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Cardboard Gable Boxes

Cardboard Gable Boxes offer additional comfort and come with a conveying handle. These boxes are one-piece and hold a shade-shaped handle topside to make them simple to carry. They are extensively used for gift packaging and some other convenient products. They are highly customizable boxes because of their wide design range. Usually, we apply foiling, gloss lamination, and other innovative printing techniques to them. You can easily lock or unlock it from the top. These cardboard boxes are easily assembled, and the handle on top makes the carrying process effortless.

Choosing the appropriate material for the packaging boxes plays a significant role in giving the product a unique and sturdy display. The quality of the material highly influences the printing of the box. Thus, using the right stock is mandatory if you want your desired outcomes and visuals. Elite Custom Boxes offers a comprehensive range of packaging materials for the manufacturing of customized boxes to let you have the gable box exactly the way you want. Cardboard material holds a plain base and can be immensely customized to provide premium looks

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