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There are many options and types of boxes for packaging, sleeve boxes are one such case. These are a convenient way to pack various tiny objects securely. These are especially best for jewelry items, apparel, and various gift items. It can be said that this style can suit any type of product that you want to keep under extra security. Even bakery items have been seen in that type of box with an easy opening and closing facility. You can also alter the design according to your specific needs and item requirements. The same stands true for the embellishment and add-ons. At ECB we produce all sorts of these boxes with your custom needs and requirements in mind. These are not only best to store and sell your items but also to attract your target audience. Even if we talk about the structure of these boxes it has a deepness in its simplicity. Its name comes from the sleeve and drawer structure in which a part of the box slides into the other portion. Even with the help of custom inserts you can enclose various items in a partition type of casing. At your demand, we can also furnish you with multi-color and interactive packaging sleeve designs. Let us tell you in detail how we make that difference.

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Unlike other types of boxes, custom sleeve boxes are a special type. Their strength and importance depend upon their usage and utility. That is the strongest point that we present in favor of these boxes. It will not only stand out your product but also add an impact of suspense to it. Whether it is a food item or a gift it will be safe as if the box was meant for it. Another great point is that it is a cost-effective solution. The manufacturing cost is as low as you may think. Especially when you order these boxes in bulk you will find them more than affordable. Moreover, you can have these boxes in any material choice or even eco-friendly stock. For instance, items that can only be sold in these boxes cannot fit in any other type of sleeves. The most useful thing about these is that you can reuse these boxes for other purposes so they will be used again and again. All these features make it a heart’s favorite item packing solution.

Perks of Custom Packaging Sleeve

Being an innovative form of packing, they have a good deal of customization. You can use it for the boxing of any sort of item that fits these boxes. Above all, you do not have to do much but only share the idea with our packaging sleeves expert. Here is how it can help you in business.

These boxes are great if you want to display your items uniquely and distinctly. It will be the most flexible way to present your ordinary items. Even if you do not have any idea we can present you with a lot of customization options for sleeve boxes.

For that purpose, we have a great many varieties of supplies, colors, and printing innovations. Here is a detailed overview of how we complete the various customization options for these amazing box styles and designs.

Customization Options Available at Affordable Pricing

Just think of your normal paper sleeve boxes modified into a magical transformation. You will say that it will for sure take a lot of time and money. Yet, that is not the case with us as we have years of experience in creating all sorts of sleeve boxes from ordinary packaging materials.

To explain how we go through all that process we must define it in a stepwise manner. First, we will discuss the famous types of these boxes that are as follows:


There are many prominent types of these boxes. You can devise any of your choices according to the items that you produce. These can comprise key chains, writing equipment for various sorts of edibles, etc.

  • Apparels are the most prominent type of item that come in these boxes.
  • Die-cut box styles are another way to present these boxes. The biggest perk is that your item will also be visible through the clear space.
  • Almost similar to the above, a box with a window is also a popular type of sleeve design.


When it comes to the material from which various custom printed boxes are, we come across the following popular types:

  • Cardboard boxes are the most popular and loved type of stock. It is not only eco-friendly but also easy to customize. Its robust nature also makes it a heart favorite.
  • Paperboard is relatively more delicate than cardboard sleeves. It is single-layer and more easily customizable with various printing techniques.
  • Corrugated is the third most popular type that is made of three or sometimes two-layered Kraft. It is sturdy enough to provide full-time support against various external factors.

High-Quality vs Luxury

Now comes the turn of various quality gradients. It is also in competition with a luxury box style. The first one is sturdy while the second one is a delicate choice. We produce both types with equal care and delicacy. You can choose various embellishments and add-ons to make your luxury sleeve boxes as prominent as you like them to be.

Our Competitive Edge

We offer you a lot of perks that you will not find elsewhere at that price. Though various manufacturers have different offers that would attract you to their sleeve packaging plan, here are a few of the most prominent advantages you get by working with us.

  • We offer you free logistics and shipment facilities for all sorts of solutions that you acquire from us.
  • Our customer support representatives are active round the clock to serve you for any issue that you may face during your order completion.
  • Designing and styling are free with our packing and printing plan.
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