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Popcorn boxes are the heart of cinematic places, no theater or cinema is complete without them. The craze for popcorn is prevalent in both adults and kids. When you watch a movie or the Super Bowl with your friends in the cinema, popcorn is a must to cheer up the gathering. So, to make your popcorn brand more attractive, you will need to have some customization on your packaging. We at Elite Custom Boxes provide the utmost custom packaging solutions in order to give you a chance to attract your customers. With popcorn packaging, you can create an impact to the consumers that you are a viable brand. Our packaging experts will immerse themselves into the making of your packaging by supplying you with some unique designs and ideas! You can have your popcorn containers in different sizes and can have them in various shapes! We provide durable packaging options that allow you to choose from a variety of materials for your popcorn container, along with elegant designs. To make your packaging look luxurious, you always have an option to add some foiling to your font with some extra add-ons! So what are you waiting for? Contact us right away to get your quote ready!

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Efficacy of Custom Popcorn Boxes for Enhancing Sales

Popcorn boxes are easy to carry and weigh little, making them convenient to use. Many people use them at different gatherings. From Cinemas to TV Theaters or even for sports, people love to have popcorn, and for that, you surely need to have a popcorn box to serve popcorn! With custom retail boxes for various products, a brand is able to gain exposure and give consumers something to remember it by! Likewise, if you are looking for the same, then look no further as we have you covered! At Elite Custom Boxes, you can have your packaging in a way that your customer will surely not forget you! Our packaging experts will help you to prepare the packaging that will help maintain the texture of your popcorn! And will provide you with a look that will help your product to catch the attention of consumers!

Wouldn’t it be great to have packaging products that can improve your bottom line? Having our company by your side will surely boost your sales. Moreover, we do our utmost to provide our clients with the best possible service! As we say at Elite Custom Boxes, “Not here to fail you, we’re here to amaze you!”

Indestructible Materials for your Popcorn Packing

In order to have popcorn boxes to gain more customers, you need to work on your packaging material. The base of your product’s packaging is the raw material you choose to go with. There are many materials available for making boxes, such as cardboard, corrugated, and kraft paper! But for custom popcorn boxes, the packaging material that our experts use is cardboard. As cardboard covers all the aspects of manufacturing packaging in an attractive way. Moreover, cardboard boxes not only eco-friendly, but they are also friendly to printing techniques! And this makes it perfect for having custom popcorn boxes for your products!

A Cardboard Popcorn Box is Highly Durable

Despite the fact that you can have popcorn boxes customized from kraft paper, why bother with cardboard? Because cardboard is more durable than kraft paper, having your boxes custom-made from them will benefit you to keep the freshness of your popcorn. There is nothing stickier than caramel popcorn and one might think that it can ruin the food packaging. However, if you use cardboard packaging for them, you will be amazed to see that these boxes are more than just perfect. As cardboard popcorn boxesare tailor-made for caramel popcorn or any other saucy popcorn!

Moreover, our custom box manufacturers test the packaging before giving it out to their clients. If the packaging passes the wear and tear test, it is good to go in the market!

Packaging that Reflects your Brand

There is nothing better else than having packaging that can promote your brand. We at Elite Custom Boxes provide a packaging option on which one can have their brand initials on the packaging. There is nothing that you cannot achieve with customization. Tell us our packaging experts the details of your brand and the product, and we will make sure to use them on your packaging. Customers love to know about the brand from they are buying their product! So providing them with brand details would be a good add-on to have. And by doing so, you can spread the word of mouth through your packaging. Hence, you can reflect your brand through your popcorn packaging.

We allow you to Customize Sizes, Fonts, and Shapes


From large popcorn containers to small popcorn boxes, we can provide you with all. With us, you can have your packaging in any size, which will help you to store your product. On the basis of your product, you can customize your packaging size. All you have to do is tell our packaging experts what your requirements are. And we will make sure that you get what you have wished for! No matter what size you want, we can accommodate you!


People are attracted to the things that are written on a product’s packaging. You can add a slogan on your packaging to make your box look more engaging. And to have that you have to work on fonts. At Elite Custom Boxes, we can provide you with any font, from calligraphy fonts to Calibri font. Our experts will do their best to help you!


Popcorn boxes typically come in the shape of a pyramid, but with us, you can have any shape you want. We can provide you with an ordinary pyramid box to a con popcorn packaging! So what are you waiting for? Contact us right away to get your quote ready!

A Glimpse of our Competitive Edge:

Although there is much more to the customization, we can’t give it all in an article? Or can we? For that you have to contact our chat support to know all about the packaging process, but anyway, here’s a glimpse of what we provide at Elite Custom Boxes:

Wholesale Packaging Solution:

We at Elite Custom Boxes provide the wholesale packaging solution, which has its own perks. If you are on a budget or looking to have your boxes in bulk, then this option is perfect for you as we will accommodate you with a lower rate that will help you to get going along with some free services. For that, you have to order 300 plus boxes!

Exquisite Printing Service:

Our experts provide quite attractive printing services, as we use digital printing and UV printing for your luxurious packaging! Your product’s packaging will never fail to impress your customers with our printing services!

Fastest Turnaround Time:

It is our aim to provide quality services to our clients, for which we aim to deliver packaging at your doorstep in 8 to 10 working days. And if you go for the wholesale packaging solution, then the shipment is free for you! Making us the more budget-friendly option for your packaging solution! So what’s stopping you from ordering? Hit us up with your requirement and have your packaging ready by contacting us at 📞 + (888) 908-3029 or email us at 📧!


What are popcorn boxes?

Popcorn boxes are containers that help you in serving your popcorn in a well-manner to your customers.

Why do I need to have popcorn boxes for my business?

We all know the pain of getting rid of caramel stains, popcorn box packaging is best for you to have if you are dealing in manufacturing caramel popcorn.

Is my popcorn box eco-friendly?

Yes! We at Elite Custom Boxes manufacture your packaging with eco-friendly materials. And the popcorn box we provide you with is tailor-made of cardboard, which is easy to recycle and reusable!

Can I get custom popcorn boxes wholesale?

Yes, with us, you can get your boxes in wholesale quantities. We qualify our client’s order to be wholesale if they order 300 plus boxes, and along with that, we offer free shipping!

So, why wait? Place your order now by contacting us at 📞 + (888) 908-3029 or email us at 📧!

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