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Need a custom-made ice cream cone sleeve? Don’t like the common designs? Want to up your business game with a little more color? Yes, you do. And you’re not the only one. Which is why we’re giving you the option to print ice cream cone sleeves in as many colors as you want, on demand. Who says slow food is boring food? It’s not! ECB’s unique ice cream cone sleeves are ready for sale. So stop thinking about ways to freshen up your wholesale cold treats and get it done with our custom-printed ice cream cone sleeves. Ice cream cone sleeves are so much more than just a promotional tool, but rather a marketing and advertising medium that allows customers to interact with your brand in an exciting and unique way. We’re not only making promotional ice cream cone sleeves, but we create limited edition ice cream sleeve designs with your brand’s message. Slip the ice cream cones into one of our cone sleeves. Protect your waffle and display your nutritional information all at the same time – all thanks to custom ice cream cone sleeves printing solutions. Looking for a way to turn your plain old ice cream cones into a conversation piece? Look no further! These cornet sleeves make it easy to add fun, personalized flavor to any treat.

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Personalize your vanilla, chocolate and mango ice creams by making use of custom ice cream cone sleeves printing. This way your business will get more publicity. Because there will be greater curiosity amongst customers to try out your fantastic cones. 

What’s great about getting custom-printed ice cream cone sleeves is that there are no limits to what you can ask for. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the choices of sleeve colors and textures. As well as the range of sayings and logos that you offer to customers.

Custom Ice Cream Cone Sleeve Printing

Custom cone sleeve printing is one of the fastest growing promotions in the desserts industry. You’d be surprised how cone sleeve packaging can improve your business. This service will boost sales and win you more customers that you may have not thought possible.

In addition, custom cone sleeves are the perfect way to display your message. For example, if you are planning a delicious event in your own neighborhood for brand promotion, you can do so by getting a bespoke ice cream cone sleeve. 

Is your business looking for ice cream cone sleeves?

Elite Custom [ECB] is the number one choice for ice cream cone sleeves, containers, and cups. What can we print on your ice cream cups or cones? Anything you want. We’ll make sure it’s perfect. Place your order now or contact us for a free quote.

Ice Cream Cone Sleeves for Brand Visibility

When it comes to branding and market share, ice cream bringers need to be creative. Crafting something that stands out from the crowd is what makes them successful. But how in the world can they do that when their product is just an ice-cream cone?

That’s where these custom printed ice-cream cone sleeves come in. By jazzing up the sleeve, you’re changing part of the product. Therefore, you can stand out in the deep freezers. And instantly inspire interest from hungry eyes.

Custom ice cream cone sleeves are a great way to promote your business on top of promoting your slogan, logo, or graphic. 

So many people love ice creams, and everyone loves a custom made treat. Add to the fact that you can match the sleeve with other items in your shop and you have a great way to get everyone interested.

Therefore, let people know your ice creams are worthy of a yummy treat with cute cone wrappers by ECB. The color of the sleeve will guarantee to stand out. And the exterior is ready for you to decorate with business name, logo, icon, or flavor details.

Tell Them About The Flavors with Custom Cone Sleeve

It is hard to get customers to notice your ice cream. Selling ice cream cones to the public is not all that difficult. But telling what flavor they have in their ice cream cones can be a real problem.

With so many different flavors, how can you paint a picture of what is great about yours? After all, how do you describe the taste of strawberry? Or what about chocolate?

Now the clichéd ‘taste’ isn’t just a cliché; it’s a whole new way of telling about your flavors.

With custom print cone sleeve for ice-cream we help you tell customers about your unique flavor combinations including what kind of taste to expect from your brand. You can choose from various designs and sizes. The best part is that our sleeves are made using eco friendly inks and are 100% recyclable!

Therefore, ECB’s decorative printing on the cornetto sleeves can help you burn off those flavors, without burning your tongue. You can even print your flake design onto any part of the wrapper. In addition, you are not limited to frozen desserts – we can even print labels for food boxes.

Let Your Customers Experience The Real Essence of Frozen Desserts

Don’t you just hate it when you get a yummy ice cream in a flimsy paper cone? And the ice cream starts to drip down your hands while eating?

The bits of dropped ice cream, the stray flake, the frustration of looking for a rubbish bin…

It’s one of life’s biggest pleasures. But why do you have to suffer the consequences of your ice cream melting?

Custom ice cream cone sleeve printing by ECB is becoming ever more popular as ice cream eating experiences go up. These sleeves will make your customer’s ice-cream eating experience more enjoyable. Therefore, building repeat business for your brand.

Our ice cream wrappers fit over any size ice cream cone. We make them to advertise your logo and business. As well as keeping the ice cream off your customer’s hand. Our service has proven itself to be one of the most unique and effective tools for “hands-free” advertising.

Therefore, this way your customers can spend less time worrying about melted ice cream and more time enjoying delicious ice cream treats linked to your brand.

Bespoke Cone Wrappers that Speak Volumes About Your Ice Cream

Your customers can’t read your mind. They have to make the decision if you are a serious and high-quality ice cream shop by reading your product cone sleeve first. This is not easy if you don’t use high-quality custom cone sleeves. It’s also not easy if you don’t print it with the best printer.

If you don’t print your ice cream cones sleeves in an appropriate way, taking so many things into consideration, nothing will work. You can have the best ice cream ever, but no one will notice it. You can have professional quality, but a random kind of pattern won’t tell anything about your product.

Therefore, hire ECB to help you create the best custom-printed ice cream cone wraps that will maximize your customer potential. We let you customize the sleeves with your ingredients, flavors, and taste information. These sleeves are made in the USA. And are perfect for birthdays, sweet shops, and any place where you desire a massive sale of your company’s ice creams!

Pack Your Cornetto Ice Cream In The Most Premium Packaging

Icecreams are tasty. 

Icecreams in custom cones sleeves? Even more tasty!

Ice cream is not supposed to be bland. It’s supposed to be exciting and fun. Ice cream is one of the best feelings ever. Because what’s more exciting than eating something that slides down your throat and trickles into your stomach?

Therefore, make your frozen desserts look premium.

Ice cream cone packaging by ECB gives end customers this ability – making treats look more premium. Add personality to your store by printing custom cone wrappers featuring your store logo and colors. This is a fun and effective way to get new customers interested in visiting your business. While at the same time providing customers with a cute, tasty treat.

Our ice cream cone sleeves are the highest quality, ensuring the vibrant colors stay true after melting!

In addition, we have custom food boxes and noodle boxes (if that’s your niche).

Cornet Sleeve Packaging That Keeps The Waffle Crisp & Fresh

Cracking and sogginess are the worst parts of eating a waffle! That’s why it’s important to protect your waffle cone with something durable and functional.

Waffle cones are delicious and we want you to enjoy yours for longer. Keep it crispy with our custom ice cream cone sleeves, designed in different sizes to fit most traditional 9”, 10″, and 12″ diameter ice cream cones. 

All our sleeves are made from premium cardboard which is resistant to oil, grease, abrasion and punctures.

Our cornet sleeves can be frozen and will not tear when placed in the freezer. These sleeves are perfect for those that take their ice cream treat on the go, including kids after school.

Cone Sleeve Wrapping and Printing Service at Wholesale Rates

Need a unique way to promote your company? Here’s an idea! We print custom ice cream cone sleeves for any occasion you can think of and at wholesale prices. Choose from an array of colors and tell us what you’d like printed so that your custom creation will be ready to stand out on the dessert table. Our promising team consists of professional designers who are here to help you through the creative and printing process.

We print custom edible ice cream cone sleeves on food safe edible paper and make sure they are durable enough to hold the weight of tasty cones that are piled high with sweet treats. Get your ice cream cones sleeves printed right now at our shop without minimum requirements on orders or setup fees.


What are the best features of custom ice cream cone sleeves?

Brand visibility: Customers who notice your brand will most likely begin to associate your products with quality and high standards. The colors you choose for your sleeve can make a big difference in the branding.

Bespoke made according to flavor: Ice cream cones are everywhere, but cone sleeves are not. Your very own brand of cone sleeve will give you an edge over your competitors by showing off the specialty and creativity of your product line.

Display information about the ice cream: Your customers want to know exactly what they’re getting into before they make their purchase. A sleeve can be a great platform for adding important nutritional facts or ingredients lists.

Can you print any design on the cone sleeve?

You can customize your own Ice Cream Cone Sleeves to make them fit your needs perfectly. You can put your logo, slogan, or any other design you want on it, and we will print it for you. They will protect the cones from melting too fast and also help maintain their original shape.

How to order custom ice cream cone sleeve printing?

Here is how to order custom ice cream cone sleeve printing:

  1. Visit – OR – email – OR – dial (888) 908-3029
  2. Tell us about your design and the date you need it in hand. We will respond with a free quote.
  3. Approve your quote and pay for your order. We will provide you with information on how to send us your art file and any other materials we need to print.
  4. Make any changes you want to until you are completely satisfied with the design and printing quality.
  5. When you approve, we will print your sleeve on high-quality paper and ship it out to you.
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