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Rigid boxes are often used to enclose objects that are placed on display shelves or transported through long distances. The box is not only a mirror to the object packed inside, by showing its animated picture or design but also a source of advertisement for the company. Silk or foam placed inside the box gives it a premium and luxurious look and helps to attract more customers. We “Elite custom boxes” present a wide variety of Customizable Kraft Rigid Boxes. You can avail a number of customization choices including choosing the size, shape, color, logo, design and further internal embellishments of your own choice. We make sure that animated designs and logos are printed using high end printing techniques and colorful colors that makes the product look more vibrant and flashier and mesmerizes the buyers. We make sure that this adornment does not come at the cost of quality and the box remains eco-friendly, renewable, light weight yet durable and easily portable. We make sure that our customized kraft rigid boxes are delivered at your door-step within time. All our products are available at wholesale rates. Customer satisfaction is given top priority and it is made sure that no compromise is made on it.

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