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If your business requires constant shipping and delivery, you wish to find new and efficient ways to improve your shipping process that save your time. Customized Mailer Boxes are essential for business that usually transport different types of products to their clients. Custom printed mailer boxes are more suitable for labeling purposes and box top advertising and increase efficiency of your business. We “Elite Custom Boxes” provide eco-friendly, compact, captivating and purpose-oriented mailer boxes that can be customized according to the color, design, size and shape that can be further embellished according to your requirements. We also excel in producing colorful logos and designs on your boxes using latest technologies and colorful inks that add to the aesthetics of the box and make it captivating while retaining its durability. Our boxes are easily portable yet durable, resistant to damage and ready to ship. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and a panel of experts is always present to produce a box in accordance with your ideas. All our products are delivered to the customers on whole-sale rates and we also ensure that your dream boxes reach your door-step in the minimum duration to make your experience with us hassle-free and short-lived yet memorable and long-lasting.

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Designing custom mailer boxes for promotional materials like flyers, business cards, brochures, catalogs and more is now easier than ever. is an expert in the manufacturing, designing, and packing of different shape boxes. Our custom retail boxes are of the best quality which suits every packing use.

If you want to make a product and send it to your clients, then you need to ensure safe delivery of the product. Therefore, to ensure that all of your hard work reaches your client in fine condition, you need custom kraft mailer boxes. These boxes come in various sizes, shapes, and colors.

Secondly, if you run an eCommerce business, then you’ll know that packing products securely before dispatch is one of the most vital jobs of your fulfillment team. Therefore, custom mailer boxes wholesale are also useful for businesses requiring extra protection on their consignments.

Custom Mailer Boxes by ECB: What To Expect?

Do you like to see mail that brightens up your day?

When you see a handwritten note scribbled on the back of a box, or a sentimental gift with unique packaging, it adds to your perception of what is inside. This is because large portions of our pleasure are taken from events outside the products themselves.

With custom retail packaging boxes, you can either create your own design or choose from an array of templates already made by the experts. These custom retail boxes are made with your company logo, tagline, or site address. This way they will nicely show up on a retail rack or shelf. Thereby, making it easier for users to spot your products in a ‘sea of competition’.

Custom boxes with logo give customers a lasting impression of your brand and product. They will see the logo, the shade, and all of the nice things about it even before they open the packaging of your product. This is because packaging is an important part of how we market our products and services.

Therefore, it is vital to gain an edge to survive in today’s competitive market. And to excel in the market you need to develop a great box. ECB offers professional label printing and custom packaging services using state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with a better product in a short time.

All Types of Mailer Cardboard Boxes

ECB stocks a wide variety of boxes for all your packaging needs. No matter what you are packing, you’re bound to find the right box to suit your purpose. Some of our most popular cardboard boxes include our:

Mailer boxes with windows – which allow you to show off your products in style

Boxes with dividers – to create compartments in larger boxes

Mailer boxes with lids – to keep your product secure.

Mailer Boxes with Logo & Bespoke Artwork Designs

Packaging design is a field of creative industry that combines a sense of innovation and a lot of hard work. The purpose of packaging is to present not only the product but also the brand to customers. So one of the major features in box design is its visual imprint on users. And mailer boxes have become popular recently with businesses, offering a cheap way to sell products directly in stores.

ECB offers an innovative custom packaging solution that’s perfect for your business needs. We’ll print your company name or logo onto one of our custom retail boxes. Our bespoke design team will then create a unique mailer box that includes a cut-out space for your company card to go into as well as a pocket for other collateral material.

We allow you to create your own packaging or our team will design bespoke artwork to complement your brand. We brand your boxes with your company’s logo, artwork designs, and color schemes. You may use our mailer boxes for many uses. For example, they are ideal for retail, grocery and food storage, or electronics. The options are infinite – so go crazy!

ECB also caters to bespoke box designs, allowing you to add extra insulation and even add inside divisions such as hinges or U-locks into the design! We can create any size box you desire; simply tell us the dimensions and we’ll do the rest. Each of our products is made to the best ideals using fine quality materials in accord with product protection, short-term/long-term storage, volume distribution, and end of product life recycling.

Heavy-Duty Custom Mailer Boxes for Product Safety

Wherever you send your package, you want to ensure that the contents are in good hands. Therefore, create a good first impression with custom retail boxes by ECB. This sturdy cardboard mailer box comes with a locking action and is proven strong and secure. It has a custom label for product labels and adds a high-quality look to your packaging.

Made of high-density cardboard, these are super strong boxes made to hold the heaviest product safely. Ideal for shipping, storage, protecting products during transit or display. These are strong boxes that are super easy to open and close, yet will not tear easily.

Also, our cardstock boxes are 100% recyclable and infinitely customizable, whatever your style or product. With a variety of styles available in both 4″ x 6″ and 6″ x 9″, they are the convenient, protective packaging solution for all your shipping needs.

Get Custom Mailer Boxes Wholesale

Wherever you’re shipping to, we’ve got the packaging solution that’s right for you. Our custom boxes are made from eco-friendly content and are available in a wide range of sizes. Therefore, you get the perfect size for your product no matter how big or small it is. All boxes come with a Flute-A-Pack insert for extra protection during shipping, and multiple mailer options so your products arrive safe and sound. These boxes contain a moisture-resistant coating and anti-static properties to help control the elements and maintain the integrity of your shipment.

So, you have just found wholesale custom mailer boxes at the lowest price that you can imagine. With the widest selection of material options, designs, sizing, and colors, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. From creating your design to choosing from the designs we have to offer, everything is possible with us.

Therefore, small to medium firms can rely on ECB’s wholesale boxes at prices that match even the tightest budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are mailer boxes?

Mailer boxes are tough cardboard boxes. It protects items from damage during shipping. Ecommerce companies mostly use mailer boxes. These retail boxes are best for use with online sellers because it does a fine job of protecting goods during shipping. Besides, you can also customize them with your logo or bespoke artwork for brand appeal.

What are the best features of a mailer box?

Our custom mailer box is the perfect solution for high-volume mailings. This cardboard box has all the right features for a cheap shipping solution that is sturdy enough to stand up to rough handling in transit. But is also recycle-able after use. With multiple uses—handling, shipping, wholesale distribution—a custom mailer is the right choice for many of your packaging needs. Features include:

  • Optimize-able internal dimensions to maximize capacity without making it too large
  • Recyclable box made from at least 75% eco-friendly content
  • Versatile design features separate panels that can be custom made in any number of combinations
  • Quick setup with pre-assembled flaps and sewn stress points
  • A perfect and practical gift for anyone
  • Great to store pictures, letters, cards, personal diaries, etc
  • You may wrap them with the traditional holiday print papers

How to get custom mailer boxes at cheap prices?

EliteCustomBoxes makes custom mailer boxes with a variety of printing options. Therefore, many different sizes, lengths, and depths are available. So you can choose from several finishing options and we’ll gladly add an insert to keep your product safe and damage-free. And if you would like some help finding the right box for your particular packaging needs, just give us a call and we’re happy to assist you.

Our experts create innovative packaging boxes with utmost attention to detail. Our bespoke design software means there’s your design translation into a beautiful box at a cheap price. We provide a fast turnaround on every project and have a minimum order quantity of 10 to allow you to order in batches of any size. Larger orders mean big savings.

Here’s what ECB best company for kraft mailer boxes:

  • Packaging boxes made to order.
  • Any size, any shape.
  • Use as shipping boxes.
  • Pack as retail packaging.
  • Ideal as gift boxes, or as decorative storage solutions.
  • Choose from 3 different finishes: Glossy, Matte Linen, and Photo Printing.
  • Fast delivery times and worldwide shipping available!

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