What are Mailer Boxes Made of?


Before knowing the difference between mailer boxes vs. shipping boxes you should know what are mailer boxes? These boxes are one way to package and store items. You can design your packaging from paperboard. Mailer boxes for shipping are an efficient packaging method. It is crucial for delivering products to clients.

The owner of a business has many options for packing and shipping. Mailer boxes have many advantages if you choose them. It will boost the image of your company to receive your shipments safely. Many shipping methods are generally inferior to using mailer packaging. Your business can also advertise using them. For instance, you can customize the boxes. If we compare mailer boxes vs shipping boxes, we came to know that shipping boxes are greater as compared to mailer boxes.

Additionally, your products will attract lots of new customers. You can achieve this in many ways. Depending on the product, you can use a brand’s design or range of designs. Both methods make your brand stand out and increase market share.

Structure of a Mailer Box

Here is an overview of the structure of cardboard mailer boxes. It is a type without wings. It has a cardboard body. Although it weighs less, it is highly durable. Also, the bed is built with cardboard, sometimes with more than one layer of cardboard. It will vary with the product’s weight. 

There are usually two layers of cardboard on each side. That is due to the wings tucking into the sides. There is only one layer of flaps. The side walls are thick enough so that the lid can fit inside. Additionally, there is a small opening on the front wall. Although all the sides are thick, the top is thin. The benefits of mailer boxes are as below.

Benefits of Mailer Boxes

A mailer box is much more flexible than a carton box. If you are using a simple brown box to send products, it indicates you aren’t concerned with sending a message. A mailer box can enhance many aspects of your business. Various companies use retail boxes to present their products. Following are some benefits of mailer boxes.

  • Enhances your brand’s reputation
  • Less expensive
  • Promotes your brand
  • Unique.
  • Reliable
  • No need for external packaging and design
  • For all sizes
  • Eco-Friendly

Material for Mailer Boxes

There isn’t just one type of material suitable for mailer packaging. Various materials are available for this purpose. It results in different kinds of mailer packaging. Here are a few of the most common ones.


Mailer packaging are typically made of cardboard. Many companies use these boxes. These boxes are made of corrugated sheets, called flutes. Because they consist of three pieces, the boxes are very solid and durable. They are made out of recycled paper. Heavy-duty machinery, known as corrugators, is used to do the job.

It is possible to reuse the boxes made by this process. Their main material is pulp fiber. There are different sizes for custom cardboard boxes based on the customer’s needs. Different boxes have different strengths and characteristics. Their cheap production makes them the most popular. Using this method is less expensive overall because you can recycle it multiple times. Additionally, these materials are strong and can do the job. So, why choose costly options?


Making mailer packaging from paperboard is another effective and famous method. Paperboard is made by reusing waste paper. It is made by turning scrap paper into pulp and dying it. Instead of using recycled materials, this paper comes from wood pulp. However, this is rare. One of the main benefits of paperboard mailers is their lightweight. Kraft mailer boxes are one of the most popular types of product packaging.

Cardboard mailers weigh more than paperboard mailers. That is why they are also cheaper to ship. Their lightweight does not mean they are weak. Paperboard boxes are durable and ideal for a variety of products. The paperboard mailer box comes in multiple grades. Their sizes and weights depend on what’s inside.

A paperboard box is also a good choice because it’s recyclable. Furthermore, it does not harm the environment. It is therefore a good option for brands who choose eco-friendly products. Further, the paperboard looks more appealing than other options. But cardboard is the material what are mailer boxes manufacturers prefer to use because they are eco-friendly.


Some people may find it surprising that most mailer packaging are made of plastic. Plastic is the material used for making these. The sturdiest material among those above is plastic, so these are the most durable boxes. It is not very expensive to use plastic because it is recyclable. However, it is more expensive than cardboard or paper.

You can’t get an airtight space in other materials, so plastic is perfect for preserving food. Mailer packaging come in different types of materials. Each has advantages and disadvantages. The cost of plastic is higher than others, but it is more durable.

Paperboard is also lightweight and cheap but lacks strength. There are many options for making custom packaging boxes. Another common type is rigid mailer packaging. It is a common way to package smaller electronic items. However, they are only useful for that. You should consider the product’s size, shape, and weight when selecting the material.

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