10 Best Soap Packaging Ideas

Top 10 Soap Packaging Ideas

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Having the best soap packaging ideas comes with advantages in the business. Soap is a beauty care product that people use regularly.

Therefore, it’s important to have an amazing design – something that carries an emotion to convince customers to pick your product.

Soap is one of the most common things you would find in a bathroom. Toiletries are an important part of everyone’s life.

And it is a wise bet to keep your brand near and dear to people, even after they are done washing up.

I am going to share some of my creative ideas that will definitely boost your soap sales.

10 Best Soap Packaging Ideas

Discover my simple yet captivating ideas that transform soap packaging into an irresistible and visually appealing masterpiece.

1. Personalize Packaging

That is the answer to the question often asked that why use custom design boxes for soap?

They are the best for several reasons. Firstly, these boxes offer the complete option to customize your design according to your needs. This way, they will have all the features that you want them to have.

For example, if you want to pack your soap bars in a box that features your artwork, you can easily do this by obtaining custom soap boxes.

You can get these boxes in any size, shape, and design; they are the best option to bring your idea to life.

2. Wrap Soaps in Kraft Paper

Wrapping your soaps in Kraft paper is actually beneficial for soap businesses for several reasons.

For one thing, it allows the consumer to see the actual soap itself before spending their hard-earned money on it. And it is one of the best eco-friendly soap packaging ideas.

It also gives your customers a chance to interact with the product before they spend their hard-earned money on it.

Being able to touch (and smell!), the product adds another element of interest and can help to solidify your brand as trustworthy and high quality in the minds of consumers.

In addition, using Kraft paper as part of your soap wrapping allows consumers to see how much thought you’ve put into your branding.

3. Use Images of Famous Celebrities

Picture this: a top fashion model or Hollywood celebrity is lounging across the packaging of your soap.

What kind of effect do you think that would have on sales?

Wouldn’t people be more inclined to buy something if they knew it was endorsed by someone they admired?

That’s exactly what I thought when we were approached by a local soap company to help them boost their soap sales.

The company was releasing a special-edition line and wanted to get the word out. The only problem was that they didn’t have a budget for marketing.

I realized that the only way to spread the word was through advertising and distribution.

So I suggested that they hire one of the top stars or models to be featured on their new packaging design.

Therefore, if you are a soap brand, then you can keep up with the competitive industry by relying on creative soap packaging ideas for small business with a photo of female celebrities.

“Golden Pearl” is the perfect example that I can share.

4. Eco-friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is all about using materials and methods that are safe for the environment. It means the packaging can be recycled, reused, or breaks down naturally without causing pollution.

For example, instead of plastic wrappers, an eco-friendly option could be wrapping a soap in recycled paper or cardboard.

In my experience, rustic packaging is the ideal choice for organic soaps. It’s eco-friendly and can give you a competitive edge over other companies.

In addition, this type of packaging sets a natural tone for your product.

5. Attach Labels to the Soap Packaging

It’s not always easy to get people excited about soap, but sometimes a little bit of creative soap packaging can go a long way.

One of the best soap packaging ideas for your company is to attach labels.

It may not seem like a big deal, but when customers see your label on the same surface as the product, you’re reinforcing your brand name in their minds and making it easier for them to remember you next time they need a quick shower.

6. Go with Funky Design

We’ve all gotten a little tired of seeing the same minimalist black and white soap packaging with the stark white text listing all the ingredients.

For some ideas on how to liven up your soap packaging designs, I recommend going funky with your artwork.

This may sound counter-intuitive but trust me: with the right combination of colors and designs, you can make your brand memorable, but still get people to focus on what matters most—your product itself.

7. Decorate with Ribbons

Ribbons add an extra touch to your soap packaging that other people may not have thought about.

The ribbon on top of your soap packaging can make it look more professional.

8. Go Glossy

I know you’ve been hearing it for years: you should use glossy printing on your soap packaging.

But where does the glossy print come from? How does that help you, as a soap seller?

It’s actually pretty simple.

The shiny printed packaging help you showcase your soaps by attracting attention and demonstrating your brand image.

There are two main ways to use shiny (or “glossy”) printing on your soaps’ packaging: hot foil stamping and the use of high-gloss paper or other materials to print directly onto your packaging.

9. Soap Sleeves

It is a protective, decorative cover that wraps around a bar of soap, typically made from paper, cardboard, or other sustainable materials and offers a budget-friendly packaging solution.

It is designed with an open-ended style, ensuring the soap is partially exposed. Soap wraps allow customers to experience the texture and aroma of the soap without removing the entire packaging.

Additionally, it can be adorned with printed graphics, brand logos, and essential information about the soap’s ingredients, enhancing the visual appeal.

10. Theme Packaging

Theme packaging for soap involves designing wrappers or boxes that reflect specific themes, like holidays, seasons, or events. It makes the product visually appealing and resonates with customers’ emotions and experiences.

For example, a soap made for winter might come in a package decorated with snowflakes and cool colors, giving a feel of the cold, festive time of year.

This idea not only enhances the aesthetic value of the soap but also creates a unique unboxing experience, making the product a memorable and collectible item for consumers.


In simple terms, the way soap is wrapped or packaged is super important. It helps make soap stand out and get your attention when you’re shopping.

Whether it’s using eco-friendly materials or making the packaging look cool and colorful, it tells you something about the soap inside.

Like, it might say the soap is really good quality or that the company cares about the environment. So, how soap looks on the outside matters a lot. As companies keep coming up with new ideas, soap packaging will stay a big deal in making you want to buy their soap.

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