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In the cosmetic industry, the presentation of foundation makeup is vital. Standard kraft packaging can destroy consumer trust as well as make your cosmetic products go unnoticed by the shoppers at the retail store. Therefore, you need a unique, specialised and high end way to present your skincare foundations. Our custom foundation boxes serve this very need, elevating your brand value and increasing its sales in the market. There are numerous things which are essential to the businesses of cosmetics, packaging boxes being a key element. Cosmetic packaging boxes aren’t just for storing your products anymore. They have become effective marketing tools when used correctly. So put your professional foundation packaging on display and protect your liquid and powder foundation makeup with Custom Foundation Boxes. ECB offers a wide range of custom-printed cosmetic boxes that are geared towards making any beauty product packaging shine on the shelf and look more professional, cohesive and enticing. Our bespoke makeup boxes are designed to look high-end and enhance customer experience. We offer a great range of premium quality foundation storage boxes at wholesale prices. From the office to carry-on, they’re made to fit and protect what matters most.

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Looking for custom foundation boxes? You’ve found the right source. offers boxes for many types of products including foundations, lip gloss, and cosmetics.

Few things capture the interest — and imagination — of the public like the packaging. The right packaging will help establish your product as a premium. Therefore, differentiating it from the regular products out there.

The cosmetic boxes you choose for your foundation can really make a difference in how it’s received by customers. It needs to appeal to women in the same way that you market and advertise your product. 

At ECB, we have a vast array of custom packaging options to choose from. Therefore, giving you a ton of room to design something unique and trendy for the skincare foundations — maybe even make it look a little adventurous!

A premium foundation storage box will define your brand. And allow consumers to recognize you from a distance. There’s more to it than meets the eye, however. Great foundation packaging can really elevate your brand, but it can also boost sales. Place your order now or call our 24/7 free support team at (888) 908-3029 for an instant quote.

Custom Foundation Packaging Boxes that Define Your Skincare Brand

A quality-made foundation can’t succeed without impactful makeup packaging.

If you don’t have an eye-popping package, other companies will steal your potential customers.

Therefore, ECB creates packaging that is as innovative as your foundations. We can design a box that draws attention and voices the value of the product. 

By adding fun elements to your packaging, you can build buzz around your brand. And encourage consumers to buy. So don’t let your skincare product fail at the gate because you were unable to make an impression on customers. Allow our unique and creative talent to come forth to help with this arduous task.

We make custom foundation boxes great for shipping, storing, or displaying the foundation. There are a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors that can label your items quickly. 

All of this makes our customized makeup packaging boxes the ideal addition to your online and offline retail store. Therefore, make your cosmetics pop in one of our sleek and elegant custom foundation boxes. 

Bespoke Foundation Boxes with Your Company Logo Printing

If you’re in the make-up business, you’re aware of the importance of packaging. And while some companies tend to focus more on product development, the packaging is equally important. And with no one really giving much thought to how their product packaging looks, this is an area where you can gain a lot of ground. But what exactly makes up a good and effective custom foundation storage box? 

First, one should consider the overall usability of the container. A good container should be able to allow the foundation to be accessible. Your package should also protect the foundation from damages, extra dryness, and extra moisture.

Our custom foundation boxes with logo printing will help you get these all. These boxes are a necessity for any makeup company as well as retailers that sell makeup. They serve many purposes from being decorative packaging to making these boxes practical to carry around while shopping with all one’s necessities. 

In addition, our bespoke foundation packaging can include a mirror and other special effects.

We Make Custom-Printed Boxes for Both Liquid & Powder Foundation Makeup

Finding affordable, quality foundation makeup packaging can be tough.

Not only do you have to find a company that manufactures custom boxes. But you’ll also need to spend plenty of time looking through the designs they offer. As well as ensuring they have that ‘PERFECT’ box for the type of foundation you are selling.

ECB offers high-quality custom printed foundation boxes. Our service is both affordable and custom-made. You tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll do the rest, working with you every step of the way. 

Simply tell us about your foundation type (i.e either it’s in dry or liquid form), tell us about your box design, and order the custom box of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Whether you are a professional makeup artist who desires to give your brand new feel. Or a retailer of cosmetics looking for a way to keep your customers stick to your skincare foundations – make custom foundation storage boxes a necessity.

Safeguard Your Foundation Makeup Against Damage In Our Cosmetic Boxes

Latest foundation cosmetics can be expensive. Protecting that investment can seem like an impossible feat.

Your cosmetics case might be strong, but will it protect the foundation from water damage or other external risks?

ECB’s custom foundation boxes are for the safety of your products. Makeup is perfect but often gets damaged and spoiled in transit.

Therefore, we’ve heard your frustrations and are here to solve the problem.

Our custom printed cosmetic packaging will protect your products not only during shipping. But at all times. Therefore, make sure that they’re always in perfect condition when you sell them.

Our custom boxes help to protect the skin foundation products during shipping, store display, storage, and transport. We can design these boxes with a variety of background patterns, such as wood grain or marbleized designs, corner decoration, and logos. Each box has a tightly glued flange to ensure the box is 100% waterproof. In addition, we have a wide range of eye-catching designs that fit your brand image.

Custom Foundation Box Printing & Packaging Solutions at a Wholesale Price

Finding custom boxes for your cosmetic business is a big pain. It could be your biggest marketing expense. But you don’t want to spend too much. And you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. You just want the best deal on the packaging boxes that can make the cosmetic products look unique.

And then there is the stress of fitting everything in when you have a tight schedule and limited resources. You are taking so many things into account. The product, the delivery timescale, the printing quality, and how this will all look when you release your latest creation onto an already saturated market. offers innovative foundation box printing and packaging at wholesale prices. And that too with no MOQ and fast turnaround details. 

Therefore, get foundation boxes for your skincare brand at wholesale prices. No MOQs, fast turnaround, and free art help you save tons of money. In today’s economy, you need to make all the cost saving opportunities you can. That’s where we come in. By providing premium quality custom packaging at an affordable price point, we are the perfect solution for your cosmetics.

Why Choose ECB for Makeup Box Printing & Manufacturing?

Custom foundation boxes by ECB are affordable, practical, and reusable. Our team understands that your packaging requirements are as unique as your company and we’re here to listen to your every concern. Here are some of the features that make ECB the best choice for foundation box printing:

Endless Design Customizations: ECB is the best makeup box printer and manufacturer. We have been working hard on this for years. We know what you want, and we can print and manufacture that for you. You can add your logo or design to it to make it more personalized.

Small Business Friendly: We do not have MOQ restrictions. So you don’t need to worry about the production cost. Our boxes are very sturdy and reliable because we use high quality materials. We offer free design support and printing proofs. Therefore, you can be sure that you will get what you want. No matter which kind of box you want, we will always provide the best service for you.

Fast Turnaround: We export our products all over the world. Our delivery time is really fast, so if you need your goods urgently, we can help you with that too. We guarantee top quality packaging printing service at a cheap price.

Multiple Printing Options: We have various styles of printing finishes such as digital printing, offset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping foil stamping, UV coating, and embossing, etc. We also have various styles of boxes such as lip gloss boxes with windows and lids.

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Material: The eco-friendly cardboard is the best choice for packing your products. It is widely used in retail stores and online shopping due to its eco-friendly material, competitive price, and excellent printing performance.


What are the most special qualities of your foundation packaging box?

Our foundation packaging box is completely resistant to moisture. We use the finest quality of cardboard for the box and for additional protection we laminate the boxes with special coatings that prevent the content from getting affected by moisture. 

Our custom cosmetics packaging box is available in vibrant colours and finishes to suit your product.

The boxes are designed to fit most types of liquids and dry/powder foundations. Therefore, you can be sure that your product will remain undamaged during shipping or storage.

Our company has been supplying custom printed boxes for cosmetics for years so we know exactly what works best. We specialize in creating luxury foundation boxes that stand out on store shelves.

Can you print the box in any style and color?

Yes. And that’s the reason why we use the words “custom” and “bespoke” with our service. This ensures that you can get the box printed in any style and color. In addition, you are free to choose the space for logo printing and fancy artworks on the box’s exterior.

How to order custom foundation packaging boxes online?

Placing an online order for custom foundation boxes is super quick and easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Fill the online order form (telling about your box requirements). You can also call their 24/7 support team at (888) 908-3029. Or email them at
  3. The team will create a free sample box for you. Once you approve it, the team will proceed forward with the printing of the boxes in your desired count and style.
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