is still the same size as other taffyys. But it comes in a pretty box with a ribbon around it. The children who buy this taffy are more likely to feel that they have received something special.

In the same way, even though peanut brittle is generally packaged in small boxes, the image of peanut brittle has been enhanced by giving it gift-sized boxes decorated with ribbons and bows. The person who receives this gift is much more likely to enjoy opening such a beautiful box than he or she would if it were just another box of peanut brittle from the confectionary store.


You might think that the packaging of a product has little to do with the product and everything to do with marketing. And you’d be right. But it’s not as simple as it seems. Unique packaging ideas always boost your business in the competitive market.

If you look closely at the best candy packaging, you see that every feature of the packaging serves two purposes: protecting and displaying the candy, and communicating its brand values.

For example, think of how much thought has gone into the design of Hershey’s Kisses: The foil makes them easy to unwrap and reseal; the shape is perfect for fitting them into vending machines or holding them in your hand; even their name suggests a kind of purity, which is reinforced by their logo and colors. Or think about how much work has gone through into making M&M characters seem like familiar friends — so much work that people dress up as them for Halloween!

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