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10 Awesome Packaging Ideas for Cookies

10 Awesome Packaging ideas for cookies

Are you looking for packaging ideas for cookies? Do you want to take your bakery business or brand forward? If you are looking for creative biscuit packaging ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. This is a free informational blog post that is meant to help you package cookies better.

Top 10 Packaging Ideas for Cookies

A cookie is a small, flat, sweet cake baked in an oven. The word comes from the Dutch phrase koekje meaning little cake. Cookies are widespread in many countries, differentiated by their names and ingredients.

If you love selling delicious cookies, then you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about your packaging.

After all, your packaging is the first thing your customers see when they’re looking at your cookies! It needs to tell them what kind of deliciousness is waiting for them inside.

You might not realize this, but your cookie packaging also helps keep those cookies fresh. When you use the right packaging, you can avoid those problems that make some people hesitant to buy homemade cookies—stale cookies, crushed cookies, or broken pieces of cookies.

It’s possible to get that beautifully-packaged look without spending a ton of cash or time on it! You just need the right techniques and materials.

Here we bring you the top 10 cookie packaging ideas.

“As a cookie seller, it’s important to have the right kind of packaging for your cookies. You don’t want to put those beautiful cookies in a plastic bag, where they’ll get smushed, or in a plain bag, where everyone will think you’re serving them garbage. You want something that allows your cookies to shine and that makes your customers feel like what they’re getting is special.” – says a packaging expert at EliteCustomBoxes.com

1. Use Custom Cookie Packaging Boxes


We know that there are a lot of options out there for packaging—but we’re here to tell you why custom boxes are the way to go.

First off, custom boxes are just plain cute. And who doesn’t want cute packaging? With custom boxes, you can pick a design that speaks to your brand and personality and really makes people want to reach out and grab your cookies.

Second, custom boxes are easy to label with your logo or other branding materials. And let’s be honest—if you’re trying to make the big leagues, you’ve got to have branding down big time.

No matter how great your cookies taste, if they don’t look like they’ve got a story behind them, they might just get overlooked. You can use custom boxes as an opportunity to add that story—and make sure your cookies sell themselves and generate repeat business.

Third (and perhaps most importantly?), custom boxes let your customers know that they’re getting a high-quality product with every bite. When people see that you care about how your cookies are packaged, they’ll assume that you care about them.

Other benefits:

  • They’re eye-catching
  • They’re strong and protect your cookies from getting smashed
  • Plus, they’re recyclable

Cookie sellers and bakeries should use custom boxes for cookie packaging because:

  • Customers will be drawn to cookies packaged in colorful, unique boxes that are just as appetizing as the treats inside them.
  • Custom cookie packaging keeps your cookies safe from breaking in transit, so you’ll have happy customers who get their tasty treats intact.
  • Custom cookie boxes can be made from recyclable cardboard, which is better for the environment than plastic packaging or foil bags.

2. Use Boxes with Clear Windows


If you’re selling cookies, there’s one marketing tool that you’re missing out on window boxes for your cookie packaging. Why? It’s easy. When people see what they’re getting, they’re more likely to buy it!

This is true for all types of products, but especially food items. Take a look at the grocery store—how many packages of chips do you buy just because you can see through the box and the chip shapes look really good?

Now think about a bakery or grocery store where you can see those cookies before buying them. You’ll be much more tempted to get some, right?

Boxes with windows are also great for cookies because they protect them from crushing in transport and storage. Plus, they make it easier to package multiple cookies in one box.

3. Use Logo Printed Boxes for Better Branding


Looking for the best cookie packaging idea to make your cookies more attractive? Print your logo on custom-designed boxes!

Printing your logo on custom-designed cookie packaging is a great idea. Not only will it make your cookies look more attractive, but it will help you sell more cookies.

Studies show that people are more likely to buy products when they have custom printed boxes because it makes them feel special.

Think about it—if you’re selling cookies at a bake sale, wouldn’t you rather put them in a box with your logo on it than just a plain old baggie? You betcha!

Even if you’re not selling cookies at a bake sale, printing your logo on custom-designed boxes is still one of the best cookie packaging ideas out there.

It will make your product stand out from all the other boring cookie bags and boxes that are sitting on the grocery store shelves.

4. Use Boxes with Dividers for Multiple Flavored Cookies


Anyone who’s ever had to transport multiple flavors of cookies knows the struggle of keeping them all together in a single box. That’s why we think bakery boxes with dividers are the best thing since sliced bread… or, uh, cookies.

Not only do they keep your cookies from getting smashed and broken through transit, but they also allow you to showcase two (or more) different types of cookies at once! 

Imagine how many more people would be intrigued by your mint chocolate chip cookies if they could see those beautiful green chunks poking up from the top of their container? Now imagine that same box also has a few chocolate-chocolate chip cookies on the other side! 

We’re not saying boxes of cardboard with dividers will double your sales, but we are saying that it might just do that.

5. Use Event-Themed Boxes


When it comes to the best ideas for food packaging, not just any box will do.

Sure, the cookies could be tasty, but if they’re not packaged in a way that entices shoppers right away, you’re going to have a tough time selling them.

And even if they are good enough to sell themselves, why leave anything to chance? You want to make sure your cookies are in the best possible position for success.

That’s where event-themed printed boxes come in.

Event-themed cookie boxes celebrate special holidays and occasions ranging from Christmas and Valentine’s Day to weddings and baby showers.

They bring joy and excitement to the gifting process, setting you apart from your competitors who are still relying on uninspired generic packaging.

Event-themed printed boxes for your cookies allow you to spread holiday cheer with colorfully designed packages that appeal to shoppers’ emotions.

They help your products stand out from the crowd—especially during the busy holiday season when everyone else is using the same identical white cardboard boxes.

Other Best Packaging Ideas for Cookies

For those who are aiming to gain the attention of customers, business owners would often consider marketing themselves through cookies. We call them “packaging ideas for small business”. 

A small yet useful packaging idea that can be utilized by both large and small firms alike. Here are a few more packaging ideas for cookies:

6. Use Kraft Paper Bags for an Organic Feel

Are you a small bakery or pastry shop looking for a way to package your cookies that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing? Look no further: kraft paper bags are the answer.

Kraft bags are an affordable alternative to plastic packaging, which has taken a hit in the public eye lately due to their environmental impact.

They’re also a great way to stand out from the crowd, as many of your competitors may be using plastic packaging instead.

With their pleasing earthy tones, simple designs, and environmentally-friendly material, kraft bags are an excellent option for packaging cookies over other methods such as plastic containers.

7. Go Creative with Box Printing

You can get creative with packaging to make a lasting impression on your customers. For example, you can: 

  • Use a colorful box that is attractive to children and/or families. 
  • Make custom retail boxes at wholesale for different types of cookies: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, etc.
  • Include information about each type of cookie on the box so your customers know what they’re buying before opening it up!
  • Include directions for storing cookies properly to keep them fresh longer–this will save money on replacements or returns due to spoilage!

8. Be Unique

Check out these cookie packaging ideas that will make your cookies as irresistible as they are delicious:

  • Go for gold (or silver!). Add a touch of luxury and class to your cookie packaging by adding gold or silver foiling to the box. Not only does it make the box look expensive, but it also catches the eye.
  • Go big with logo embossing. Do you want everyone to know who made those delicious cookies? Emboss your brand’s logo onto the cookie box so people can’t miss it!
  • Be unique with the shape of your packaging. Most cookie boxes are just rectangular, but what if yours was a hexagon? Or a circle? Have fun thinking outside the box!

9. Go Fancy with Bows & Ribbons

Bows and ribbons are always a great idea when it comes to packaging your baked goods. Whether you’re selling cookies, cake pops, or cupcakes, tying a ribbon or bow around the box will make it look more luxurious and make your customers feel like they’re getting a special treat.

10. Use Corrugated Boxes for Optimum Freshness

We’ve come up with the best cookies packaging ideas you’ve ever seen: use corrugated boxes to keep cookies fresh! Corrugated cardboard is sturdy, but also breathable, which means it will keep your cookies secure but also well-aerated.

This means that they’ll stay crunchy and delicious, so they’re ready to eat whenever you are!

It’s simple science: air circulates inside a box, allowing moisture to dissipate and keeping your cookies fresh for days. Just make sure you get the right size box for the number of cookies you have—too much air and your cookies might not be secure enough; too little air and your cookies might get soggy.

But if you stick with custom food packaging experts like EliteCustomBoxes, you can trust that they’ve done the math for you. So you don’t have to deal with the hassle of searching where to buy cardboard boxes.


So, here you have it. We hope you find these suggestions helpful for your next batch of cookies. Just remember that no matter what you decide upon, be sure to keep your customers in mind.

Solve a problem, make their lives easier, whatever the case may be; just be sure that you are using something that is going to connect with them or they are not going to engage with your packaging.

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