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Transport of goods over long distances demands the packaging to be light-weight and easily portable yet durable and resistant to harm to make the delivery process less cumbersome. All these qualities are exhibited by Kraft Mailer Boxes that are made out of high-quality pine pulp. We “Elite Custom Boxes” excel in provide premium printed kraft mailer boxes that are eco-friendly and made out of renewable material. Our boxes are made out of top-notch quality pine pulp that gives you a premium experience. These boxes are durable and resistant to damage that provides maximum protection to the product packed inside, no matter how long the distance is. The boxes can also be customized to provide you the shape, size, color, logos and designs that you want. Since logos also add to the marketing value, we use latest printing techniques and vibrant colors to make sure that your product stand-out among the rest. All of our Customized Kraft Mailer Boxes reach our customers on whole-sale rates and in shortest possible time to make sure your experience with us turns out to be a memorable one. We assure you that customer satisfaction is our main priority and a team of experts is always available to convert your ideas to physical form.

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