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Custom printed copper foil boxes are ideal for the indoor stuff like the lamps. It can be used as a storage box where you can keep all your important paper and files that can easily create space. Our boxes are spacious, perfect for different occasions and it can be personalized with flowers, these boxes are the perfect pick for various options. Our packaging being customizable, companies and manufacturers can vary not only the design and dimensions of the box but also colors, ranging from elegant sparky tints to bright neon shades making your packaging suit the theme of your events and occasions. The catchy visuals of the copper foil box will add shine to your product! Your commands can be converted into a beautiful box all suited to your taste, special and unique to you and your occasion! With a plethora of shapes, sizes. Colors, designs, and options to choose from, we are flexible and open to the manufacturer’s demands and wants as well. From stunning, sophisticated golden laminated boxes to casual cardboard boxes, our custom copper foil boxes are available in every size and dimension to adjust to your product. Keeping in mind the importance of safer disposal, we make our boxes eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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