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If you have not heard about hexagon boxes, let us tell you how magical these boxes are. Not like ordinary packaging, these have a unique appearance and impact. Such boxes are the supreme option for items with distinct or less than average measurements. The substantial quantity of practical room in such a box varies a lot. For various types of items, consisting of cosmetics, personalized presents, apparel, packaged food, lightning systems, and even toys, such packaging design is a great option. At ECB we have special expertise in producing boxes with odd shapes and styles. The hexagon packaging box is on the top of the list. Apart from the distinguished appearance of a hexagon box, it has numerous beneficial attributes from an aesthetic point of view. Above all is the eye-catchy attribute. If you place it among ordinary cube boxes or any other shape, the attention-seeking item will be no other than the one with a hexagon shape. That is the reason special items with odd measurements are always ordered in that type of packaging. If you too want to grasp the instant attention of your target audience there is no other option than a hexagonal shaped box. We not only provide you with a box in that shape but also a wide range of boxes with many other shapes and designs.

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These special styled custom hexagon boxes are not ordinary to see. These would only fit a selection of items inside. Their appealing outside comprehends the interest of every consumer. Hexagon packaging boxes are the utmost option for items having distinct measurements. They can be best to load nearly whatever consisting of retail or even wholesale items. Cosmetics, jewelry, and apparels are the most common items that we see in such a box. A lot of individuals like to utilize them as present boxes.

At ECB we provide the cheapest Wholesale boxes with hexagon shapes. With cost-free designs and shipping facilities, these are more like a gift for our end users. Our thunder fast delivery throughout the United States and other parts of the world has become a matter of recognition for us. Our custom-made hexagon product packaging boxes are also cheaper than competitive market pricing. What matters most for such a design is accuracy and exact measurement. At ECB we take special care of all these aspects.

Why are Hexagon Boxes in Demand?

The hexagon boxes are suitable for several items that otherwise would be a misfit in a cubical box. You can shape these boxes according to any dimension easily. Small or large sizes will not disturb the shape until the measurement is correct. 

Our hexagon boxes at ECB are similar to the popular diamond-shaped boxes used by many famous brands for apparel. These have special reducing patterns that permit no joints or seals. The beauty of these custom boxes is that you can assemble them easily and store them in unpacked form. The same goes for easy closing and opening. 

This allows them to be extremely storage space as well as delivery pleasant. Furthermore, you can put them into a shape and assemble them according to your needs whenever needed. Let us shed some more light on various advantageous aspects of hexagon boxes by ECB.

How to Order a Hexagon Box at ECB?

We have made the ordering and quote process for a hexagon box more than easy at ECB. All you have to do is visit our product page and see various designs that fit your custom requirements. After you choose the template, use the chat box or the direct call option to inform us. One of our courteous representatives will get in touch with you and guide you further.

You can also email us your complete custom requirement and address. We would call you ourselves and guide you about the order placement process. All that will just take a few of your minutes. We make sure that none of our clients faces time loss with custom boxes

After the order is ready we would deliver it free of cost to your doorstep. Our shipments and logistics are complimentary like our design and layout facilities. 

Fascinating Personalization and Embellishments

We produce top-quality hexagon boxes wholesale with unique finishing and embellishments. Each box comes with fascinating custom templates and variants. You need to simply inform your specs and the rest is our team’s headache. 

Each of our quality assured orders is precisely according to your assumptions. You have the freedom to pick the dimension, shade, and also printing patterns of your selection. It relies on you whether you choose a custom design or some unique style. 

You can order hexagon-shaped boxes with put flaps, affixed cover, or any style and shape you like. Whatever style you opt for, you will certainly obtain an excellent mix of appealing top quality printing. Each hexagon cardboard box is very lightweight to take care of. 

This makes them very appropriate to be taken a trip at a big range. Obtain cardboard boxes with your brand name’s logo design to produce a unique branding impact.

Exact Printing, Measurement for Hexagon Gift Boxes 

At ECB we make sure that you get your hexagon boxes with the exact measurement you ordered. For that purpose, we make sure to make use of just the very best high-quality supplies. Our custom printed hexagon packaging boxes are refined on one of the most dependable advanced tools. That is the reason we can guarantee their size, color, and shape. 

Our precise reducing die devices help with these boxes with the cleanest finishing. The same stands for colors and design patterns. Once you see our high-quality published layouts you will always get in touch with us for retail boxes.

We provide all our product packaging boxes at the most affordable wholesale costs. While supplying the highest possible item top quality at the same time. No matter how minimum the order is we would never compromise on quality.

Let us discuss a few of the top reasons why you shall choose our services for hexagon boxes.

Why Choose ECB for Hexagon Boxes

Not every printing and packaging solution provider can offer you top-quality hexagon boxes at wholesale. These need high-quality technical skills. Even a slight difference in the measurement or angle will disturb the calculator. Here is a glimpse of how we make you feel proud of our packaging solution for these boxes.

Unique Designs and Patterns

Just the hexagon shape is not enough for such a box. It needs some design patterns that would make the box vibrant even from a distance. For that purpose, we use a special mix of colors and patterns. You can even order your unique color blends.

Free and Secure Shipment

Unlike ordinary packaging, a hexagonal box will need a lot more care than usual. That is where our safe and secure packaging with free shipment enters the scene. No matter in which part of the world you reside all our shipments is free except in a few parts of the globe. Place your bulk order today to avail all the above benefits and discounts.

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