Different Types of Custom Soap Boxes

Types of Custom Soap Boxes

Fast growth is evident in the soap industry. There is always a wide selection of soap at the market, from organic to natural to handmade. All businesses want to find a creative way to display their wholesale boxes. Take special care when using soap boxes to promote the brand. Various packaging options are available for soaps, such as cotton bags, packaging sheets, or tissue paper rolls. A custom box is the best option.

It is possible to customize the packaging of soaps in various styles and shapes. It’s up to you. Pick a box that fits your project. Boxes have different styles as well as sizes and materials. The right kind of soap box can make an impact on consumers by choosing the right kind of soap box. They will also make the product look more attractive.

Here are Few Types of Soap Boxes

These are a few types of soap packaging ideas to choose from when you want to package your soap the original way.

1. Custom Display Boxes

Your product will look the best when displayed in a custom-made display box. Showing off the soaps on the countertops will make them more noticeable. Display boxes come in various shapes and can hold multiple types of products on one rack. It is possible to use these boxes with the ideal placement to create an increase in sales.

2. Cut-Out Soap Boxes

The classic structure in which to package unique soaps is the die-cut box. There are a variety of die-cut styles available for these boxes. That is dependent on what type of product you have. Die-cut boxes are quite affordable and worth investing in, and it is a myth that they cost a great deal.

3. Sliding Drawer Boxes

This type of custom box is perfect for storing soap. Boxes that slide into drawers fall under a category known as two-piece packing. If the sleeves come off, you can place the soap inside the drawer. That way, your soap will be fully protected and safe. Kraft and cardboard materials are often used to make sliding drawer boxes. This is why use cardboard for soap boxes. Because it does not require you to remove the pieces to observe the product, it is a better option than trays and sleeves.

4. Kraft Pillow Boxes

Kraft pillows are unique boxes used to package a range of products. Soap is a perfect example of how these boxes help us package our products. Pillow boxes are attractive packaging that catches your customers’ attention and makes them want to purchase your product regularly. Typically, the pillow soap packaging comes from Kraft paper, which is ideal because of the eco-friendly and durable nature of the material.

5. Transparent Soap Boxes

As consumers want to view the products before making a final decision, transparent packaging is the trend. By doing so, a brand can build trust with its customers. Choosing only transparent plastic is a good option, but it does not make sense for many things. A plastic window on the front or top of a custom box lets you show off your product.

6. Kraft Box Window

It is all done to make the Kraft window boxes a more affordable tool. Kraft is a low-cost material at a reasonable price because it comes in a variety of types. That is one of the main benefits of soap boxes. In any case, boxes that have windows or don’t have windows can consist of low-cost materials. The same boxes can also be reused, after which they can be recycled. Saving money is also possible by making new boxes with the same feature.

7. Kraft Sleeve Boxes 

A lot of soap products come in sleeve boxes. If you take one box out of another box, it looks like a very classy thing to do. The sleeves will also ensure their products stay safe, clean, and in good shape. It is also possible to customize these boxes by adding your brand name or logo, or you can choose plain plastic boxes. 


It is common for business owners to surround them with an attitude of not caring about the packaging. In their view, the packaging is not crucial and almost certainly does not bring any value. Customizing your product will add market value and a competitive edge to the product, although it will cost a little more money.

The pros outweigh the cons when it comes to opting for it. Besides the product itself, packaging can affect a customer’s opinion of the product. Packing will not break your budget, but it is a small cost you should consider if you want to increase your soap boxes sales. You can include it in the hype and make the product saleable. Also, they are eco-friendly.

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