Top 10 Cosmetic Packaging Ideas 2022

Top 10 Cosmetic Packaging Ideas

Creating new cosmetic packaging ideas for your business is quite an interesting process. Many people get stuck in the brainstorming phase without being able to come up with a good idea.

However, there are ways to make sure you stay on the right track when creating the packaging.

By following this process, you can be assured that you’re going to create some awesome box design ideas. Here’s an expert guide on how to do this.

Cosmetic Packaging Ideas for Makeup Businesses

Businesses in the cosmetics industry can benefit from small business ideas for packaging. It’s because these ideas provide attractive and convenient packaging solutions.

These ideas are available in a wide array of designs. Including custom design solutions that provide an automatic marketing tool for your business.

An individual’s decision to purchase a product is often made at the point of sale. And it can include factors, such as container design, the information provided on the products, color coding, potential gift item status, and brand name recognition that trigger the consumer’s perception in favor of one product over another. 

Therefore, meeting these factors can contribute to an emotionally satisfying experience for the customer when deciding whether to purchase your product or not.

This can increase sales by attracting more customers while improving profits by providing an attractive visual presentation on store shelves.

Do you have a cosmetics business? Are you trying to improve the packaging and labeling of your brand? Don’t worry, we are here for your help. We will guide you through unique product wrapping ideas. This way, your business can grow in a better market.

1. Use Custom Cosmetic Boxes

The cosmetics industry is a booming business, with hundreds of thousands of products available in the marketplace from both established and up-and-coming brands. This variety poses a problem for many companies: How do you separate your brand from all the others?

To stand out, companies can decide to use custom packaging boxes for their products. You can print with the company’s logo and other marketing. And those boxes will help sales soar.

Using cardboard boxes isn’t just a great way to increase profits. It’s also a smart way to make sure your product doesn’t get lost in the shuffle while you’re trying to get your business off the ground.

Improving your packaging can be incredibly beneficial to your marketing efforts. As well as a low-cost way to improve the efficiency of your operation.

2. Use Labels & Stickers

The way you put together your retail boxes can have a huge impact on the perceived value of your products. And your beauty brand as a whole. One of the most popular cosmetic packaging ideas is to use labels and stickers.

It’s an oldie but a goodie. And it’s still relevant today. So don’t think that just because you’re running a small business you can’t be innovative with your packaging ideas.

Labeling and stickers are effective because they allow you to add in-depth information about your particular makeup formula or product onto the actual packaging itself.

This kind of added detail is something that can really help your cosmetics business stand out from competitors who may not offer this level of information or details on their products.

3. Use Decorative Add-Ons

So, you’re in the cosmetic business. You want to be able to sell your products at a higher price…but how can you justify that higher price tag? You need a way to make your customers feel like they’re getting more for their money!

The answer is simple: add-ons. Decorative add-ons on your packaging are an easy way to give customers a sense of extra value and luxury.

Here’s how it works: you put your product in a box that’s decorated with ribbons, bows, or any other kind of colorful, festive add-ons. The effect is instant: now your customer knows they’re getting a great-looking gift.

And they won’t feel ripped off by the price. Plus, it’ll make people feel like your business actually cares about them—not just about raking in cash.

Some companies are already doing this with their lip gloss boxes. It includes a custom gift box with a bow, a surprise gift card, and an actual full-size lip gloss that comes in its own tube with a bow on top!

Imagine how much more likely customers are to spend on this lip gloss if they feel the extra effort has been taken to give them an experience, not just another product.

4. Play With Funky Colors & Artwork

Using funky artwork and colors is also one of the most ideal skincare packaging ideas. This technique is a great way to attract more customers. Customers are becoming more and more conscious of what they buy and how they buy it.

When you add funky artwork and colors to your makeup packaging, it will help you create an image for your brand. This way, customers will know what kind of products you sell just by looking at your packaging.

You can also use funky artwork on makeup boxes for marketing purposes. You can use these boxes as giveaways on special occasions or giveaways in exchange for reviews from customers.

Your customers also give away these boxes as gifts on birthdays or anniversaries. They can also use them as birthday gifts for their employees or co-workers.

These boxes give them a lot of options for using them in different ways. Therefore, they are a great choice for businesses that want to make their brand pop up in the market. And create an image for themselves.

5. Take Help With Hot Foil Stamping

One of the other best cosmetic packaging ideas is to use hot foil stamping. Hot foil stamping is a technique for imprinting designs onto paper or other surfaces with a heated metal die and an ink pad. It is generally used on packaging such as CDs, cosmetics, and food packaging.

It’s important to consider your target audience when adopting an idea. And hot foil stamping is great because it appeals to the eye while still being economical.

When the light catches it right, you can see the letters and designs on the makeup packaging practically shimmer—it’s almost like magic.

The colors are bright and clear, and the designs are crisp with a high-quality look. It definitely adds a certain elegance to any makeup product.

Therefore, if you’re a makeup business, hot foil stamping can improve the attractiveness of your products by adding unique designs that catch the eye. It can also help you make a memorable impression on potential consumers.

There are endless ways you can apply hot foil stamping to your makeup boxes. So we encourage you to think outside the box (before and after you apply hot foil stamping).

Other Best Cosmetic Packaging Ideas

6. Use Kraft Paper

The idea behind kraft paper wrapping is simple. You take a sturdy piece of kraft paper. Wrap it around your makeup container with some nice twine or string, and voila.

You have a super-stylish package that looks like you spent hours brainstorming it but really took less than 5 minutes to throw together.

The look is both fun and professional. And makes your product look like it came from a luxury brand without all the hassle and expense of redesigning your entire cosmetic line.

7. Pack Makeup Product in Pouches and Bags

A cosmetic pouch is a type of bag that contains cosmetic products like lipstick, makeup brushes, eye shadows, blush-on, powder, foundation, and many others.

Most people use it for traveling because it is easy to carry anywhere with you. Nowadays, this trend has been adopted by many cosmetic businesses because they understand the importance of customization in their packaging.

8. Use Boxes with Magnetic Closure

Magnetic closure boxes are what you’d expect. They are boxes with a magnetic strip on the side of them for closing the box. These boxes have a variety of uses for cosmetic packaging design.

But one of the most important is that they make it easy for customers to open and close the package themselves. These luxury design cosmetic boxes are perfect for makeup businesses.

It’s because they allow customers to get into the box and try out your products with ease. That way, they can see how they like it before they commit!

9. Present Makeup Products with Flowers

Presenting makeup products with flowers is one of the best ways to get attention from customers because they connect emotionally with nature. The color of flowers can enhance or complement a product’s packaging, too.

10. Use Boxes with Windows

New trends in packaging have opened up a whole new world of opportunity for cosmetic companies.

Companies can now use fully customizable boxes with windows that allow their customers to see exactly what they are getting before they open up their purchase.

So whether they want to know exactly how much blush is left in their glow-kit or if the lip gloss is actually as red as it looks on the package, they can see for themselves.


Ultimately, we hope that the value from this article will be the inspiration you require to get started on the design of your cosmetic packaging at some point in time.

Cosmetic packaging ideas are incredibly crucial for the success of your new product and must be created with a thorough and coherent plan during your R&D process. EliteCustomBoxes ® can help you to achieve these goals without fail.

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