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10 Uses for Empty Cereal Boxes

10 Uses for Empty Cereal packaging Boxes

It is common for us to eat cereal on a daily basis. On occasion, we don’t even have cereal in the morning. However, we probably recycle a lot of empty boxes because we throw away some cereal packaging every week. Then you must have a ton of cereal packages every month if you love cereal so much.

How about recycling your empty boxes in a better way? You can use cereal packaging in countless ways, believe it or not. However, you’ll be surprised about packaging ideas for cereal boxes. How many different things you can make with cardboard boxes. Moreover, these are the coolest ways to reuse cereal packaging if you eat a lot of cereal every week.

Let me show you 10 of the best things that you can do with them.

1. Mini Notebooks

You make dozens of adorable mini notebooks just from one cereal box. Make six 2 x 4-inch square pieces of paper and one cereal box for each notebook. Additionally, to stack the papers and the box piece together, fold each in half. Line up the folds of the paper and the piece of cardboard. Therefore, good material is the primary key to the best packaging. That’s where “why they need good packaging for cereal boxes” begins.

2. Tags for Gifts

Making personalized gift tags with cereal packaging is a great way to give gifts any time of year. So, make the gift tag by taking a cereal box piece and cut it out. Trace the piece on to a scrapbooking paper. To attach it to your tag, simply glue it on or stick it with double sided tape. Moreover, making a hole at the top of the tag can be done with a hole punch. Attach your gift tag with a ribbon.

3. Dividers for Drawers

You can make drawer dividers out of cereal boxes to organize messy drawers. If you want to make the dividers, you must put them into the drawers. However, you can use this to determine the number of separators you will need. They should match drawer depth so they are as deep as possible.

Moreover, to create your dividers, cut the tops off each box with a craft knife or box cutter. The drawer dividers can be used as is, or you can decorate them with cute scrapbook paper. You will remain much more organized with these in the drawer.

4. Boxes of Gifts

Make a small gift box from an old cereal box, which you can fill with gift cards or cash. The first step is to get the template, print it out, and slice it up. Therefore, you will need legal paper for this step. It is possible to tape two sheets of paper together for those without them. After printing and cutting the template, draw it on the cereal box and trim it. You can finally close up your gift box by folding it according to the template.

5. Postcards

Simple postcards can be made from cereal retail boxes for sending to family and friends. Isn’t it great fun to open your mailbox to find one of those charming postcards from a dear one? Therefore, you will need a cereal box cut into four by six inch pieces. On the inner side without the printed image, mark a centerline. The message should go to the left. Then drop it in the mail! But make sure to put the sender’s information and postmark on the right.

6. Cases for Pencils

Make a fun and practical pencil case with some empty cereal boxes, scissors, and sticky Velcro. Start by printing out the template and cutting it out. Moreover, you can trace a cereal box against the prepared template, and cut it out.

Mark the custom boxes along the fold lines on the template with a scoring tool (if you don’t have it, you can use a paper clip or butter knife). Moreover, to assemble the pencil case, fold it in half besides the top flap and tape it shut. Then you can attach a small piece of sticky Velcro to the flap of the front panel, allowing you to fill it with whatever you want!


You don’t want your favorite books to get damaged? So, create a few bookmarks from old cereal boxes. Slice the cereal boxes elements into 1.5 x 6-inch pieces. Simply poke a hole through the top, insert some cord, and tie it up.

8. Boxes of Treats

You may not own a fancy cupcake container, so it can be hard to take cupcakes everywhere! There are many types of cereal packaging. The old cereal box used to be a great treat box, until you learned how to repurpose it. Therefore, make sure you tape or glue the flap on top.

You can use a box cutter or craft knife to cut the front panel along three edges, keeping the fourth uncut. Additionally, you can use tissue paper for the box’s interior to place the treats. However, a piece of ribbon will keep your gifts safe while traveling.

9. Frames for Pictures

The best way to reuse custom food boxes is with cereal box picture frames. Style your picture if it is too small for the frame. If your photo is in a frame, the cereal box can fill the space. However, the cardboard part of the frame can be made colorful and appealing by covering that part with wrapping paper.

10. Puzzles

Using the front of an old cereal box, you can create simple puzzles. The kids will enjoy them. Moreover, if you set a time limit of 60 seconds for adults to assemble the image, it’ll be a fun challenge for them.

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