Why is Corrugated Cardboard Used for Pizza Packaging?


Cardboard is made differently from corrugated box sheets. As a sturdy and durable material, corrugated cardboard has an inside liner, an outside liner, and a fluted sheet of corrugated cardboard in the middle. Corrugated cardboard serves to make pizza boxes.

A single-wall corrugated cardboard box is ideal for shipping pizza. The stiffness of corrugated cardboard makes bending or folding difficult. Mark the fold line inside the crease with a pencil or ruler. While holding the ruler, you can fold over the corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is an environmentally friendly alternative to other packaging materials. You can get it from sustainably harvested wood or recycled paper.

Why Do You Need Cardboard for Pizza Boxes?

How can you differentiate your brand from others? Why need cardboard for pizza boxes? Reliable packaging is the answer. Particularly when it comes to brands, the packaging is what attracts people’s attention first. Increasingly, you can entice customers to purchase your products with attractive and innovative packaging. The corrugated pizza box is a perfect solution. These custom packaging boxes are not just easy to handle, but they can also hold pizza securely. 

Moreover, they adhere to compliance with food safety standards. As a result, food brands are choosing such boxes more and more frequently. Here comes the question why need high-quality pizza boxes? It is the main reason. Corrugated boxes are ideal for such applicationsCardboard is also very durable, making it good packaging material for businesses when it comes to transportation.

Also, it prevents moisture from getting into the product. In addition to protecting food products from the environment, this factor is essential for withstanding long transportation durations. They have several advantages.

Corrugated Cardboard Advantages for Pizzas Packaging

Using corrugated cardboard for pizza packaging has many advantages. We have discussed a few of them below.

Assertion of Strength

Corrugated sheets feature pleated fluting not just for aesthetics. They are durable and reliable. It helps the cardboard hold its shape and makes it more difficult to tear or crush because the middle layer touches the outer and inner layers alternately. It protects and cushions delicate materials inside corrugated cardboard because it is durable and holds its shape well.

When a product has to travel over long distances and moves many times as it gets there, this is especially important. Your products are not just protected from the force by corrugated cardboard. It also prevents bacterial growth. Keep items for a long time or if the items are particularly fragile. Even though corrugated cardboard can contain bacteria, it can keep food fresh for long periods. It is where the importance of pizza boxes begins.


The flexible nature of cardboard is because it originates from paper. Storage is easy and can accommodate a variety of materials. Corrugated cardboard is best for pizza delivery boxes, retail boxes, and shipping containers. Additionally, corrugated keep moisture away from the products, making it ideal for food products that must withstand delivery times.

Environmental Sustainability

In terms of sustainability, corrugated cardboard is an option you should consider if you are concerned about polluting the environment. End users can reuse corrugated cardboard for various tasks because of its durability and versatility. Custom pizza boxes made from corrugated cardboard are recyclable, and many have already come from recycled materials.

Corrugated cardboard boxes will not harm the environment if thrown in a landfill. Paperboard is biodegradable, which means it will eventually break down in landfills, leaving behind no traces of its former life. On the other hand, plastic containers sit in landfills for indefinite periods or continue to decompose into smaller fragments without biodegrading.

The Cost-Effectiveness

You will be able to protect your goods during the delivery time and save money if you package them in corrugated cardboard. Weighing a package determines shipping costs, with heavier packages costing more to ship. Due to its lightweight nature, cardboard doesn’t contribute much to the overall weight of the box, saving you money on deliveries. They are one of the cheapest packaging options compared to other packing materials.


You may wonder why to use custom pizza boxes for your business. Well, here is your answer. The package contains a paper on which you can print your logo or company name. That isn’t the only way you can customize it. If you require a non-standard box because of a unique packaging requirement, you can even customize them. You can also add different adhesives and coatings to corrugated cardboard for practical and aesthetic reasons to make it stronger. 

You can also customize the thickness of the cardboard so that if you require even more durability, you can select a heavier or thicker stock. It is unnecessary to purchase expensive tools to manufacture corrugated cardboard boxes, and the labor costs are low. Although corrugated cardboard is an engineering marvel, its simplicity makes it brilliant.

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