What is Bleach Card?

what is bleach card

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When we read or hear about bleach cards, what is the first thing that comes into our minds? Of course, it is about the chemical used to reduce or remove color pigment from clothes and paper materials. But unfortunately, that is not the case; some names get popular for no reason. The same is the case with bleach or Bleech card used for packaging; let us explain.

Today packaging manufacturers supply a wide variety of products. All these choices for general customers and various company owners make it versatile. But, they devise new terms and techniques to get the desired results. 

The same stands true for bleach cards. Whatever their preliminary need and need, these are an active part of the packaging industry. It is among the most common products in any sector. Moreover, these can be functional as they are available in many paper qualities.

Various Functions of Bleach Card in the Packaging Sector

When considering your possible product packaging materials choices, looking at the paper quality alternatives is the most effective way to start your journey. Of course, each quality has its one-of-a-kind goal and advantages, but the same applies to bleach card varieties. 

Its texture and outer look are also fascinating. It is neither cardboard nor paper board but a soft stock that resembles both in texture. You might discover that a standard grain box might be more varied than your cosmetic item box.

The distinctions are unique, from the feeling to the coating and look. For beginners, what makes these packaging boxes so different from each other? This will need a detailed analysis of both qualities. First, explain how a bleach card differs from the cardboard and paperboard variety.

Quality Difference between Bleach Card and Other Stocks

Paperboard is prominent amongst item packaging for its adaptability, adaptability, and resilience. But, it is fine as compared to the bleach card. In the same way, cardboard is much thicker and sturdy in its composition.

A bleach card stands between the cardboard and paper board to be more precise and to the point. Comprehending the various sorts of paper quality aids you in establishing your product packaging better and recognizing why publishing on these sets apart many categories.

Various Types and Scaling of Bleach Card Used in Packaging

The simple bleach card is not suitable for modern-style packaging. That is why it is used in various forms and textures to create the required impact. From that point of view, there are many grades and types of these boards and stock types. Let us discuss the most prominent ones: 

  • First comes the clay-coated board, a variety of the News Backboard.
  • Second comes the regular soft bleach card. It is made from recycled newspaper, more blended paper, and old corrugated containers.
  • Then is the third type, thick and a combination of the previous two types. 
  • They are used in inexpensive folding container product packaging because of their reduced tensile stamina. 
  • It also gives top-quality printing outcomes. That is the reason most manufacturers like it.
  • Containers made from bleach cards can be used for dehydrated food, family pet food, washing cleaning agents, etc.
  • The major drawback of these boxes is that they will take in large quantities of water if touching the damp atmosphere.
  • It still does the task as an affordable alternative and uses budget plan grain brand names.
  • When covered with polyethylene (PE) material, this paper’s quality is food-safe and excellent for takeout solutions.
  • This kind of board is considered the most OK high-quality item packaging.
  • The procedure entails coagulating fibers and afterward whitening them. 
  • The high premium quality contains white surface areas inside and beyond the package, making it ideal for printing.

It is All Eco Friendly and Biodegradable Supply

You read it right; bleach cards are a biodegradable variety favorable for our environment. That is why it is used to produce green packaging that is also affordable. All-natural Kraft (SUS) and Coated Unbleached Kraft (CUK).

This board is usually a preferred replacement for Kraft product packaging made from recyclable products. A smallest of 80% virgin natural timber pulp is utilized to make bleach card and gives the product a thicker and much more long-lasting building and construction.

Past being functional and food risk-free, this material makes the product much more tear immune, durable, water/grease immune, and maximized for top-quality printing. Besides, folding box board is a produced pulp product making it solid and long-lasting.

While most of the bleach card variety is likewise tear-immune, resilient and durable, the surface area is covered with a clay finishing which additionally supplies ideal protection against moisture.

Finishing Options for Bleach Card Boxes

Bleach board top quality likewise permits unique procedures such as embossing & debossing, warm aluminum foil marking or area UV printing because of its grade high quality. These boxes are preferable in many sectors for packaging food, cosmetics, drugs, confectionery, baked things, cigarettes, etc. The smooth surface area supplies the most excellent chances for premium quality printing.

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