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Presentation Boxes

Are you looking for custom presentation boxes? You’re in the right place. We provide useful and excellent boxes to our customers. We make it possible to bring more beauty, style, design and function to your products. Sometimes, one custom packaging box just doesn’t cut it—not only geographically but also in terms of presentation. And whether you need a shipping box that’s a bit different to lend an appearance of something you want to ship or the presentation of your product will be the true winner that provides you with the maximum added value, we are here for you. EliteCustomBoxes help your product presentations stand out while keeping your product protected. Strong cardboard bases offer a stable way to showcase products, while vibrant color choices and translucent material let light shine through to show off your product on the inside. These custom boxes for presentation are the ultimate way to show off your products. Not only is it elegantly eye-catching, these custom boxes are sturdy and durable as well. Therefore, Send your audience to a place of wonder with a luxury package, receiving their purchase in style. These presentation boxes will show off your product’s best features and also make an excellent gift for you customers. They can be made in any color and pattern. Just give us your specs, we’ll make it happen!

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Custom presentation boxes display your products in a way that is both engaging and aesthetically pleasing. Your presentation box should present itself as the first impression of your product. And you want that first impression to be perfect. There is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to how many business owners design their boxes. Looking to create boxes for presentation from scratch? We will help you out!

Are you tired of boring boxes being used as present day packaging? 

Are you at your wits end when it comes to recycled, plain looking boxes that don’t reflect your brand?

We too were!

This is why, after years in the industry, we decided to do something about it. Our approach is simple—we take your designs and print them on our premium quality cardboard boxes.

Luxury presentation boxes are a great way to promote your product in a variety of settings. The pressure sensitive label and folding ability of these boxes make them great for food, clothing, and jewelry products.

And the best product display boxes aren’t just beautiful. They’re also perfectly designed to make a great impression. Meeting new customers can be difficult. But these boxes go a long way to help meet those prospects. And turn customers into forever clients.

Dimensions All Sizes & Shapes
Stock Thickness 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 24pt
Material Classic White, Premium White, Brown Kraft
Color Matching CMYK, Pantone
Printing Options Inside, Outside, Both
Sample 3D Mockup, Physical
MOQ No Minimum Order
Production 8 to 10 Business Days
Shipping 2 to 3 Business Days

Presentation Boxes For Product Promotion

Finding a suitable product presentation box for your product range can be time consuming and hard work.

That’s why so many boxes are plain and simple because they suit most products. But not all.

Custom presentation boxes are made to your exacting requirements. And come in every size you will ever need. You also have the option of adding an internal tray if you want to show off your product even more. 

What this means is that the next time you want to promote the latest luxury fragrance or want to launch your clothing range you won’t have to spend ages trying to get it looking just right, with us, one of our custom made products will do just that!

Custom Boxes by ECB are a great way to display and protect your products. Our bespoke packaging allows you to make a great first impression on your potential customers at craft fairs, farmers markets, boutiques, trade shows, and many other events.

For Effective Retail Display and Better Conversion

It’s nearly impossible to get someone to buy your product without first displaying it.

But shoppers at the store ignore most quality products. And that too in favor of something shinier (or more attractive).

Custom presentation cardboard boxes stand out. Something great is only half sold when you need to sell it. How many times have other brands been overlooked because the setup just wasn’t right?

At EliteCustomBoxes, we custom design and print retail boxes that will match your business’s identity. And help you make the most of the shelf space in your store or at exhibitions. All with affordable pricing.

From the product package to retail shelves, the most important thing about making a sale is having your product look the best. With custom packaging boxes, you can do that. We create high quality retail boxes. These boxes bring attention to your products. We offer endless customizations on every box. 

So whether you’re a small business or large corporation, our high impression presentation boxes ensure that your products show off their best features. While looking the ‘most perfect’ from the rest of the products on display.

Presentation Packaging For Food

Restaurants and cafes often struggle to pack food in a way that is both attractive and presentable. And their customers are freshness conscious as well!

It’s a fact that long hours in food delivery can dramatically reduce food’s taste, texture, and appearance. And therefore, there have been many cases of restaurants almost damaging their reputation because of this.

ECB makes custom food presentation boxes with a special resilient material. This material, therefore, maintains freshness in food.

Our cardboard food boxes deliver a final product that looks as good as it tastes. Thus, increasing your customer satisfaction score.

Food presentation is everything. And we have what you’re looking for. With these custom food boxes, you’ll be able to cater even the most important events without worry. This product is offered in bulk or individual boxes at prices designed to fit any budget.

Therefore, give your clients a chance to capture the moment with these boxes. Whether your business is a restaurant or you have a catering business, use our customizable cardboard food boxes to present your delicious food creations uniquely.

Presentation Boxes for Gift Packaging 

Finding the right gift for someone you care about can be tough.

The pressure’s on! You want to find something unique enough that it shows you put care and effort into finding it, while still being affordable.

Custom Presentation Gift Boxes are perfect for this! We provide high quality boxes in a variety of styles and materials. Our selection will surely make your gift packaging search a little easier.

Your gift means so much to us! We want your gifts to look their very best. Therefore, our custom box printing service ensures a stunning presentation of your gift. These boxes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any item or combination of items. And you can personalize them with photos, artwork, or love messages. Your happiness means so much to us, that we offer the industry’s best price guarantee.

Therefore, turn ordinary gift packaging into extraordinary. All thanks to ECB’s presentation gift boxes. Available in square, round, and rectangle shapes, there are endless combinations of cover materials and box colors. 

In addition, you can order a box with compartments and dividers. Thereby, making it possible to add chocolates, sweets, and that special gift in one box. And that too in a neat manner.

Boxes with Windows

Produce professional looking packaging boxes that catch light yet give your products a refreshing look.

Using ordinary brown boxes is dull.

Therefore, a custom product presentation box with a window will give your retail boxes a new, striking look for your products. 

ECB uses recycled paperboard to minimize environmental impact. And ensure there will not be any issues when doing business with us. Our window design makes it easy for potential buyers to see what’s inside the box without even opening it. 

Therefore, giving you the edge over your competitors at a glance. So take an opportunity to stand out in your customers’ eyes. And make them think of you first when they need something of this kind.

These boxes with windows are ideal for retailers and suppliers. This type of packaging helps increase sales, promote new products and displays, utilize coupons and manufacturer’s specials. They’re also great for advertising catalogs and magazine inserts. 

Furthermore, these custom-printed packaging boxes are available at a wholesale price.

Containers with Foam Inserts

Coming up with secure product packaging can be a nightmare. A lot of the products that customers purchase online get damaged in transit. 

In terms of your marketing promotional efforts, consider the damage and disappointment you’re dealing with right now. Think of all the time, effort, and money wasted on getting your product out there. Only to have it damaged in shipping because of poorly made packaging.

Our presentation boxes with foam inserts are more than just the box you put your product in. These boxes with foam inserts keep your product safe and secure between shipping and arriving at its destination. The foam inserts provide safe cushioning. Therefore, making all the difference in the world in terms of safe shipping. 

Therefore, these attributes make such boxes ideal for the shipping of delicate items like glasses and electronic appliances. Or other items that are prone to damage.

Premium Boxes with Lids & Handles

Carrying heavy or bulky items from physical shops and warehouses to the car or home is a daunting task for an ordinary person.

What if you want to send gifts, computer monitors or even small TVs? The last thing you want is your expensive items getting damaged during transit.

Here at EliteCustomBoxes, we understand that every item is different. That’s why we’ve intboxes that are uniquely created with lids and handle just for you.

Our boxes with lids and handles are ideal for the safe transportation of fragile small items. Such as jewelry and instruments. These boxes are made from 100% new corrugated cardboard. And fitted with brown Kraft paper interiors for extra padding. The upper lid is double folded and gummed to offer extra strength when carrying the box. The outer box has a cut-out handle to facilitate handling. Therefore, ensuring an easy and safe way of transporting items.

Don’t know which type of box is right for your product? I am available to assist you

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered all the questions you may have before ordering a box.
Do you provide a sample before order?

Yes, we provide samples of packaging boxes, but it is only on demand, and you will have to pay for it.

How can I decrease my pricing per unit?

Increasing your order quantity will allow you to get presentation boxes at wholesale rates.

Can I provide my own artwork and design?

Yes, you can provide your own artwork and design, but for that, you will have to get in touch with our designers. They would guide you regarding the format and resolution requirements.

Can you create foam inserts for presentation boxes?

Yes, we offer tailer-made box inserts for presentation boxes to make your products look great on display.