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Make a glamorous impact with holographic boxes that really shine. Our custom holographic packing will attract attention on the shelf. And give your products a premium appeal. A holographic box (also called a holo-foil box) is an optical illusion box that allows you to reveal 3D images from what seems like thin air. You can use this box for premium product packaging. Or decorative gift packaging. is a full-service provider of custom printed holographic boxes. We provide custom printing and manufacturing options for all of your holographic box needs. Whether you’re searching for custom safety labels to be affixed to your commercial work vehicles. Or looking for custom retail packaging to promote a new product line. We have the high-quality designs, reliable printing capabilities, and speedy production times to ensure that you’re completely satisfied. Our bespoke holographic boxes can give your logo the attention it deserves. And set your products apart from your competition. These types of boxes are used by retailers all over the world to help display and sell their products in store. Our design team has extensive packaging expertise and can help you realize your ideas from concept to finished product.

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As a supplier of custom holographic boxes, we create the best holographic packaging for consumer goods. Our boxes will give your products an exciting makeover. So people will want to get a closer look. The only step for you is to order your Custom Holographic Packaging with us. And our design team will be more than happy to assist you. Place your order online. Or call us now at (888) 908-3029. What is a custom holographic box? Custom Holographic Boxes are shiny, colorful, sustainable and versatile display packaging. When light hits the panels of this holographic box, it is reflected back to its source in a unique ever-changing way. The newly developed holographic polypropylene is 100% recyclable, reusable and customizable.

Custom Holographic Boxes by ECB: What To Expect?

Have you ever found a beautiful product on the shelf, only to realize that it’s packaged in an unappealing box? We have. We’re sure you have too. That’s because almost all retail packaging is still boring. And, worst of all, unoriginal.

You see boxes every day. Most of them have similar or identical designs on them. But, why is it always so hard to tell one package from another? Why do companies often resort to using the same packaging design over and over again? Because they can! 

But you can make your company stand out from the crowd by using custom holographic packaging boxes. Get custom holographic packaging made quicker, easier and cheaper than ever before with

The holographic laminating box has an elegant look. Gold, silver and rainbow colors can be made into the surface of the lamination box. The picture or words on it will sparkle when light shines through it. Therefore, get this very popular to apply effect on cardboard boxes.

Bespoke Holographic Packaging Printing Solutions for Winning Product Display

The old sales trick of “box-ticking” gets boring. Your customers have seen it all before, so what’s the point?

With stunning and unique holographic boxes, your customers aren’t just box-ticking. They are box-opening because they want to find out more!

Therefore, brand your products with our range of custom holographic cardboard boxes that won’t fail to impress your customers. Make a new lasting impression on your customers by letting them discover. And explore their new product in a shiny new box that they cannot wait to open.

Our unique line of bespoke holographic containers is here to help you attract attention to your product and organization. Holographic paper box with two tone double color reflective coating and beautiful custom designs, really provides a true WOW factor to your brand. 

From a 2″x2″x2″ package to 4″x4″ canvas design, we can fulfill all of your needs. 

Not only are our holographic custom boxes extremely attractive and eye-catching. They also provide great value. While also getting the best quality product in the market. Simply because of our custom box printing and manufacturing process.

Unique Holographic Boxes that Cater To All Product Packaging Needs

Your client has a specific product to store and wants it in a box.

They don’t want just any box. They want something unique. Perhaps even something that offers storage while maintaining the integrity of their product.

Therefore, ECB provides you with custom holographic boxes that make your products the center of attention. With designs specifically made for different types of products, we can meet your needs and add a touch of dazzle to your brand.

We have an impressive collection of all types of hologram boxes. And packaging solutions to meet your needs and budget. This includes holographic candle boxes and cosmetic boxes as well.

We also have a team of graphic designers. The team will work with you to design the right kind of custom holographic box for your product and logo. Or anything else that fits into the dimensions we offer them in.

In a busy world where consumers want products that excite and dazzle, custom-printed holographic packaging is the perfect solution. These boxes use light diffraction to create spectacular displays of color and motion. Therefore, deliver a high impact on retail shelves.

Get Custom-Printed Hologram Boxes with Windows & Lids

Don’t trust your important documents to a flimsy envelopes or a cardboard box. You need something that’s secure, sturdy and professional-looking.

And you don’t want something that looks like it came from a store grab-bag.

Say hello to custom-printed hologram boxes with Windows & Lids. 

Our holographic custom boxes are made to fit A4 document size. And come with hinged windows and clear film–like lids. We have cute designs and contemporary graphics you can choose from. We also offer fast, reliable shipping – just in time for the holiday season!

Having your products counterfeited is a serious and growing challenge for retailers, wholesalers and consumers.

Protecting your brand from the loss of revenue, goodwill and customer confidence requires a strong and effective solution. It’s because it ensures product quality and safety. Holographic packaging boxes with windows are proven to significantly reduce tampering, counterfeiting, pilferage. And other forms of fraud.

Personalized  and copyrighted holographic cardboard boxes are a great way to create sales. As well as impulse sales. We can put a label on our boxes. And wrap them around the product itself. Therefore, showcasing your product from all sides, like the front and back. 

Our prices are very inexpensive, when compared to our competitor’s prices. And we specialize in creating the perfect package to showcase any product!

Cardboard Boxes with Hologram Stickers Of The Finest Quality

Hologram stickers… Ahh, how you can bring your product to life! To reduce counterfeiting, create more hype around your brand and make your products stand out from the competition.

But where can you find the highest quality hologram stickers?

You’re in the right place! ECB has been working hard to use the best quality hologram sticker printers. From traditional solvent printers to digital printers, we have everything you need to get the job done. 

You can’t go wrong with us. It’s because we charge no setup cost or high maintenance charges. In addition, you enjoy extra discounts and exclusive offers on bulk orders. We’ll even match competitor quotes if you find a cheaper price elsewhere.

We are a professional hologram sticker printing service provider. Thus, we have made great achievements in product design, hologram design and hologram material technology. We also provide high quality merchandise with the best service. Therefore, Let’s just do business together!

If you love the amazing 3D effects of hologram stickers, you’ll love our high quality price that is competitive to the top city printers. We use a special glossy coating on these stickers for [your possible product feature or benefit].

Make Those Cosmetic Boxes Shine with Holographic Box Printing Service

Custom holographic cosmetic packaging boxes are ideal for almost any kind of industry that wants to stand out. Whether it’s cosmetics, jewelry, or electronics, holographic custom packaging will help you connect with consumers. And keep them engaged.

But what sets custom holographic boxes apart from one another is the holograph content used on the front side. If you aren’t familiar with what your options are, it might be hard to decide on the best hologram content to go with your products.

One way you can get more insight is by checking out our free samples of successful custom packaging labels which have been applied to a variety of different products. See how we have helped hundreds of companies design attractive visuals, interesting fonts and sleek text layouts. So as to make their product stand out from the rest.

Therefore, build your own holographic makeup box with! 

From our website, select a stylish pre-made design. Edit it to make it your own. And voila, you have an eye-catching box your clientele will love. And because we print all designs in house, standard shipping is free in the USA and Canada. Therefore, order Now.

Whether it’s lipstick, lip gloss, mascara or eye shadow, our customizable holographic cosmetic boxes are a great way to showcase your brand. These custom boxes are beautiful. And add a pop of color to any counter. Not to mention that they’re laser-engraved. So you can have your logo or a fun message added to the front and back.

Ready to shine? These stunning holographic gift boxes come with a free print set. So you can design your own and order today. Sized to fit larger cosmetics like compacts, brushes, and eye shadows. These retail ready boxes are great for any cosmetics business. With plain white gift boxes in stock, it’s easy to mix and match your custom box orders with other complimentary items from our website.

Durable Holographic Mailer Boxes for Safe Shipping and Unboxing Appeal

Choosing what box to send your items in is a headache in itself. You want it to be safe. But you also want it to be eye-catching when your customer opens it up.

How do you achieve both of these? 

Well, with our holographic mailer boxes, you don’t have to make that choice–we do it for you. And on top of being safe and eye-catching, we package your items so the recipient can enjoy the unboxing experience.

In order for a product to sell itself, it needs to make a great first impression. The holographic mailer boxes from ECB keep your items safe and secure. While adding an extra dose of visual appeal with their holographic appearance.

Our collection of holographic mailer boxes ensure safe shipment of your special products. 

We manufacture all holographic boxes with a high-end, high gloss, and smooth styrene construction for maximum presentation appeal. We have a variety of holographic mailer box sizes available in this sturdy, tear-resistant and crush-proof material to meet all of your needs.

Order Custom Holographic Box Printing at Wholesale Rates with No MOQ

You can order custom holographic cardboard boxes at wholesale rates with no MOQ. With our service, we help you save both time and money. We know that when you are in need of a custom box, the last thing you want to do is wait or pay too much.

Here at ECB, we have years of experience in the field. And have worked with many clients. Unlike other companies, we take pride in producing the highest quality products for our customers at the best prices.

Why You Should Choose Us?

→ We offer free customization services. And our design team is ready to work 24/7 for you. You will always get a response from us within minutes if not seconds!

→ Our material for custom boxes is high quality and durable. We use materials from only the most reputable dealers in the industry.

→ If you need your order to be rushed, don’t worry! We offer rush services without any extra charges. If you are interested in getting everything mentioned above, then contact us today!

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