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Perfume Boxes

You can order custom perfume boxes in various materials, such as cardboard, sturdy rigid, and kraft paper. Additional options include perfume boxes with foam inserts and magnets. Branding can be expressed in a variety of ways, including the use of labels, laser etching and even environmentally friendly materials. Your fragrances are left with an attractive and professional feel. It can help you stand out in the competitive market. You’ll also be able to guide your prospects and customers to both your company as well as individual products after they try your perfume with custom packaging. Finding the right packaging for your brand’s perfume can be a challenge. It needs to reflect your specific taste and also satisfy your branding requirements as well as consumer perception of your product or scent. Are you looking for an original perfume boxes, to design a unique fragrance bottle? ECB is specialized in the production of custom printed perfume boxes. Our expertise will offer you all the advice you need to create your unique scent packing. Decorate your perfume in a custom gift box that customers can keep and use for storage by our master perfumery. Whether you’re offering luxury, or giving a simple sample of your product, our perfume display cases are perfect for you.

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High Quality Printing for Custom Perfume Boxes

Finding perfect packaging boxes is no easy task. What makes your perfume brand unique? How will your perfume box be different from the rest? You’re not a professional designer. You don’t have the time to design boxes from scratch. Nor do you have the experience to know what would make them perfect for your brand and products (i.e. color, material, font style & size, etc.). The solution?  You need custom perfume boxes that are going to do your business justice. And that is exactly what ECB perfumes boxes can provide you with!

We are a 5-star rated supplier. And therefore, we know exactly what it takes to help cologne-sellers have the Midas Touch in their niche. We can design you bespoke perfume boxes at just a fraction of the cost. In addition, you can add your personal touch of creativity and styles to these boxes. Therefore, making them unique to your brand and business.

when it arrives on the customer’s doorstep. And that is exactly what our perfumes packaging boxes can provide you with! At just a fraction of the cost of having it custom designed by a professional designer, you can add your personal touch of creativity and style to these boxes and make them unique to your brand and business.

Dimensions Custom Sizes
Material White, Brown Kraft
Material Thickness 14pt, 18pt, 24pt
Color Options CMYK, Pantone (PMS)
Printed Sides Inside Only, Outside Only, Both Side
Finishes Matte, Glossy, Soft Touch, Aqueous Coating, UV Coating
Add-ons Embossing, Debossing, Die Cutting, Window Patching
Production Time 8 - 10 Business Days
Shipping 2 - 3 Business Days

Custom Perfume Boxes With Inserts

Our custom perfume boxes are not just for holding perfume; they also show off your good taste and style. Every box is carefully made to keep your perfume bottles safe and to make them look even more beautiful.

Our perfume boxes come with premium inserts that securely hold each fragrance, ensuring they stay safe and look great. Whether for personal use or as a gift, our boxes are designed to impress immediately.

You can order custom perfume boxes with inserts in any size to perfectly fit your specific needs.

Design Custom Perfume Boxes with Your Artwork

Most perfume boxes tend to look similar, often lacking uniqueness. Generic designs become unexciting, especially when repeatedly purchased. To make your brand stand out, consider custom perfume boxes. They not only boost sales but also reflect your brand’s unique culture.

At ECB, our professional designers excel in creating custom artwork. We can design and print your unique artwork on the boxes, making them ideal for everyday use or as special gifts.

Durable Custom Perfume Boxes

Sturdy perfume boxes are often an afterthought. After all, these products are usually small enough that they don’t need their own packaging. But when it comes to online sales and shipping, you don’t want to deal with damaged products or even worse – unhappy customers. Plus, there’s the fact that perfume boxes help your company get off to a great start: they’re inexpensive, they look professional, and they set you apart from the competition.

Shipping liquid perfume can be tricky. Perfume bottles break and the fragrance ends up leaking all over the place. Do you want to do your customers’ deliveries and run the risk of a total fragrance disaster? No, neither do we. ECB is here to help you stop worrying. We can offer you a high quality paperboard material with a low minimum order quantity, on time delivery, and secure shipping.

We understand how precious your perfumes/fragrances are to you. And therefore, we want you to feel comfortable shipping them to your clients. Our boxes will prevent breakage during shipping. They will showcase your beautiful bottles, and protect them from rough travel conditions. Transit damages do happen, but they can be reduced by shipping in ECB’s custom perfume boxes. 

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