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Ornament Boxes

At ECB, we have a vast range of personalized ornament boxes. These are available in all sizes and shapes. Each of our box designs is suitable for any of your ornaments. The product packaging is exceptionally crafted to keep your delicate ornaments safe and sound for the occasion these are kept for. Whether you need them for Christmas or any other religious day, your boxes would be the perfect place to store them. You can suggest your stylish designs. To raise their appeal, we have an unlimited supply of embellishments and add-ons. You can even try various coatings and finishing options. Whatever is the case, we are always there to fulfill any of your needs and demands concerning ornament packaging. Ornaments are not just used to decorate a Christmas tree. Instead, you can use them for any ornamental and decorative purposes. You can even use them to enhance the elegance of your birthday or big day celebration. It may be precious jewelry, a lovely present, or any other decoration. To maintain these prized possessions secure, properly designed boxes by ECB are the best option. You can have them published in exciting color schemes.

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Get Your Own Custom Ornament Boxes

Ornament boxes are used to keep various types of ornaments and decors safe. Ornaments refer to any decorative item used to raise the grace of a Christmas tree. However, these can refer to various small and large objects used on similar occasions. One must keep these decors secure during vacations. The reason is that these are very sensitive and can lose their grace due to dust deposition.

However, there is no need to fret regarding these items after you’re finished with your Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving. At ECB, we have a full range of affordable custom ornament boxes in all shapes and designs.

All these items and accessories are not for timely usage. These can be costly to buy and replace. So obtaining custom retail boxes will aid in preserving them. Place your order today to get these boxes at affordable pricing. We offer free shipment and design facilities. 

Dimensions Custom Sizes
Material White, Brown Kraft
Material Thickness 14pt, 18pt, 24pt
Color Options CMYK, Pantone (PMS)
Printed Sides Inside Only, Outside Only, Both Side
Finishes Matte, Glossy, Soft Touch, Aqueous Coating, UV Coating
Add-ons Embossing, Debossing, Die Cutting, Window Patching
Production Time 8 - 10 Business Days
Shipping 2 - 3 Business Days

Highly Affordable and Customized Ornament Boxes 

If you’re an individual who takes pleasure in preserving small decorative items, our ornament boxes are the best choice for you. These boxes are perfectly designed to protect your favorite things’ original grace and glitter. Even if you are short of budget, we have good news for you.

ECB offers boxes in any number or quantity at the same rate as a wholesale or bulk order. You do not need to fret regarding the spending plan, as we will adjust it accordingly. All you have to do is get in touch with us and discuss your custom needs and requirements. That way, you can acquire customized published ornament packaging solutions at affordable pricing. 

Once you are with us, you have the power to personalize, create, and innovate any idea into material form. That also stands true for our vast range of gift boxes. If you are not sure about the size, style, and material choice, our experts are always there to guide you in this regard. They will certainly assist you at the very start so that no problem arises in the long run.

Unlimited Range of Customized Ornament Box Packaging

Our highly creative and imaginative group of skilled designers has various design options. With years of experience, we have produced a lot of trendy designs. For that purpose, we do extensive market research and study the latest fads that are popular. That is the secret behind our rich design archives. To put it differently, we have invested years in that field.

Even if you lack the time or skills to churn unique ornament packaging ideas of your own, we are there to do it for you. No matter how raw your thoughts are, we will craft them into the best possible shape. Just sit back, relax and look at how we materialize it for you. You can always count on us as we will show you many different layouts and boxes sure to fulfill your needs in the best possible fashion.

Versatile Choice for Cardboard Ornament Boxes

If you are surprised at the term versatility for cardboard boxes, let us explain. It indicates a product that can regain its shape after continuous usage. In other words, no matter how old these boxes get, you do not need to worry about their grace. Their shape or color will not lose its grace even after that journey. When products are adaptable, they last longer and sustain more.

Besides flexibility, our technical minds have produced more concrete structures from materials like wood and reinforced cardboard. We add extra strength, and they last longer than typical boxes. You can keep these cardboard ornament boxes to protect your ornament for a long time from one event to another. It will also save you a budget as you would not have to buy a new box each year.

Eco-Friendly Custom Made Ornament Boxes

Our service is easy for your pocket and the environment in which we live. The same stands true for our green ornament custom box collection. It is mainly produced from a sustainable supply that will not harm the environment. Even the manufacturing process is carried out with extreme care, and it does not release any harmful gasses or carbons.

All our custom box manufacturing is based on the promise of reducing our carbon emissions. Our contemporary technology ensures that we use the bare minimum amount of water when we produce our goods. In short, we only utilize recyclable materials for its production. 

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