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Personalized shipping boxes are the need of time. Especially after the breakout of coronavirus, many companies have come towards home delivery options and online sales. All that has increased the need for these boxes in all shapes and sizes. At ECB we have a whole range of these boxes to fulfill all sorts of needs and requirements that you might have for your business. There are certain aspects that we put on the top of such packaging. Above all is the robust nature of these boxes. For that purpose, we make use of various sturdy stock materials. When we talk about sturdiness, corrugated boxes come on the top of the list. When designed by our experts at CCP these are known for their sturdiness and efficiency. As all our manufacturing is in-house we pay to focus on every detail. For that purpose, we also get in touch with our customers whenever necessary. This collaboration allows us to touch the level of excellence that we have in stock for you. The same goes for printing, designing, and formatting various box styles. We also keep in mind the products that you will pack and deliver in these boxes. In short, we try our best to furnish you with complete peace of mind whenever you place an order for shipping box packaging.

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The ECB team has been in the business of custom shipping boxes for many years. With such vast experience and exposure to the market, we can deliver any result that you expect from us. Our perfectly designed and timely delivered boxes are matchless in many aspects. Above all is the choice of material that will help you deliver your products to any part of the world in a fuss-free manner. In addition, we have unlimited box styles and patterns to beat your competitors. No matter what you pack in these boxes these would neither break your trust nor the product inside the box. In short, we not only build shipping and delivery boxes but also a reputation for your brand. From gift items and delicate glassware to the electronics you produce, our custom corrugated boxes are the best economical choice. Get in touch with us today to elevate your shipping box experience to the next level.

Why Use a Corrugated Shipping Box for Delivery?

A question quite common in the industry is regarding the use of a corrugated shipping box. Some think that an old-fashioned wooden box will be more appropriate. According to such individuals, wooden custom printed boxes can be used over and over again. However, what they did not know was that a wooden box is not easy to personalize.

On the other hand shipping boxes with corrugated stuff is more than easy for personalization. It can be designed to fit any sort of product perfectly. Thus it will satisfy your shipping and delivery needs in the best possible way. Moreover, it is a cheaper solution than wood or any other robust material.

Another crucial aspect of that sort of packaging is the easy unboxing that provides your customers with ease of access. All that is enough to leave a lasting impression on your end-users. That is the most essential aspect of e-commerce custom boxes

How are Cardboard Shipping Boxes More Suitable?

When we talk about the card shipping boxes, we are talking about eco-friendly packaging. The truth is that cardboard is a sustainable material. Even when it is disposed of it will not become a burden on the earth’s surface. 

No need to mention cardboard is not only sustainable but also easily biodegradable. These are the reasons most manufacturers and vendors prefer it for shipping boxes. Some other crucial aspects of these retail boxes are also important such as:

The cardboard shipping box is so functional since there is a large range of various product packaging alternatives offered. Cardboard is quickly mass-produced, however, corrugated boxes can additionally be customized to fulfill particular needs as well as to deliver and also secure certain things.

What are Various Types of Corrugated Packaging?

However, while corrugated packaging for cardboard is available in various sizes and shapes, there are 3 significant kinds of cardboard product packaging frequently made use of for commercial delivery as well as storage space. These are:

  • Single-walled cardboard corrugated shipping boxes
  • Double-walled corrugated boxes
  • Fiber drums with flutes
  • Short and long corrugated boxes

Single-walled cardboard shipping boxes are one of the most cost-efficient choices, using a bargain of security, along with being lightweight as well as flexible. Double-walled cardboard boxes have 2 layers of cardboard and also, while extra costly and also much heavier, use an included layer of defense.

Easy Customizability with Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Since cardboard is made from paper, it can be published with your logo design or the name of your business. That makes it an easy customization option. That is the reason manufacturers love it for shipping and other purposes. 

Nonetheless, that is not the only manner in which it can be tailored. Personalized shipping boxes in the packaging industry are available in all various dimensions. They can also be created right into various forms if you call for a box shipping that is nonstandard due to a unique demand. 

The density of the cardboard corrugated box can likewise be tailored to ensure that you can select a much heavier, thicker supply. There are additional alternatives to make corrugated boxes flame-resistant. The same stands true for moisture-resistant aspects. 

All the above personalizations are directly related to the shipping department. A consignment shall be durable and sturdy. At the same time, a corrugated box must also have some aspects of easy branding. 

Simply keep in mind that some techniques utilized to tailor the look of corrugated cardboard shipping boxes, such as dyes or bleaches, may impact their recyclability.

How to Buy a Shipping Box Online?

You can easily buy any sort of shipping box online without any fuss. At ECB we have made it even more than easy. All you have to do is get to our business site. Then browse the templates that we have in store for you.

Always keep your needs and requirements in mind before finalizing the quote. Check the requirements first. As we have mentioned above you can check various dimensions and personalizations for shipping boxes. What will suit your kind of product?

Especially choose a box that will keep your items secure till the end of the journey. For that purpose, you shall also have in mind the time duration. For instance how long will your box remain a part of the shipment? What sort of environment your shipping box will be in.

If you do not have any idea about the above aspects, there is no need to fret. At ECB we are always ready to provide you with any assistance you need. Even if you have an idea and do not know how to im[plement it, just discuss it with us and we will bring it to life for your corrugated boxes.

How to Design Your Own Branded Shipping Box?

Some of our readers might be surprised to read these lines but it is true. Seldom used for branding, shipping box packaging is the best source for advertisement. Just imagine a box that travels across continents and borders and can take your message with it.

That makes shipping consignments an ideal whiteboard for writing anything that will boost your brand. Few vendors realize that fact. For instance, if you are a cosmetics brand or an electronics product manufacturer, you can try that technique. 

For that purpose make use of some imaginative ideas. Simple gray or white box is not what you need. Brainstorm with your designer. At ECB we do the same. Our designing team will create the shipping boxes ideas even if you do not suggest one. We make your shipping box just into an advertising tool. Let us explain why you need us for that purpose:

Why Choose Our Packaging Boxes for Shipping?

Very little is left after the above-detailed discussion, however here are a few more details. You will need these if you do not have enough time to go through the above discussion. Here are a few of the most essential aspects and the edge we have over our competitors and other packaging manufacturers.

Free Layout and Customization

Unlike other manufacturers and packaging solution providers, we do not charge you for the design and layout. Moreover, we have a vast template and mockup library where you can choose the box style and design of your choice.

No Cost for Shipping

In the same manner, we do not bill you for the shipment. No matter in which major city of the world you reside., we would deliver your package free of cost. It will also help you save a lot of revenue on your packaging cost. 

Easy Communication and Customer Care

At ECB we have made communication more than easy for our clientele. No matter at which hour of day and night, you can get in touch with us whenever you need us. Our customer support tea is active round the clock.

Free Printing and Die Plates

The same offer goes with our printing and dies plates etc. You do not have to fret about the pricing as we are always ready to serve you free in this regard. Our dies and all the other plates used for that purpose are a part of the bundle.

Market Competitive Pricing

You can check that all our price plans are much lesser than the other packaging manufacturers. No matter if you choose shipping boxes bulk or retail order, we would treat you with an exceptional price plan.

No Compromise on Quality

Last but not least, we do not compromise on quality despite all the above privileges. Customer satisfaction is the topmost priority for us and we would never compromise on it.


How many days does it take for the bundle we ordered?

Normal orders are delivered within 6 to 8 working days. Yet we try to deliver as early as possible.

Do you support double sided printing for shipping boxes?

Yes we have a full package for that purpose. You can choose double or single printing according to your budget and requirements.

Do you charge for the shipments or deliveries?

No, all our deliveries and shipments are free of cost.

Can we provide a design template of our own for a box?Ans.

You are free to choose any design for that purpose. You can even provide a design of your own after discussing it with our design and layout experts.

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