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Marijuana Boxes

We have the best custom marijuana boxes for you. Because marijuana and cannabis products require efficient packaging, we offer you the best in the market. After all, our marijuana and cannabis boxes come with multiple add-on and finishing options. With our marijuana boxes, you can make your product stand out from the competition. Whether you need custom boxes for edibles or other sorts of cannabis products, we do it all. What’s more, you can order in any size and material option you want. So, place your order today.

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Custom Marijuana Box Specifications

We offer various customization options to enhance your packaging.

Material Choice:

  • Cardstock (White): An ideal choice for marijuana products, as it is a thinner material that allows colors to appear vibrant and eye-catching.
  • Kraft (Brown): Ideal for eco-conscious brands, offering sustainable marijuana packaging with a natural and rustic appeal.

Material Thickness:

  • 14 pt. (275gsm)
  • 16 pt. (300gsm)
  • 18 pt. (350gsm)
  • 24 pt. (400gsm)

Print Colors: CMYK, Pantone

Printed Sides: Inside Only, Outside Only, Inside and Outside

Coating: Varnish and Lamination (1 Side or 2 Side)

Finishes: Matte, Glossy, Soft Touch

Add-ons: Embossing, Debossing, Window Patching

Custom Marijuana Boxes for High-Quality packaging!

With our custom marijuana boxes, you can maintain the originality of your cannabis products. After all, our marijuana packaging is durable and protective. Your products will stay safe from harsh conditions and other damage. After all, we make our custom cannabis boxes from high-strength materials.

From temperature fluctuations to UV Rays, our packaging can protect your products from everything and anything. If you want to maintain the freshness and quality of your cannabis products, you must get our custom cannabis packaging. With our marijuana packaging, you do not have to worry about any damage from elements.

For example, heat, moisture, and any element that you can name. You can count on us to use the best practices for custom creating the right packaging for your products. Furthermore, you can choose from multiple material options in a variety of thickness as well. Our packaging will give you marijuana and cannabis products a premium feel and look.

Moreover, because we are socially responsible, we also offer eco-friendly packaging. After all, it helps us reduce carbon footprint and keep the environment safe and protected. Most importantly, you should know that we make the custom cannabis packaging as per your requirements.

Clearly, you can craft your custom marijuana boxes that can face all sorts of safety challenges and look classy and appealing as well. Moreover, you can double your sales with our high-class custom marijuana packaging. The customers will find it appealing – no other product will attract them as much. So, reap benefits by custom creating cannabis packaging today.

Beat Competition with custom marijuana boxes!

If you want to impact your customers and the market, you need custom marijuana boxes. You can easily lift the appeal and standard of your cannabis products with our custom packaging.

After all, we offer customization with multiple printing and finishing options. Clearly, you can print any and every product and brand specific element on your cannabis packaging. For example, gradient colors, leafy imagery, or anything that you have in mind.

What’s more, you should know that custom packaging for marijuana and cannabis products helps earn credibility and communicate trust. We can also print product attributes like features, usage and expiry date on the packaging. It will help your customers get insights regarding your product.

This way, you can drive sales and educate your customers as well. We have the skills, technologies, and printing techniques that can custom create the right packaging for your products.

Furthermore, if you want to increase the catchiness, you can use different fonts for printing. And for a more gleaming effect, you can use different finishes and coatings. In fact, you should also know that using a window panel in custom marijuana packaging can help you connect with your potential customers.

The image of your cannabis blends, oils, or gummies peeking out from the window of packaging can impact the overall look and appeal of your product to the customers.

And to upscale the branding, you can also print your brand’s logo on the custom marijuana boxes. What’s more, you should know that we can do all kinds of customizations for you – with the right touch of expertise.