Difference Between Mailer Boxes and Shipping Boxes


People are converting rapidly to online platforms as shopping trends change. There is a wide variety available at the most reasonable prices as well as increased ease and access. Shipping boxes are used to pack and ship the products to customers.

Shipments have become more and more crucial in the world of trade in recent years. Despite this, people confuse shipment boxes with uses of mailer boxes and consider them similar. These boxes are different from each other in many ways.

What are Shipping Boxes?

Corrugated cardboard is used as both a shipping box and a packaging material. Their bottoms and lids have characteristic flaps that lock or secure with sticky tape. “Cardboard boxes” refer to shipping boxes most commonly. Custom cardboard boxes can be rigid, foldable, or corrugated.

The main advantage of shipping boxes is their ease of assembly. Their sides are glued together during production which is why they have such a flat surface. They are delivered unassembled to take up less room. The most common use of shipping boxes is as secondary packaging or in the shipping of big items, like household appliances.

What are Mailer Boxes?

Initially, people will know what are mailer boxes? The material of mailer boxes are paperboard packaging designed to store and ship your products. The interlocking flaps and wings make it easy to assemble and close without sticky tape. So, the question is mailer boxes good for shipping products? Yes, Compared to other types of paperboard packaging, it is more durable and more resistant to transport. As such, you can reuse it many times.

One of the most popular product packaging types is kraft mailer boxes. Besides providing an attractive but simple way to display your products, these boxes can also be found at a price that is right for your budget. You will also amaze your customers with these boxes’ unique styles.

Shipping Boxes vs Mailer Boxes

Following, we discuss both types in detail to help you understand their differences.


Comparing the two types listed above, they share many characteristics in common. However, sizing can help separate them easily. There are products of different sizes and styles. In comparison to mailer packaging, shipping boxes are larger. It is best to pack large items within these boxes. In contrast, mailer boxes are smaller and designed to deliver small or medium-sized products.


Assembling the packaging solutions determines the shape of the packages. It is possible to assemble every kind of packaging box uniquely, giving it a completely new appearance. A similar point applies to the shipping and mailer packaging solutions that operate differently and appear different in both shape and size. It is easy to assemble the mailer boxes.

Bakery packaging usually consists of a lid joined at the top. Compared to that, shipment packaging solutions must be strong and durable to protect and deliver big objects. Two-piece designs are also available, or generally, you’ll find these with flaps on each side.

Description of Use

There are specific packaging solutions for various industries that are available on the market. But some boxes have so many features that they are useful in a wide range of industries. We will review the use and applications of mailers and shipping boxes.

In factories and industries, shipping packaging solutions are a common way to deliver the products to the retailers and stores they target. However, these solutions are solely for business purposes. The best application for them is in wholesale.

After packing the items in the shipping boxes, the vendors send the products to the customers as lots. Custom mailer boxes, on the other hand, have a few different features. Shopkeepers also use them to deliver their customers’ orders. The main difference is that people can use the mailer packaging to send gifts.


You can distinguish the box types based on the materials used for their manufacture. Cardboard material is generally used to manufacture custom shipping boxes.

For shipping items far away, cardboard is the sturdiest material available. As for the mailer boxes or custom box packaging, they are made from many types of materials. The most popular are cardboard and corrugated cardboard. Another common mailer packaging solution is boxboard.


As far as pricing is concerned, shipping and mailer packaging are different. Shipping boxes are more expensive because of their size. If a product is large, it requires more materials and resources to produce. However, the price of mailer packaging is much lower. The package is smaller and easier to assemble. As a result, the cost of the mailer packaging is much lower.

As a result of the price competition in online markets, you can buy both types from online retailers. They are both, in general, more affordable than traditional boxes. Furthermore, a large number of vendors deal in wholesale and retail packaging boxes business as well. Wholesale shipping boxes are a good option if you want these packaging solutions at an affordable price range.

There are many differences between shipping and mailer boxes. However, there are some similarities as well. One of the primary differences is the size and purpose of use. To get a better idea of which type best suits your business, read the lines above for a breakdown of the main features of each type.

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