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An appealing eyelash packaging can surely contribute a lot to the selling and popularity of the cosmetic’s brand and its eyelashes. We understand the significance of this. We are proud to introduce our customers to error-free, top-notch quality custom-printed eyelash boxes all at flat, wholesale prices. A monotonous display can downgrade the product and negatively affect sales as well. ECB from the USA is here to facilitate you with the best, sleek, and trendiest designs which will elevate your brand and business to another level. Explore from over a thousand pre-custom designs available or personalize your box to your requirements, we cater to every kind of size, shape, and number. Choose from the chicest and stylish options to add including metallic and raised inking, silver and golden foiling, embossing, and much more. Eyelashes being delicate and prone to damage are required to be kept in boxes that are compact and convenient to carry. Our custom printed makeup boxes are built from the most durable and sturdy material to keep your eyelashes free from all kinds of human tampering and external effects. Our customers’ satisfaction and happiness are our topmost priority. Hurry and take advantage of our exclusive services now!

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Custom eyelash packaging boxes are also known as false eyelash boxes. We use it to pack a complete set of false eyelashes. These boxes are usually made of cardboard which you can print with your company’s logo using offset printing methods.

Do you have a business that sells eyelashes?

Well, we advise you to use custom boxes for your business.

These boxes are made of rigid, durable corrugated fiberboard and include a top flap for easy opening. Perfect for improving your packaging, you can print these boxes in plain kraft or with your logo or design; if you already have a box you like, we may be able to print on that as well.

Custom boxes are just that, custom. You choose your box size, your box color, and your box design. Add a secret message on the inside to make a dramatic reveal at the beauty counter when they open the package.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Cardboard Boxes by ECB

Our eyelash packaging boxes are made to fit lash packs perfectly. They are a sturdy design that will help you store and display your products safely. 

Plus, the boxes may have a cut out opening on the front. Thus allowing you to place a full display of eyelashes inside.

The boxes also have a wide slot at the top for easy removal of your lashes by the customers.

Our custom cosmetic boxes provide a nice visual experience. 

For example, we can design an eyelash box with a silk top handle for a good user experience. 

Therefore, customers love this box for sure! 

It is lightweight yet strong, allowing you to safely transport your products without adding unnecessary weight to your shipments.

Best Quality Boxes with Logo Printing

The most important feature for our box is the custom logo and design on the top and bottom flap of each box. This is where every eyewear company wants to show off their own style and design. Therefore, customization capabilities are very important!

Also, we use the best quality cardboard material in the production of our cosmetic boxes. Therefore, they will protect the delicate products inside. 

This is important especially if you are selling small cosmetic products like false lashes. So that each of our eyelash containers has a protective cushion to avoid damage to the lashes inside.

Our eyelash box is both practical and easy to assemble. These aesthetically pleasing eyelash boxes offer a protective layer for your products. As a result of this, they stay free of damage and look great when in storage. 

With a variety of sizes and with options such as one piece, two piece and push fit, we have something to suit all your packaging requirements and needs. 

Our prices are the best on the market, meaning that you’ll get a cheap yet effective solution when you purchase one of our custom cosmetic packaging.

Luxury Boxes with Trays

Your lashes deserve the best cosmetic packaging wholesale to make them stand out! 

Our luxury boxes with trays are the perfect cure for your false lashes packed away in a drawer-styled cardboard box. These boxes are great for both large scale production and retail. They are sturdy, made of recycled cardboard, and have trays inside for holding products securely. These boxes are stylish enough to hold an elegant cosmetics or spa product line. 

And since these boxes are a premium pack, they are going to help you stand out from the crowd. They are made from thick cardboard with a smooth finish. This makes them ideal for holding products such as eyelashes.

Design Your Own Packaging at No Extra Cost

Make your brand stand out with a custom-printed eyelash box. This way you can create the perfect package that customers will remember. 

At ECB, we offer you a great selection of eyelash containers. Our service is fast and reliable and we give you the ability to design your own custom cardboard boxes for your eyelash products. Thus, we are helping you design the perfect box using our expert design team.

Customize your eyelash cosmetic boxes with your brand’s logo. Our craftsmen use high-quality materials to create boxes that are beautiful and convenient for any business or company. You can also be confident that these beautiful boxes will last, as our experts have the experience to ensure the strength of every box.

Whether you make them yourself or with the help of our graphic design team, custom eyelash packaging is available with ECB at no extra costs.

Therefore, contact us so that your company’s false lashes really stand out in the eyes of your clients.

Wholesale Box Printing with Free Shipping & No Minimum

As one of the best suppliers & custom box makers, we make every effort to meet the high demand for eyelash shipping. 

We offer eyelash packaging boxes with free shipping and no minimum order requirements. Our packaging contains 100% post consumer recycled paper, printed with soy based inks. 

All our packaging materials fit your unique shipments of false lashes which will arrive looking fresh, untouched and ready for immediate display!

We know how important it is to make a lasting impression with your customers, and we understand that presentation plays a vital role in the overall experience. 

Our cardboard packaging boxes are great for keeping your products safe during shipping. Made to fit many styles of our lashes, these boxes also make it easy to store the lashes when they’re not in use.

So whether you are in search of custom cardboard boxes or custom shipping boxes, you have come to the right place. We can design product packaging in several different shapes, sizes and colors. Moreover, with our free shipping option on all orders, you are sure to save money no matter how big or small your order is.

Our boxes add value to your brand and product while protecting fragile products. These custom boxes help make any cosmetics retailer stand out from the competition and add personality to businesses at attractive prices. Therefore, you can boost profits while adding elegance and professionalism to your company’s name and logo all at the same time.

Order Custom Eyelash Display Boxes from ECB

If you are looking for eyelash packaging display boxes, ECB is the right place to order. 

We design 100% custom boxes for displaying your products. They are strong enough to withstand TSA requirements, air travel or even shipping without damaging your product inside.

Do you want to make a lasting impression on customers and even increase sales? Well, you need our colorful and well-designed eyelash containers!

If you aren’t sure about how to design your custom cardboard display boxes, our design team will work with you to get the perfect boxes for your product.

ECB focuses on providing high quality custom-printed eyelash boxes and we pay attention to every detail.

We print custom boxes wholesale using UV printers with vibrant colors and import-quality craft papers for an irresistible display inside a product store or counter. We have a large selection of models available for all kinds of cosmetic products i.e lip gloss packaging is also one of our main specialties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom eyelash box?

A custom eyelash box is a type of box that is made as per customer’s requests. It is useful in the cosmetics industry for eyelash packaging. It provides a luxe way to package and sell your lashes.

Custom boxes are much more cost effective than using standard ones, and they make your products stand out even more. There are many to select from, including side opening, top opening, stack closing, etc.

The main features include high quality cardboard material, heat sealable film, kraft paper insert sheets in different sizes, and closure tapes available in different widths. You can print the paper with your own logo.

This multi-functional box makes a perfect compact storage box or as a display case to show off your product. The custom made boxes are compact and come with beautiful graphics. Thus, allowing your product to grab the shopper’s attention.

What are the best features of a custom eyelash packaging box?

Custom eyelash packaging boxes are very useful. These custom cardboard containers are best for the packaging of eyelashes and promoting sales. The use of customized eyelash boxes is a rewarding practice in the cosmetics industry.

Eyelash box and cardboard makeup cases play a vital role in promoting overall retail sales.

Retail packaging boxes allow you to display your product and encourage impulse buying.

Eyelash or other cosmetics packaging boxes can help differentiate products, display beauty products and also promote effective advertisement of beauty products.

Packaging boxes have become an industry standard for shipping and storing any kind of product. They are made to be strong, hold items in place, and protect specific contents during transport.

Who makes the best custom-made eyelash boxes?

EliteCustomBoxes wants to be your eyelash box supplier. We make the best custom cardboard boxes for your eyelashes, and they’re easy to use and recycle. We offer the largest size range on any custom laminate box, and we can also offer box customization to ensure that your customers will fall for your product. Put your logo on even more things. Whether you choose black, white or Brown Kraft corrugated boxes, you will create a secondary opportunity to brand this everyday item that everybody uses into a powerful marketing tool.

For orders and inquiries, give us a call at (888) 908-3029!

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