Privacy Policy

We believe your personal information is important. Upon visiting our website, you are agreeing to the privacy policy and your information is secure as stated on this website. The information that we collect on this website is purely for customer service, and this information is not sold to any third party. We do not take any orders or collect information from children who are under 13.

This must be noticed that we will use your information if asked by law to protect our rights. Your information may also be revealed to any officials that our belief is important for any legal or judiciary processing.

The Collected Information and Its Usage:

The information is collected and kept in log files on different servers. We may keep track of the domain name, IP address, date/time of visit; pages visited on our website and the number of clicks you have made on our website. While email is not a part of the information collected and kept in the log files.

We only keep the information that is being given to us voluntarily. This information may include their name, email address, phone number, and other personal and business information.

Sensitive information is being entered on our website by our users, which is then shared with third parties like banks, shipping companies or credit card companies. All your financial information will be used to process your legal transactions, and the user will have access to the website so they can edit their information at any time they want.

The information is not sold or leaked to any third party for any wrong actions. We can use the data for the improvement of our company, and we might use this information to contact you for any updates that are coming up on our website. This is also used to inform you about the process or updates of the products that you purchased.


The data is kept secure, and it is our priority, we take all the measures to make the website secure and keep all the data saved secure offline and online. Secure Socket Layer is used to keep the data secure and make it travel easily and safely over the internet without much interruption from the hackers.