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10 Attractive Packaging Ideas for Gifts

10 Attractive Packaging Ideas For Gifts

These packaging ideas for gifts will help businesses and individuals come up with nice ideas for packaging their next gift for business clients and loved ones.

Gift-giving is an art. And this art can be “PERFECTED” to a new level of excellence with top-notch packaging. Those shimmery wraps and cupid-printed box wrapping papers are behind the times.

Therefore, the 21st century demands the commencement of cute, fun, and creative gift packaging ideas that add to the curb appeal of the product packed inside. 

Top 10 Packaging Ideas for Gifts

Gifting a friend or relative is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. You get to see the person’s face light up when they receive something special that was just for them.

Whether you are putting together a gift basket for someone or preparing smaller gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list, some creative ideas will help you out.

So you want to send special gifts to your loved ones, but you don’t know what to do? You want it to be useful and pretty. This post is your solution. Here the USA’s best packaging experts explain the 10 best gift wrapping ideas to choose from.

1. Use Custom Gift Packaging Boxes


Do you want to make your gift wrapping stand out this year? Then you must use custom gift packaging boxes. These boxes are ideal for a number of reasons. 

📦 First, they are available in any size, shape, or style. You can have the box printed with any design that you want. 

📦Second, you can get these boxes in a wide range of materials. For example, you could choose paperboard or custom cardboard boxes. 

📦 Finally, custom gift boxes are eco-friendly and affordable. They’re also very durable and long-lasting.

So you might be thinking that what makes this such a great idea? 

Well, for one thing. It’s important to make sure that your gift is as unique as possible. It will be more likely to rank the highest in the crowd; if you use something that is different from the rest of the gifts on display. 

Using a custom box will ensure that your gift stands out from all the other gifts at the party. Or an event where it’s being given away. And all those added personalizations will make the gift’s recipient feel extra special.

2. Wrap The Package In a World Map or Atlas


Are you sending a gift overseas to a loved one?

Are you tired of that same old wrapping paper?

Well, we are here with the best packaging ideas for gifts.

You can wrap your gift box in a map or atlas. You can further decorate it with fluffy yarn or peacock feathers. This makes the box look lovely and appealing. The person receiving this gift will be enthralled by this look.

But why wrap with maps and atlases?

Well, maps and atlases are ideal for sending gifts overseas. It’s because they convey the idea that you are thinking of them (i.e the recipient) across the distance. They also serve as reminders of travel, which is often when relationships begin and grow.

This packaging idea is also great because it allows you to customize your gift by choosing maps and atlases that match someone’s interests, such as their favorite city or landmark. It is always nice to show that you have been paying attention to what they like and dislike.

3. Use Brown Paper Packaging for Handmade Gifts


Brown paper packaging is the natural choice for anyone sending homemade products or souvenirs. They give an organic effect that can’t be beaten. And they’re perfect for protecting fragile items.

Not to mention, they’re environmentally friendly and budget-friendly, too. Brown paper packaging is also fully customizable.

You can stamp them with your initials or emblazon them with a small logo. They are versatile, and thus are adaptable to an endless range of design modifications.

Talking about the extraordinary gift packaging benefits of kraft paper, a packaging expert at EliteCustomBoxes.com says:

“Brown paper packaging can be dressed up with all kinds of fun extras like stickers and stamps. You can add a bit of ribbon or twine for extra flair. And if you don’t have time to find a gift bag or box, you can just wrap the present in brown paper and tie it off with twine—no need for tape or glue. It’s such an easy way to make your gift look polished without having to spend hours browsing for the right box!”

4. Make Use Of Silky Fabrics


A luxury fabric or silk wrapping on the box is an ideal choice for your gift box. Gifting is a memorable and exciting occasion. So, this idea makes your gift more presentable, attractive, and unique.

As we know, the first impression is the last impression. And it is true in this case too. So, why not make a good first impression on the receiver with great packaging?

Giving gifts to someone is a wonderful feeling. And when you wrap it with a luxury fabric or silk, it’s going to be more exciting for you and the person who will receive your gift.

From the receiver’s point of view, they are going to feel special for getting such a wonderful gift from their loved ones.

“Luxury fabric and silk wrapping on the box is a proven winner. While it can be a little pricey, if you’re buying a truly special gift, then it’s worth the extra cost. These materials give off an impression of royalty and luxury. If you are giving a gift to someone who has made a big impact on your life, then this is definitely the way to go”, says a custom box manufacturer.

5. Print The Recipient and Sender‘s Photo On The Box


If you’ve ever had trouble coming up with the perfect gift for your mom, your sister, or your best friend—you’re not alone. It’s hard to find a gift that will blow them away and show them how much they mean to you.

But what if you could customize their gift packaging with the sender and recipient’s faces on the box?

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Christmas, or a birthday, your mom is always happy to receive a thoughtful gift from you. But what if there was an even more special way to show her how much she means to you? 

When you get her a gift in custom packaging, you can choose photos of the two of you together and then print those photos on her box.

You could use childhood photos or photos from a recent trip out of town together—it all depends on what makes your relationship special.

Having these memories shared through art that she’ll see every time she opens her package is sure to make her smile.

Other Best Packaging Ideas for Gifts

Everyone wants to give a gift they are remembered for. Actually, there are endless options to present a gift in an original way. Here are some other best ideas for gift packaging; that will provide you with lots of inspiration and make it easier for you to choose the one that is most suitable for the person you would like to present the present for.

6. Get Creative with Gift Box Printing

Using a colorful, eye-catching design on the package makes it look exciting. Therefore, making it more likely that your recipient will use it.

You can also use colorful prints to include information about the gift or about yourself so that your recipient can keep track of what you’ve given them and when.

Need some ideas? Why not try:

  • a picture of yourself with a message attached,
  • a map with directions to where you live or work, or
  • an illustration of something related to the gift.
  • a logo of your company
  • a birthday wish composed in funky fonts

7. Use Magnetic Closing Boxes

We know that wrapping gifts is one of the most stressful parts of the holiday season. But let us make it a little easier for you.

If you’re looking to give a gift that shows you put in the extra effort, consider using magnetic closure boxes.

These boxes are ideal for royal gifts because they look beautiful and elegant. Therefore, making your presentation look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.

What makes magnetic closure boxes special? For starters, they’re easy to open—no need to spend time fumbling with ribbons or bows.

You can also paint them whatever color you’d like so that they match your decor.

Additionally, these boxes have strong sides which will keep your gift from getting crushed or smashed during travel or storage.

8. Make Use Of Fancy Pyramid Boxes

Looking for the best packaging ideas for gifts? Look no further than pyramid boxes.

Pyramid gift boxes are ideal for displaying products on a counter and allowing customers to grab them easily. They also look great when stacked in an arrangement, as they nest neatly together, creating more of a focal point.

For these reasons, pyramid gift boxes are ideal in retail settings and make great displays at any store.

These days consumers want packaging that’s easy to open, so pyramid boxes can be used as a way to create more of an experience around unwrapping your gifts—and they’re sure not going anywhere anytime soon!

9. Go Creative with Bows and Ribbons

Consider using bows and ribbons to adorn your boxes. Bows and ribbons are perfect for any occasion, from graduations to holidays to birthdays. And this makes them one of the best gift wrapping ideas.

They are versatile, easy to use, and the perfect finishing touch on a gift box or bag. Consider this: Even if you’re otherwise gifting in plain paper, bows and ribbons add a pop of color and a sense of celebration that could not be accomplished with boring old brown paper.

10. Make The Box According To The Event

Do you want to avoid the dreaded pile of identical Amazon boxes at your doorstep this holiday season? The best way to do that is by creating a custom gift wrapping experience for your customers.

Gift packaging that’s themed according to the event is a creative way to add value to your product.

For example, wedding gift boxes create a sense of excitement, and Christmas gift wraps give the customer the feeling of celebration and festivity.

Use custom printed mailers for your subscription service, or work with a local artist on custom scratch-off messages.

Here are some nice ideas for gift packaging any business can incorporate.

For a Wedding Gift – Try a decorative box in gold, silver, or white with a matching ribbon. If you’re looking for something more rustic and/or DIY-friendly, try using a wooden crate and adding personal touches like stenciled initials, flowers, or decorations such as tiny white lights.

For Christmas – Use wrapping paper with holiday designs such as holly berries or snowflakes. If you really want to ‘catch the eye’, use metallic wrapping paper. It will shine beautifully under the tree lights and make any gift look extra special.

For Anyone Who Is Graduating Soon – Use graduation-themed gift wrap (available at most stores). You can also use colored tissue paper with school colors (blue and yellow) or even go all out by creating custom labels with photos of the graduate.

What Are The Best Packaging Ideas For B2b And B2C Sellers?

Packaging is an important part of your business. After all, it’s the first thing your customer will see when they are about to buy your product.

What does it say about you? Is it professional? Does it look good? Is it consistent with your brand?

If you’re like most small businesses, you don’t have any packaging. You probably ship things in whatever box you can find and throw a bow on top if you have one.

That’s fine when you’re starting out, but if you want to start looking more professional, here are some best packaging ideas for small businesses:

1). Get some branded packaging of retail boxes. This is a fun way to show off your brand and make sure that everything is consistently branded.

2). Make sure that everything fits nicely in the package so that nothing breaks or gets damaged during shipping.

3). Make sure that everything looks nice when it arrives at its destination. Again, this is your first impression! If something arrives looking messy or like it’s been through the wringer, people won’t want to buy from you again.


Gifting could be a little overwhelming. Especially the person who gets gifts must be very confused and don’t know what to do next. For this reason, the packaging is one of the most important things when making a gift.

Packaging in every step of the business, from buying a gift to selling each product also plays an important role.

The image and appearance of gifts are largely dependent on the packaging, not only for consumers but also for business owners that make and sell the gift.

So if you are going to give gifts then you must pay attention to their packaging. In order to achieve the results, you need good suggestions. And we are sure that the aforementioned top 10 packaging ideas for gifts will help you.

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