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With box packaging, we have many options of closure and style available to pack your products. If you are looking for the most suitable and secure way to pack your products, mailer boxes are one of the best options for you. These boxes are perfect for packaging a variety of items ranging from food and beverages, clothing, cosmetics, and other retail items. Iridescent mailer boxes have a roll end tuck front design. This design gives a lot of security to the items inside that is why it is probably one of the best options for making deliveries of items. Iridescent mailer boxes have holographic lamination usually on the inside of the box that offers many useful benefits. It can protect from heat and moisture damage. Not just that, it looks good for the packaging too.

Get a great impression of your brand with custom printed mailer boxes. We “Elite Custom Box” offers inestimable options for the customization of iridescent mailer boxes to suit your requirements. You can have your logo printed on the inside of the box. You can even customize your mailer wholesale box in terms of size and dimensions to fit your desired products.

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