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Kraft Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve boxes contain a sliding tray present inside the external box, which adds a premium look to your product. These boxes can be used for packing a bunch of materials including stationery, perfumes and other premium products. Their demand has been increasing day-by-day because of efficient packaging and easy mobility. Customization increases their beauty. We “Elite Custom Boxes” present a wide variety of Kraft Sleeve Boxes to enhance the beauty of your product. We also offer bundle of customization choices that let you choose the size, shape, color, design and logos of your choice. We make sure that quality of the box is top-notch so that the product inside remains safe in every kind of condition. At the same time, we use latest printing technologies and colorful inks that add a captivating look to make your package feel more sublime and stand out among the rest. We make sure that all of our boxes are renewable and eco-friendly. All of our customized kraft sleeve boxes are delivered to our customers on whole-sale rates so that no compromise is made on customer satisfaction. Our products are also delivered within time so that your experience with us remains hassle-free and memorable.

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