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All comic book lovers know the importance of comic boxes in their lives. From publishers to collectors, these are just like treasure boxes. Imagine you have all the Marvel or DC comics you collected through all those years, and now you are worried about preserving them. There is no need to fret as at ECB; we have a whole new range of comic book boxes. All you have to do is visit our library for that purpose, and we will furnish you with the make and size you are looking for. As comic books from various brands and companies come in different sizes, these boxes would also vary accordingly. Like the size, your funny box will also have patterns that refer to the books you want to store. Apart from being a collector, you can also order the same boxes for your business purposes. Whether you are a distributor or have a comic book range of your own, we are there to accommodate your needs and requirements. What we offer is rare among other packaging suppliers. We have a full range of discounted offers for you. We also furnish you with free services like design and shipment etc.

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A comic book box is the only secure and safe place for your favorite bundle of funny stories. At ECB, we create a perfect solution that will keep your fantastic storybooks safe and act as a manifestation of your dreams. We use the similar design and artwork combination that your books have. With such a festive theme, what we guarantee is a perfectly designed collection of all sorts of book boxes for comics. Our stock and material range are from simple cardboard to the E-flute corrugated and eco-friendly Kraft. Whatever is your choice, we would accommodate it. Our top priority is to keep your lovely collection safe from moisture and other negative impacts. The same stands true for embellishments and addons. You can choose any style that you like. The most popular finishing styles at ECB for comic box collections are gloss, spot UV, aqueous and matte lamination.

Versatile Comic Book Boxes with Fantastic Artwork

Whether you are a comic book lover, collector, or publishing firm, you will need uniquely designed comic book boxes at some stage. A great design and a perfect shape are what every comic book lover seeks in such containers. 

We have years of experience in that field as a reputed comic box manufacturer. Our experts can tell what sort of pattern and box shape will suit your comic books. You can even personalize each custom printed box according to your specific needs or a character you want to portray.

We offer free illustrations and design services that will make your bundle more economical for that purpose. Furthermore, our designers and layout experts are always there to support you whenever you need them.

Boxes to Keep Your Comics Safe and Secure

We design boxes that are a quick sure way to keep your book collection safe from dust, moisture, and other harmful impacts. In addition, if you want to move them to a storehouse or for sale purposes, our comic storage boxes will still prove to be very useful for you.

These storage boxes are just like an extension of your fascination. We are sure that you will feel the same way towards our comic boxes as you do for your custom cardboard boxes by us. Our professional team members know how to satisfy your custom needs, from personalization to the final touch.

Our experts use every printing and packaging technology to provide you with the dynamic imaging you have in mind. In other words, all that effort from our side is to fulfill the appetite of your imagination. Magnetic or self closure adhesive layers will make your comic boxes even safer than usual storage boxes. You can also order more durable stud fastening closures.

Attention-Grabbing and Stylish Comic Book Storage Boxes

A comic book box is different from ordinary storage boxes. These would not only act like archive boxes but also decoration boxes that you can showcase to your best friends. That is why we offer a diversified range of boxes that are not only for publishers but also for individuals.

If you are running a company that prints and circulates various famous comic books, our boxes are not less than a treat for you. Each box can also have a clear PVC pocket so that you can label it for easy memorization. We offer it for all our retail boxes wholesale.

If you have a large collection of a wholesale comic book series from scratch, we have special boxes welded together. You can have each box with various depths to easily accommodate books of all sizes and weights.

Comic Book Boxes with Your Desired Printed Options

An amazing feature of any comic box is the printing aspect. Just like the book has stories and illustrations, the box is also a shadow of these characteristics. That is why no ordinary printing or wholesale custom packaging will fulfill these needs.

One must have sharp and the point high-resolution imaging. The one that portrays the inside of the box. After that, a comic box will be fully according to your custom needs and requirements. If you are representing a brand, then it becomes more than essential.

Our printing options include offset, digital, screen printing, and any high-tech innovation you might think are suitable for your comic box. We make sure that whatever is the case, the result of your favorite characters is as sharp as the real book.

Our Competitive Edge for Comic Book Boxes

As mentioned above, we have a lot of privileges for you under our belt. When it comes to comic book boxes and other such storage boxes, we offer some special discount offers that would make your package more affordable. Let us discuss all these as under:

Free Artwork and Illustrations

As we all know, the most important part of any comic book is its character building. The same stands true for the custom printable comic book box we deliver. You can get all the designs free of cost and as part of the package.

Complimentary Shipments and Delivery

Another great option that will minimize your comic storage boxes cost is the free shipment policy by ECB. No matter in which part of the world you reside, except in a few regions, we would deliver the bulk order free of cost at your doorstep. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All our efforts are to save the earth and its atmosphere from harmful industrial wastes. For that purpose, we make use of biodegradable wholesale packaging solutions. Moreover, none of our processes release toxic wastes.

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