How to Measure Box Dimensions?

how to measure your product for a custom box

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Before you start determining box sizes, it’s essential to understand the dimensions of your product. Using a consistent method for both the product and the box ensures alignment between you and your packaging supplier. Hence, it’s recommended to measure your product using the conventional length x width x height approach.

Using the image below, I have left it unobstructed to ensure you can easily see the box’s length, width, and height/depth.

Once you know the length of your product, you can add 2mm to each side, and you will have the perfect size for your product!

Still confused? Worry not, as we have demonstrated the procedure for measuring a box below in the blog!

How to measure a rectangular product?

For instance, your product is a case of SSD or hard disk; you must measure a box for that. So you will need to have three basic measurements!

And these three measurements are a must for all rectangular products!

  • Length
  • Width
  • Depth/Height

In order to take the length of your product, you have to lay it out on a plain surface! And for this, you can either use a scale or inches of tape! The length is the distance of your product from left to right, as shown above in the image. And in this case, the length is 4.6 inches!

You can calculate the width of your product by measuring the distance from the front to the back measured across the side panels. In our case, it was 2.9 inches!

In order to determine the DEPTH or height of a product, it is measured from the bottom to the top of the product. And in our case, the height and depth of the SSD case are 0.4 inches.

To make your packaging, you must add 2mm or 0.078 inches to your three measurements. And this will ensure that your packaging is exactly the right size.

Well, till now, it was for the rectangular product! But what if you have a cylindrical object?

Let’s find out how to take measurements for a cylindrical one!

How to measure a cylindrical product?

Measuring a cylindrical object can be a bit of a tricky one! But worry not; we got your back! Just like a rectangular object, you’d need the same three measurements! And we have opted out of the perfect way for you to do that! The Vernier caliper measures most measurements for the cylindrical object. But if you don’t have one, you can use inches of tape or a scale too! As shown below in the images.

To demonstrate how to measure the length of a cylindrical object, place it on a plain shelf, and in this case, we have a dropper bottle for you!

Length is the distance from the bottom right to the bottom left. And for this spherical object, we have a length of 1.4 inches!

Width is the distance between the product’s bottom right and bottom left corners. In addition, we have 1.4 inches of width for this spherical object!

To measure your spherical product’s height, lay it on the flat surface as shown above in the image and measure its height/depth from bottom to top! And in this scenario, we have a height of 3.6 inches!

Now when you have all three dimensions for your spherical product, add a 2 mm margin on each side which is equivalent to 0.0787 inches! And this way, you will have the perfect packaging for your cylindrical object!

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