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Ways to Recycle Cardboard Boxes

ways to recycle cardboard boxes

Are you surrounded by cardboard in your home? You just moved, you did a lot of online shopping, or you received a lot of gifts during the holidays. In either case, a box stack is not visually appealing. It’s a fact that these cardboard boxes do not need to be discarded as such, however.

If you’re willing to recycle them and use your creativity, you can turn them into something more useful with different types of cardboard boxes.The versatile material cardboard can easily be shaped into many different forms and cut.

Top 5 Ways of Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Here is how you can reuse cardboard to make it into useful materials again. But be careful. You wouldn’t even know these are cardboard projects! They are so awesomely beautiful!

1. Drawer Dividers

When you need something out of your drawer, do you always have to spend some time digging through its contents? When things are thrown into a wide drawer, it can get really messy! You can not only use cardboard for packaging but also for drawer divider. A cardboard drawer divider can keep things neat and tidy in there. This works for every drawer in your home.

You just need a few materials. You can do it yourself! The cardboard should be cut to the size of your drawer, then placed inside. You can cover the bottom with wrapping paper. You can use it to protect your clothes and as a decorative item. Let’s begin with another kitchen organization tip to stay organized. It can be styled, too. 

2. Small Cord Organizer

For cord organizer, you can also use some alternatives of cardboard box but cardboard is best for this. Do you have a drawer of cords that look jumbled? Are they strewn all over your table, or are they on the floor? Organize your cords with this DIY cord organizer! Grab a shoe box and a few toilet paper rolls. Put the empty rolls in the shoe box.

Vertically arranging them in the shoe box is all you need! Now you have a cord organizer in the making! Doesn’t seem so hard, does it? You can now use a larger box to organize cords if there are many to organize.

A roll of toilet paper works perfectly for organizing cords. If you need something bigger, then you can make another cardboard box with a bigger compartment. Using wrapping paper will make the rolls and box look more attractive and presentable. If you prefer to paint, you can do so as well!

3. Dispenser Box

It is nice to be able to organize plastic baggies from the grocery store using retail boxes made from cardboard. Sort them out and reorganize them to keep them organized. Next, place them in the cardboard box.

You can remove the bags one at a time, as needed, by making a hole in the box. It would also be handy to have this plastic bag dispenser in the basement or in the vicinity of your cat’s litter box or your dog’s leash in your house. So when you need to clean up after your pet, you’ll already have bags.

4. Spray Paint Can Holder

The wine custom boxes of different sizes are located in liquor stores or can be purchased by the case if you frequent them or you purchase wine from them. One could also use them as storage for spray paint. The dividers are sized perfectly to fit the narrow cans, and the spray paint cans’ colorful lids are clearly visible when the box is opened.

Pull out the box of spray paint when the time is right by placing it on a shelf or in a cabinet. In addition to storing spray products, like WD-40 or silicone lubricant, a wine box is excellent at storing other items that pile up in the workshop. After using of these hacks, you don’t need to think that why cardboard boxes are expensive? Because now you are able to use them again.

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