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Custom Kraft Sleeves are an impeccable packaging solution for several items, ranging from freshly baked wraps to takeaways. The paperboard Kraft provides a natural and legitimate look. Also, the sleeves are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. Custom printed Kraft sleeves give an exquisite presentation to the food items and make them more attractive for the customers. The custom design of the sleeve allows you to separately pack the food items in film wrap. The sleeves are an appropriate choice for the food retail exchange, for instance, the ready-made food section in stores, takeaway shops, convenience stores, and markets. It is also an incredible choice for travel and leisure purposes.

Having had the packaging experience for quite some time now, we at ECB understand the needs of the clients. Therefore, we manufacture the printed boxes as per the requirements of the items to be packed inside.  We possess state-of-the-art machinery to furnish the custom boxes with gloss or matte finishing, UV coating, and other features.  All the embellishes make your product stand out in the market and give a boost to your business among the competitors. Book your order for the beautiful sleeves now and enjoy our premium services.

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