How to Order Boxes?

At ECB, we have a flawless working timeline that includes all the essential aspects you may need during order placement. From the product measurement to the final order and quote, you will get all the guidance you need from our side.

Measure Your Product Dimensions

So that you know – the primary step you must take before placing your order is measuring your product. Measure the length, width, and height of your product. Keep a record of these measurements; they will be essential for the next steps.

Choose the Box Style

With numerous box styles available, picking the right one can elevate the unboxing experience. Review different styles, such as mailer boxes, tuck-top boxes, and gable boxes. Consider the nature of your product and what kind of presentation you desire.

Request a Custom Quote

Now that you have your measurements and have chosen a box style, visit our quote form and submit your details. We provide a price quote based on the box size, style, quantity, and any additional customization you might want.

Order Placement

Upon agreeing with the quote, it’s essential to confirm the details of your order to ensure everything is accurate. We offer the opportunity to review a mock-up or a sample box before producing the full order. It’s crucial to check these samples for accuracy. Once satisfied, you can proceed to process the payment according to our accepted methods.


Once your order is placed, we will initiate the production process. This might include creating dies tailored to your specific box size, printing the desired designs, and then assembling the boxes.


After production, the boxes will be shipped to your specified location, all set for you to package your products. Our turn-around time is approximately 7-10 working days.

Measure Your Item

So that you know – the primary step you must take before placing your order is measuring your product. It is essential to the correct item placement and adjustment in the box. With it, the item will either be loose or fit in the box properly. If you need help, please check the measurement guidelines we provided separately.

Picking Up Your Box

It is the second most crucial step of that process. You’ll need to pick your box correctly. We have a whole range of templates and die collections to help you. You can check the list on our website and pick the box you think is appropriate. Then, when you recognize the measurements of your box, you can look for it in our die collection of over three thousand complimentary samples. Choosing a box from the die collection will undoubtedly save you precious time.

Please feel free also to suggest your very own personalized box design and template. The expense of the die will not be charged separately. It is a part of your printing and packaging plan with us.

Put a Request for Quote

When you ask for a quote for your task, our box professionals will undoubtedly be able to return to you with rates and an art package with guidelines on developing your box. Hence, it appears flawlessly once we produce it for you.

Order Placement

When your artwork and dies are ready, could you contact our packaging professional, who helped with the quote? They would further guide you in the order placement process. They will certainly enter your order in the system based upon your details demands. You can also go ahead and go ahead and go ahead and check where it stands during production if you like.


After you’ve finalized the proof of your box and your evidence(s) and settlement, you’re immediately alerted using e-mail by the related personnel. All of that will lead to placing your order in the manufacturing line.


Our turn-around time is approximately 8-10 company working days. In the meantime, your order will undoubtedly be delivered to your recommended provider at our affordable rates. In addition, we offer free logistics and shipments in the USA.