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Customize beautifully designed soap wraps that ensure to protect delicate soap inside and increase the brand’s recognition. Elite Custom Boxes offers you various distinctive wrapping options. You can customize soap wraps in the required size, shape, and color. Wrap your soaps in an alluring and attractive custom printed soap wrap with the company name and logo printed on it. However, we offer various innovative and unique ideas to set standards for your brand in the market. Our company ensures to create a buzz in the market by attaining the attention of customers towards your product. Moreover, understand the significance of packaging that it is the first any customer will glance at. So, order aesthetically beautiful soap wraps in vibrant and bright colors. Elite Custom Boxes provide you unlimited creativity, and eco-friendly packaging, which prevents your soap from any harsh and harmful external condition. We will get you all your desired customized soap wraps. Give an exquisite and enthralling look to your soap wraps with deluxe prints and designs. Enjoy the remarkable and valuable packaging services. Avail of our exclusive offers and discounts and watch your dream box come into a reality. We want to make your experience stress-free. Intricately designed soap wraps are a step away!

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Are you looking to print custom soap wraps at a low cost? 

If so, you’re in the right place. We offer a wide range of quality papers for the best price around.

Bespoke soap wrap paper can give your product the necessary protection. And luster that your customers expect. 

That’s why the most trusted companies in the industry turn to Elite Custom Boxes (ECB). We offer a wide range of options to fit any budget or preference. Therefore, making us the go-to destination for soap wrapper paper printing at wholesale prices.

Custom Soap Wraps by ECB: What to expect?

Custom soap wrap printing is a wonderful way to differentiate your bathing soaps from the rest of the market. It’s because they can add extra luxury and personality. And even come with special offers which encourage buying your products. 

In addition, soap wraps are not just for soap either. You can also use them for lotions and cosmetic boxes.

Therefore, whatever you sell, you’re going to find that custom wrapping paper to make your products look amazing. And ECB can supply you with high-quality soap sleeves at an affordable price.

Soap Wrapping Paper for soap boxes is one of the many services that ECB provides. Our goal is to help you market your business with an advertising tool that customers will not throw away, but remember you for months or even years down the road.

Wrapper Printing Service That Gives A Luxury Touch To Bathing Soaps

Selling beautiful handmade soaps is an amazing way to clean up in business. But it’s really tough to get your product on the right track. Especially if people don’t know about you.

With our help, you can make a lasting impression on customers – literally. Our printing service will help you spread the word about your new business.

Our custom soap wrap paper printing service will turn your soaps into eye-popping works of art. So that every time someone picks up one of your gorgeous soaps, they’ll remember where it came from and that will be straight back to you!

ECB’s soap box wraps offer bath soap manufacturers the luxury touch they need for their products. Our team of experts makes it easy to design a custom look for your soap wrapper. We offer no minimum order. Therefore, making our bespoke soap sleeves printing service perfect for small businesses as well as large.

Bespoke Sleeves That Slip Over Soap Bars For Maximum Customer Appeal

Nothing is more important than catching the customer’s eye when they are choosing a soap product. 

Sometimes, pretty kraft soap boxes go a long way on their own. But other times you need more to get the customers’ attention and interest. 

Advertise your products with custom soap sleeves by ECB. What we print for you can be custom-made. Therefore, increasing sales and awareness for your company’s soaps.

A beautifully wrapped soap in a luxury sleeve is a pleasure for customers to see. It adds value to the product and imparts a sense of quality. offers manufacturers exactly what they need – beautifully made soap wraps at an affordable price. We do it all for you. Just upload your design, approve our proofs, and within a few days, you’ll have your wrap paper delivered straight to your door. Our experts can even answer any questions or concerns regarding our process or products.

A Neat Display Of Your Brand via Personalized Soap Wrap Papers

Most soap manufacturers face the challenge of finding a reliable way to display their brand information via their soap packaging.

This feels like walking a fine line because there are so many printing companies to choose from but all of them don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind.

At ECB, it’s our mission to help you express your brand personality. We do this by leveraging the potential of soap wrap paper printing.

Stay confident with us. As you are working with a company that will do an amazing job printing your soap wrapper. Therefore, making your products look their very best. We are a professional team that is experienced with this unique part of the bespoke soap packaging process.

The best part is that we offer all these services at nominal prices. Contact us for further information.

Enjoy Better Engagement By Telling The Audience What Your Soaps Are About

There are no solutions available today to get soap printing with details, company name, and soap benefits. 

Fortunately, custom-printed soap wraps are a solution that solves the problem of customers not knowing which soap brand they are using. Different soaps provide various benefits, but the actual packaging does not communicate this to the customer. The user doesn’t know what brand of soap he or she is using.

Custom soap wrappers provide an easy way to display all of the necessary information about the soap you are selling. You can decide what information should be printed on the wrapper. And also design it yourself by uploading your own images. Or choose from a library of thousands of templates our team has available for you. 

EliteCustomBoxes is here for all your custom soap display needs. We offer soap wraps that allow you to promote your brand. The wrappers also give your bar of soap a sophisticated look to help it stand out in a crowd. 

Therefore, your customers will be able to see everything they need at a glance: your product name, what the product is used for, how much it costs, any available type of logo, and even the benefits for the skin. 

When they start using their product they may not think about how it was packaged, but when they are looking for you again they will remember how professional and well-packaged their favorite soap was!

So place your soap sleeves order today for a better ROI.

Soap Wrapper Printing for Kraft Soap Boxes at Wholesale Rates

If you are a soap seller, you need to find a way to produce bulk prints of your products. The solution is to create custom packaging for your soaps and other cosmetic products. Usually, it’s very expensive to print just 1-2 pieces.

Don’t Pay a Lot! 

Ask yourself: “Am I getting the best price on my custom soap wrap paper?” 

The solution is here! 

With ECB you get soap wrapper printing at wholesale prices. It’s absolutely stunning. Because it’s designed to be. (And, because we want you to make more sales.)

Therefore, contact ECB to print stunningly beautiful custom soap wrappers. Choose from different types of stock: Gloss, Matte, and Satin. 

With many color choices to select from and a streamlined ordering process, you can have your order expedited in 24 hours or less. 

In addition, ink runs deep into the pulp creating an image. Therefore, it will last longer than traditional in-mold printing methods that only go halfway through the soap box depth. No need to worry about fading, no matter how much your soap aging gets poured over and over again… not that you’ll ever have that issue.

Eco-Friendly Soap Packaging Sleeves with High-Quality Printing

Finding a quality and eco-friendly soap wrapper supplier is easier said than done.

Finding quality with low prices is harder still.

To make your life easier, here at we make custom-designed soap wraps at the lowest price. All you need to do is submit your design template, choose the quantity and quality of wrapping paper you need. And then wait for your order to be shipped to your front door.

Therefore, discover the perfect advertising method for your business with ECB’s custom soap wrap paper. Bring your brand to life in beautifully colored sleeves wrapped around luxurious lathery soaps. From custom soap wrap manufacturing to high-quality printing, we can make a sweet promotion that leaves your customers smiling.

We Promise Fast Turnaround & No MOQ

Getting sleeves for your soaps can be a pain (pun intended). You have to deal with the shrinkage, you need the right kind of paper, you want something that doesn’t look cheap and – oh, it needs to wrap around that oddly-shaped bar too.

That’s why we exist – as a custom soap bar wrapper printing service provider for soap makers of all ages and abilities.

After years of evidence-gathering, we know what works. The things that make printable wrapping paper for your soaps presentable is quality paper with the right texture and smooth, flawless finish; bold colors that don’t fade; cutting according to your specifications; and fast turnaround from ordering to shipping. 

We know how much everyone values time. Therefore, we do everything we can to get everything shipped out quickly and efficiently.


What are the benefits of custom soap wrap paper printing?

The benefits of custom soap wrapping paper printing is that it speaks for the soaps themselves. The most important part of any business is branding and a good brand can make or break a product. Bespoke soap wraps help to build up a strong brand image and also gives maximum user appeal – all thanks to its user-friendly nature.

In addition, secure soap packaging is also one of the main benefits of soap sleeves as it prevents visual tampering, and damage from moisture & heat.

How to get bespoke soap wraps online?

Getting a bespoke soap wrap online is easy. 

  • Visit
  • Select a design or upload your own. 
  • Tell us about your requirements. And we will instantly provide you with a free quote.
  • Once approved, we will print according to your requirements.
  • You can choose the size and shape of the soap wrap and also check if the design is suitable for wrapping soap.
  • The turnaround time is usually very fast and the price is competitive.

What makes your soap wrap paper printing service so special?

We use our state-of-the-art printing technology combined with recycled paper that looks and feels just like premium wrapping paper but is actually made from 100% post consumer waste.

We have a very high quality of ink that does not fade away easily. We also use branded ink which provides better quality of print on the soap wrapping paper.

When it comes to delivering services, we do not compromise with time as well. We deliver all your products within the time frame which you have mentioned in your order sheet. And this is why most of our clients keep coming back to us again and again.

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