Best Small Business Packaging Ideas 2022


Small businesses are notoriously friendly—which is why it’s so important to know about small business packaging ideas. So as to create a unique packaging style for your small business.

Are you a small business owner who needs a little help in the packaging department? I bet you are. It’s hard to find good ideas when you need them and sometimes it’s just easier to ask for help.

This article should offer some fresh ideas to spruce up your packaging. And take it from bland and boring to exciting, new, fun, and vibrant.

Best Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses

Packaging can be a true game changer for small businesses. It’s an opportunity to stand out, convey professionalism and clearly present your brand. But knowing what packaging is right for your business can be overwhelming. From thinking about what you’ll use it for, to matching it with your brand identity, there’s plenty to consider. That’s why we’ve put this guide together on the best small business packaging ideas..

1. Liven Up The Packaging with Cardboard Boxes


One of the best small business packaging ideas is using custom cardboard boxes.

Consumers are spoiled for choice these days. That’s why it’s getting harder and harder to convince people to choose your product over somebody else’s.

The competition is fierce, and if you have anything worth buying, everyone else does too. If you can’t offer superior benefits, your customers will go somewhere else.

Custom cardboard packaging boxes can make all the difference in competing with larger brands and businesses. These boxes can be defined as boxes that are specifically designed for one particular company and its product range.

They help in creating a distinct identity for your brand, allowing your customers to easily recognize your products on store shelves. These custom boxes also offer you an opportunity to showcase your creative skills along with effectively advertising your company.

2. Use Vinyl Stickers To Decorate Your Boxes


Do you want to come up with ways to boost your sales?

It doesn’t matter what product you are selling, you need to get it into the customer’s hands.

Custom sticker for packaging boxes is what you need to improve the impression of your product and increase the chances of making a sale.

It will highlight your products and increase its visibility to new customers. And at the same time create customer loyalty by promoting your brand image.

Businesses create a lot of packaging boxes for their products. But that doesn’t mean all of them are necessarily good and appealing. Some of them are probably plain, some even boring and ugly.

Therefore, small businesses should use custom sticker printing service to make the boxes they use more attractive and appealing. As that would help increase their sales. It’s because people may be more likely to buy a product if it is packaged attractively.

In addition, these adhesive labels can be used to give information about the product like its ingredients, nutritional value and other relevant information.

3. Make An Impression with Mailer Boxes


Customers are the heart of a business and it is important to make them happy. But unfortunately, packing up your products in generic boxes is likely to cause damage or breakage of items.

Not only will this cost you time and money, but it limits the presentation of your products – not an acceptable option for small businesses.

The solution? 

Use custom mailer boxes and make a splash with your product packaging. There are many businesses that can benefit from saving money on postage while having better control over their inventory by using mailer boxes. And at the same time making their products more appealing and fun to unbox.

Tightly packed mailer boxes can be perfect for shipping fragile items like glassware, electronics and other small parts.

In addition, mailer boxes are a good packaging idea for small businesses because they can be customized with a number of protective features. 

For example, you can have them lined with bubble wrap or foam sheets that further protect the contents from damage.

Doing so contributes to better shipping methods from beginning to end because it prevents the mailer box from being overpacked and eliminates unnecessary movement during transit.

4. Instill Cuteness with Ribbons & Bows


Small business owners that sell products can wrap their packaging in a way that makes it seem like they’re giving the customer something special.

The wrapping will make the recipient feel as though they are receiving a present, and this will boost the chance of them ordering more products in the future.

You can do this by putting some thought into the design of your packaging, or having it printed in a different way to make it more memorable.

You could also use ribbons or bows to make it look like a gift so that when your customers receive your product they’ll see that you’ve invested time, effort and money into ensuring they’re getting a high quality item.

5. Add Business Cards for Instant Customer Connection


Create a business card that will be given to customers when they come into your store, and include some details about yourself. This will make your business seem more personal and will allow you to give customers an insight as to why you chose that particular name.

This can also be done by enclosing a card inside the packages of your goods that are sent out to customers. This way, you can include information about the business or yourself in a discreet manner so that it does not get thrown away or taken for granted.

Customers can learn about how you came up with your business’s name and what makes it unique. This allows them to feel more connected to the business and makes them want to do business with you because they want to support a local business.

If a customer buys something from you that comes in an interesting package, they are also more likely to remember your product and/or service.

Therefore, it’s a nice idea to include a card that explains why you chose the business’s name and any other details about its history. This allows customers to see what went into starting the business and makes them feel more connected with it.

Importance of Packaging for Small Businesses

One of the first things that come to mind when we think of small business owners is their determination. And dedication to their business venture.

Undoubtedly, they will go the extra mile in order to ensure the growth of their businesses. However, most people don’t know that another important ingredient to a successful small business is the packaging.

Yes, the packaging does matter for your business. It can influence people’s decisions and change the way they perceive your brand. It is with that in mind that you should take your time to package your product right. Here are some main reasons why you should focus on your product’s packaging:

1. Protection

Proper packaging helps to prevent products from getting crushed or damaged during handling, shipping, and storage.

Torn, crushed or punctured boxes are unfortunately common sights at any shipping facility. When boxes arrive at a warehouse in this state, the items inside them are most likely damaged as well. This could be due to poor quality cardboard. Or because the items weren’t packaged properly in the first place.

Most shippers will refuse shipments that look like they have been mishandled by the sender. And will send them back for re-packaging if they accept them at all.

This is because they know that the items inside might be damaged and are trying to prevent problems from arising later down the line when these items are sent out again.

Therefore, it is important for small businesses to use reliable box packaging solutions for their product’s packaging. So that there are no issues with damaged shipments or lost products when they arrive at the customer’s destination.

2. Branding

The importance of packaging for small businesses is that packaging helps with branding, attraction, and visibility. 

→ Branding is important to the success of a small business. It’s because it allows a company to be recognized by its customers. 

→ Attraction is crucial to the success of a small business. It’s because it attracts customers to buy the product or service that they are offering. 

→ Visibility means that products are noticed by others; this is important because it allows others to know what services or products are being offered by the company.

All three factors of importance can help increase sales for any small business if done correctly. Cute packaging can be a great way to get your business noticed. 

It is also a good way to help attract more customers. With the wide variety of custom packaging available, you can get eye-catching designs to go with your brand.

Luxury brands use custom packaging as a way of attracting customers. It is because they know that if they want their products to be noticed. They need to package them in a way that stands out from the competition. 

A good example of this is Tiffany & Co. who used black boxes with light blue lining instead of the standard gold or red used by most jewelry stores.

This made it easier for people to see their products on store shelves. s well as making them more attractive to buyers because of their unique look and feel.

3. Reliability

In order to meet consumers’ needs for convenience and safety, packages of goods should be designed and packaged well.

The package should be easy to open and close, easy to fold after use, and easy to sort after use. It should also have good visual effects, preventing counterfeiting; it should not take up much space in transport; and it should be easy to recycle or reuse.

Packaging is a kind of intermediary between producers and consumers. Therefore we can see that packaging not only affects the appearance of goods but also affects their quality. The design of a good package requires comprehensive consideration.

Only by doing so can we fully ensure product quality, increase sales volume, reduce costs, prevent counterfeits, protect consumers’ health and interests, save resources, and promote sustainable development.


There are so many small business packaging ideas. Ultimately, choosing the right packaging for your business is about knowing your business, and knowing what your consumer wants.

Of course, there are no standard guidelines or templates to go on—there is no one-size-fits all. However, with so many creative packaging options out there, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that works exactly for you.

Whether it’s environmentally friendly or personal, colorful or classy, packaging should make an impact on people and remind them why your business deserves their attention (and commerce).

If you can come up with a stunning or unique design for your product packaging, it will really make a splash!

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