Why are Cardboard Boxes so Expensive for Packaging?

why are cardboard boxes so expensive

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The cost of some types of cardboard boxes that are used in packaging has increased by about four times in recent years. Making cardboard requires raw materials, like cellulose, at a higher cost, which makes e-commerce more expensive.

Online store owners have noticed the increase and wonder when it will end. Why is the price increase so high? What are the alternatives of cardboard box?

What makes cardboard so costly?

Since the start of 2021, cardboard boxes prices have gone up 100%. That should bring everyone’s attention, from makers to retailers to end-users.

How did carton prices increase so quickly? Firstly, global supply chains have been affected by a pandemic for everything from packaging to food. Across the globe, paper mills are dealing with challenges. That has hurt operations across the board. As a result, cartons for packing have become costly.

Tips for reducing corrugated box costs

Companies can save a lot of money on corrugated boxes by doing some planning ahead. Corrugated boxes can be hard to estimate because of so many factors.  

Be as specific as possible

Many companies stick with longstanding mailing methods. You can cut costs by taking a step back from the present and looking at what is needed. Packaging should continue to evolve with products. 

Also, reduce the size of the custom boxes. So, you should find out how much shipping and delivery packaging is a must. Excessive packaging raises shipping costs as well. When it comes to packaging items in corrugated boxes, you can also reduce printing costs.

Plan packaging when designing products

An easy way to reduce the cost of corrugated boxes would be to include them when planning the product. If you optimize the package, you may opt to avoid additional packaging too. 

Examine your options

You should closely look into your options before choosing one. Depending on your needs, a low-cost box may be all you need. By comparing the sizes, you can see which one meets your needs.

Find out how much the new retail boxes cost to save money. You can stretch your budget a little further by customizing the boxes. By customizing, you can promote your brand, display safety data, and even provide instructions for use. 

Optimal use of metrics

You can save a little by bundling corrugated boxes differently if you plan on using them as secondary packaging. It is possible to arrange them in different ways, such as by filling in voids with varying materials. 

A Final Thought

Almost every industry use cardboard for packaging: healthcare, food, and other goods that move fast. By exploring the options, you can estimate packaging costs. In addition, knowing the estimated cost will help you select a supplier with a fair price. 

Knowing your current packaging solutions will allow you to optimize them. You can also estimate custom costs. These factors are crucial to consider. These boxes let you know how much they cost, making it easier to decide. Using this approach will allow you to make smarter choices, save money, and improve packaging methods.

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