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what is rigid stock

What is a Rigid Box?

In the world of packaging, one type stands out for its durability, and this is the rigid box. These boxes are associated with luxury and

what is cardboard?

What is Cardboard?

Cardboard is a ubiquitous material that plays an integral role in our daily lives. It’s a versatile substance used for a wide array of purposes,

what is paperboard?

What is Paperboard?

Paperboard is one product that has been taken on for a selection of functions. It is a thick, level paper made from a network of

what is kraft paper

What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper is a type of paper that is produced from wood pulp, particularly from the strong and durable fibers found in softwood trees like

what is cardstock

What is Card Stock?

To put it simply, Cardstock is a thicker and extra sturdy sort of paper. It is more adaptable and thinner than paperboard and cardboard, making

what is corrugated cardboard

What is Corrugated Cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard has existed in various kinds for over 200 years, and its beginning tale still intrigues individuals today. So, when did corrugated cardboard packaging