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Kraft mailer boxes are custom boxes made of cardboard or corrugated kraft paper. These lightweight, durable mailers are used to package small to medium-sized items for shipping. They’re also known as kraft boxes, kraft paper mailers, and kraft mailer envelopes. These boxes are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly; and they’re perfect for e-commerce branding. Plus, they are the perfect way for you to ship your products if you want to reduce your shipping costs, minimize damage from transit on the product, and improve customer satisfaction. At ECB, we specialize in custom printing and manufacturing of these boxes; so you can be sure they protect your goodies inside, whether they’re shipped across town or the world. We offer printing on these boxes that help you in advertising your brand. You can get your logo or product image printed on these boxes in a variety of colors and finishes. They have a durable cardboard exterior for reliable protection and a beautiful, professional look; that adds character to your brand. What’s more, they’re 100% recyclable—a fact you can use to market your business as environmentally friendly.

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Custom Kraft Mailer Boxes by ECB

Keep your products safe all the way to their destination. Our kraft mailer boxes keep your goods safe through the challenges of shipping and delivery. And they’re easy enough to customize that you can build custom boxes that fit any product and any size; so you can keep goods safe—and prevent them from shifting around or getting damaged in transit—no matter how big or small they might be. 

We print yours with your company’s logos and information; so that you can use them for sending out your own products to customers—or for shipping the products you sell to other companies. Each box features corrugated cardboard and is tough enough to go through the challenges of shipping. It’s the perfect option for eCommerce companies, logistics companies, and freight forwarders; who want to make sure products arrive safely at their final destinations.

Our service includes:

  • creating corrugated cardboard boxes
  • designing boxes that keep contents safe during their journey by ship, plane, or truck
  • bespoke printing on the boxes

Tough Boxes for Safe Shipping

We know you never want to see your products broken in transit. That’s why we make our custom kraft mailer boxes out of materials like corrugated cardboard; so they’re strong and reliable, tough enough to handle the bumps and jolts of the shipping process. And so keep your products safe during shipping. Whether you sell eCommerce products, work in logistics, or are a freight forwarder; you can count on our boxes to safely contain your goods and keep them from breaking in transit—no matter how delicate they are.

The corrugated cardboard used for these boxes is strong and tough; it’s not going to tear easily; and it’s not going to break when it gets wet. Your fragile products won’t damage by rough handling, because our mailer boxes will ensure they stay secure and protected. All of our corrugated kraft mailer boxes feature 100% recycled materials; and are fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle.

Boxes with Custom Logo Printing

We’ll make your kraft mailer packaging memorable, and that’s only the beginning. Our printing options include full-color, digital, offset, and hot foil stamping; so you can get high-quality custom printing in a variety of styles. We also have different finishes available, including glossy and matte, so you can make your brand shine with visual appeal. By choosing our custom printed boxes, you’ll be able to brand your products with a consistent look; that makes an impact on customers. You’ll also be able to create a better unboxing experience for them. ECB has been providing custom packaging solutions to businesses like yours for the past 10 years. Our commitment to quality and service means we’ll exceed your expectations with every order.

Various Kraft Mailer Boxes Ready To Ship

EliteCustomBoxes is all about making kraft mailer boxes and bags to fit every situation, from gift-giving to mailing and shipping. We have a box for your jewelry, a bag for your baked goods, and a box with a window front to show off your products; and that’s just scratching the surface. Our kraft mailer box manufacturing service is available, yet not limited to the following:

Expandable Kraft Mailer

A flexi-mailer is a protective, lightweight envelope that is expandable to accommodate your product; and then compressed to its original size. Our expandable kraft mailer bags are made of flexible kraft paper featuring FSC-certified wood pulp. That means, it can expand to fit your product; and then shrink back down to its original size when you’re done shipping.

Sealed Air Kraft Paper Bags

We have a lot of experience creating air kraft paper bags and pouches for food. Our sealed air kraft mailers are ideal for packaging dry foods like chips, cookies, nuts, crackers, cereal, granola; as well as powders like tea leaves and coffee grounds. The bags are recyclable and biodegradable, making them a good choice for companies who are looking for sustainable packaging options.

Brown Kraft Mailers

Our brown kraft mailer boxes are perfect when you need your product to look professional and sleek. They’re also great for sending out promotional items since they look way more professional than your average paper packaging. They’re also affordable, so you can send out a lot of them; and we can even print them with your company information or logo.

Kraft Bubble Mailers

Made from foldable, single-wall cardboard, these kraft boxes are as sturdy as they are light. Plus, their uniform padding inside the kraft paper bag makes them perfect for protecting your most delicate items while they’re in transit. So if you’re looking for a kraft mailer packaging option that will protect your goods and leave a minimal carbon footprint; look no further than our new kraft bubble mailer pouches.

Die Cut Kraft Mailer

Die-cut kraft mailers are a super-cool, one-of-a-kind way to send your customers some love. You can use this product to send your customers product samples, coupons, or just a friendly “thinking of you” note on your letterhead. They’re also great for sending product care instructions, return forms, and other important information. Each time they open the box; your customers will be reminded of how much you care about them and their business. The delightfully unique die-cut shape makes it impossible for them to miss who the message came from.

Stay Flat Mailer

With our stay flat mailers, you can send flat items in the mail—think PS5 or PS4 DVDs, pictures, and gift cards—without having to worry about them bending or breaking. You can even send handwritten letters in them. These mailers are size customizable to fit your items perfectly; and are durable enough to protect them from a lot of weather conditions.

Easy Fold Mailer

Our new easy fold mailers are perfect for packaging books. They feature an extra flap on one end that’s already perforated; so you can just fold it over and seal, no taping or glue required. The contents will be safe and secure inside the mailer; and your customer will be able to easily open the package.

Tuck Top Mailer

Our tuck top mailers are sturdy, versatile, and easy to use. They’re so simple: made of a single piece of cardboard, they lock together in seconds and require no tape or glue. And they’re durable—they can withstand rough handling without breaking down or giving out. You can use them for everything from shipping your products to moving house, storing shoes to holding office supplies.

Versatile Kraft Mailer Packaging Options

Our custom-made and printed kraft mailer boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. If you want to add a bit of flair to your boxes, we can design and print them with whatever you want; whether it’s a simple logo or an elaborate color scheme.

Additionally, each box can have handles (which are great for carrying things), windows (for displaying the contents), ventilation holes (to keep products fresh), or locking lids (for added security).

Boxes with handles: A handle on the kraft box makes it much easier for customers to carry. It also looks more polished than a plain box. [add more details]

Boxes with windows: A window on the front of your kraft box allows you to showcase what’s inside without having to open it up first! [add more details]

Boxes with ventilation holes: If you’re shipping something that needs air circulation like food items or plants, then this is perfect for you! [add more details]

Locking lid boxes: These boxes come in handy if you’re shipping something fragile like an expensive watch or delicate jewelry because they provide extra protection during transit by keeping everything locked inside securely until it reaches its destination safely!

Boxes with dividers: They are useful for separating different products inside the box or for protecting fragile items (like glass bottles).

Serving A Wide Variety Of Purposes

Our custom-made boxes are designed to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling, including drops, double stacking, and temperature fluctuation. We use a proprietary blend of recycled kraft paper and recycled content corrugated board; to create a box that has strength but is also lightweight and minimizes your shipping costs.

  • Ecommerce companies who want to convert customers with branded packaging
  • B2b sellers who need to ship items in bulk to their clients
  • B2c sellers who want to add a special touch for their customers
  • Businesses that are looking for white-label kraft mailer packaging and boxes for their products

Why Choose Us?

We make it easy to order custom mailer boxes online, with no minimums or setup fees. You can easily upload your logo or design—or start with a template—and see how it will look on your custom cardboard packaging before your order. That means no more back-and-forth between you and the printer. 

Bespoke: With our custom-make and print service, you can be sure that each box is tailored to your specifications. Your products sit safely in their own snug home, safe from the hazards of transit.

No MOQ: That’s right—no minimum order quantity. We’ll make as many or as few as you need, whenever you need them.

Fast Turnaround: We understand how important it is to have your products available when your customers want them. That’s why we’ve structured our workflow to ensure that we can produce orders quickly and efficiently.

Free Support: Not sure what kind of design will work best for your particular packaging needs? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with free graphic design support.

Bulk Acceptance: Whether you need a hundred units or a hundred thousand units, we can handle it! Just reach out and let us know what you have in mind.

Wholesale Rates: Our wholesale prices ensure that you get the best value for your money when you purchase custom kraft mailer boxes from us in bulk quantities.

Eco-friendly: Our packaging is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. It is made from paper and cardboard that comes from sustainable forests, making it a great alternative for plastic packaging.

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