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Measuring the size of your packaging can become hectic for you! But worry not, as we’ve got you covered on this too! All you have to do is to measure the size of your product. Once you have your product’s width, height, and length, add 3mm to 5mm, depending on the stock your choose, and you will have a perfect size for your packaging. Or else, you can send your product directly to us, and we can do the measurements for you!

The unit section has three options from which you can select. Each option depends upon the unit that you have selected for measurement. Select cm if you have measured in centimeters, inch in inches, and mm in millimeters.

The stock for your packaging depends on your product and what you tend to do with it afterward. For example, if you order packaging for a product that weighs less, Kraft Paper and cardboard can do the trick! If you wish to ship your product directly, corrugated material is the best choice. However, if you prefer premium packaging, rigid stock is the ideal option.

You might be confused about what to fill in the color section. While ordering a quote, you have to tell us the Pantone no of your color scheme that falls in CMYK! And if you find that hard to do, you can send us your artwork, and we will let our designers do the job for you!

It’s possible for you to ask for a quotation for multiple quantities.
For instance, you might want to ask for a quote for 100 boxes, and at the same time, you want to know the prices for 300 boxes to see the difference. With multiple quantity options, you can easily achieve that. So don’t wait out. Fill out the form to get your instant quote ready!

This page has an option called “Choose File.” When you select that option, you can upload a file with the format of pdf, PSD, jpg, png, gif, doc, DOCX, XLS, ad XLSX with a size of less than 12 MB. You can also send your file as a zip file if it has a larger size or any other format.