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In the modern era where everything has become fast, there is no denying the importance of “fast food” in our lives. Every fast-food meal seems incomplete without French fries. This high demand has proportionately led to an increase in the demand of French fries boxes. We “Elite Custom Boxes” expertise in providing French fries boxes which can be easily customized to any desired size depending upon the consumer requirement. We design the box in such a way as to match its structure with its function. The strong bottom closure along with the top opening facilitates the customers to fetch the product conveniently while eating. We can also design the boxes with lid, which may further keep your edibles safe by avoiding exposure to moisture or contamination. Animated designs, logos and colorful illustrations add to the aesthetics of the box and are all offered at “Elite Custom Boxes”. Customize French fry boxes material is thin, lightweight but durable enough to carry a large number of French fries easily and also maintain their crispness and savor their taste Our experts are always present to facilitate you so all your ideas get the physical form. All boxes are supplied to you at whole-sale rates and reach your door-step in the shortest possible time. No compromise, whatsoever, is made on customer satisfaction.

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Are you looking for custom french fry boxes?

Do you want to label the specific types of your potato products?

Or do you want to ensure hygienic cardboard packaging for potato chips?

Your search is over. This is because [ECB] creates brand-specific boxes for food processors. As well as offers, custom french fry boxes. These food boxes are ideal for selling fries and other potato products.

Our services include box creation, box design, and box printing. We take pride in offering custom french fry containers. These disposable boxes not only look beautiful. But also protect your potato edibles from contaminations.

Boxes for french fries are great for branding. And for adding an element of fun to your fast-food chain. It gives a great first impression and shows that you are creative. A custom-printed fries box also enhances your product’s appearance. Therefore, adding a touch of premium-ness to already delicious fries.

Bring Your Potato Chips To Life with Custom French Fry Boxes

Have you ever noticed the work of art that is on a McDonald’s French fry carton? That fine print that everyone seems to love. That small glimpse into the mind of McDonald’s operations. Those boxes make sure you look happy when you get hold of your delicious and warm french fries packed in them.

Custom french fries boxes will do the same power of good to your small and lesser-known food chain!

Not to be limited by the rigid standards of other food boxes, ECB is constantly looking for new ways to improve your packaging experience. We want our customers to feel confident about their purchase and proud to show off their unique fries. Designing unique French fry box packaging is just one way we’re doing that.

So do you need a great way to display and sell your delicious hot & fresh potato chips? We offer custom french fry containers in a variety of sizes in different styles. Choose among our party trays and single portion trays. And select the right design to coordinate with your restaurant’s color scheme. We offer endless design customizations. Therefore, ordering bespoke french fries boxes is easy.

French Fry Boxes for a Fresh & Fun Twist

Looking for a fast, fresh, and fun twist on French fries? Choose a custom-made French fries box to fit the needs of your restaurant, concession stand, or street vendor. The unique shape of our food boxes allows you to present and serve fries in a fun way.

We specialize in creating custom french fry packs. They offer a premium look and feel. This is because we make them from high-quality materials. You can use our french fry boxes to package frozen fries that people normally purchase at the grocery store. But we can also customize them for a fresh serving of hot and crispy fried potato chips at your fast food shop.

Therefore, it’s time to say goodbye to clunky paper bags that rip on delivery. Let’s add a professional look to your food packaging via custom-made french fries cardboard boxes.

You never have to settle for plain french fry boxes ever again. Who wants to do that? Say goodbye to plain kraft boxes and hello to delicious, attractive, and unique ones that you can find at!

Our expert designers can fill your packaging with all kinds of tasty designs. Therefore, design your own customized French fry box today.

Fries Box That Makes You That Classy Burger Joint In Your Town

The many burger joints throughout New York City have long known that presentation is everything.

And there are a few things as a classic when it comes to American cuisine as the tasty French fry. Crisp, golden, and just a bit salty, a good fry can be a beautifully delicious thing at the right place.

But if you’re looking for one of these great fries with the classic packaging to match, you might be out of luck. That is unless you know where to look.

The best fries boxes are actually available here at ECB!

Your restaurant will be able to offer delicious and freshly fried frites to customers who want to enjoy them at home or your food place. All thanks to our made-in-the-USA boxes.

Our french fry boxes feature a sturdy paperboard material that is approved for food contact. And best of all it is recyclable.

These fry cartons are freezer-safe. It means you can use them to freeze the frozen fries.

Also, they are ideal for serving freshly-fried potato chips to customers.

In addition, ECB has the expertise in creating burger boxes as well. That fries + burger box combo is perfect for cafeterias that sell convenience food.

Present Your Restaurant’s Signature Potato Fries in Custom-Printed Food Boxes

Potato french fry boxes make the perfect container. As well as an ideal way to present your restaurant’s signature French fries. We design them with a clean look and durable material. They are available in different sizes. Therefore, fitting french fry portions of varying weights and types.

So either you are selling curly, crinkle cut, or waffle fries—ECB has got those custom fries packaging boxes for your needs.

Our packaging ensures that your customers enjoy their favorite french fries. These boxes are the perfect size for side servings. And the material is ideal for ensuring that hot foods stay hot for maximum taste and freshness.

In addition, these custom boxes are perfect for serving french fries in nearly any restaurant, cafeteria, or food truck. You can also use them to serve your favorite cheese sticks, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, wings, or even chicken fingers!

Pair these french fry boxes with handle covers to get the whole package done at once. Don’t waste money on leaky bags or trays when you can buy sturdy and protective cardboard boxes that keep your restaurant clean and looking professional.

Hygienic Cardboard Packaging for Frozen & Freshly-Fried Potato Chips

French fries are a global delicacy that every country can claim for its own. It is one of the fast-food items that has made an indelible mark on every country’s culture and lifestyle. And more so, the packaging design for French fries is also an important aspect of the foodservice industry.

People have always loved french fries. But until today, traditional paper packaging for french fries has been pretty bad for them. This is because all that grease and salt gets transferred from the fries to the paper. And then from the paper to the customer’s hands. Many people take a long time cleaning their hands. And sometimes, it is a little bit of a mission to get rid of the smell. Also, there’s always a possibility of french fries packaging in unhygienic wraps.

ECB supplies high-quality, custom, and hygienic french fry boxes. The cardboard material is food grade and fast oil-absorbing.

With the window of clear plastic film (color can be customized), you can see the delicious French fries or burgers clearly. And make you more appetite.

In addition, we can also design bigger and leak-proof bags for the packaging of loaded fries.

Get Custom-Printed French Fry Boxes at Wholesale Price with No MOQ

Affordable custom french fries bags are exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. We will take care of all the hassle and headache of your french fries business’ packaging. You can now buy french fry containers with our ready-to-print box design templates.

We have no MOQ on custom packaging, as long as your quantity is up to our standard. We are willing to do a small trial order first if you want to test our quality and service. And there is no charge for artwork or die charge for custom french fry boxes. As we hope that this opportunity can be a good start for us and you.

To get more information about the details of our custom French fries packaging boxes and other information, please contact us freely if you have any queries at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom french fry box?

A custom french fry box is a perfect way to package your french fries. The french fry box is made of high-quality cardboard. It’s odorless and grease-proof. This protects the french fries from getting soaked in oil during transportation. The box can have several compartments, so fries can be arranged nicely and easily with different sauces. Such boxes also allow for more room for you to advertise or write on. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, you could stick your restaurant’s advertisement or logo on the box, promote yourself and have your customers remember you better.

What are the best features of custom french fries box packaging?

With a custom-made french fries box packaging, you can put your own design on it. They’re obviously great for restaurants. But they’re also wonderful for any other business that sells hot or greasy foods.

Right now, most French fries are packaged in paper or cardboard boxes. But these boxes aren’t designed for holding food. So even when your food is still hot and fresh, you’ll find your fries have cooled off and dried out by the time you get home. One of the best features of custom-made french fries box packaging is that it keeps your food hot and fresh.

And if you want to promote your business on a french fries box packaging, you can do just that!

In short, a custom french fries box is durable, greaseproof, and perfect for keeping your food fresh.

Can you make one box for both fries and burgers?

Yes. We can make one box for fries, burgers, and sauces. This will help you to save time and money. You will have better control over the food. On top of this, such boxes will help you have a positive impact on the environment. This is because you won’t be needing extra boxes as much anymore.

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