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Custom candle boxes and their packaging can be used for gifting your loved ones with hand written notes and different quotes. Elite custom boxes offers different types of sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. Our company has well-trained staff and highly professional designers that provide distinguishing candles boxes that help in making your product stand out. Candles are an epitome of light that enlighten our lives. People use candles of various events like birthday parties, wedding parties, and anniversary parties and so on. Moreover, they are the most trending ones. Candles have become a vital part of our everyday lives; it can be used in decoration or lightening. We are here to help you in acquiring customers’ attraction. . Therefore, packaging enhances the importance of your product and increases value. Our packaging emits a premium feel and radiates luxury is really high in demand. We manufacture the most outstanding and attractive custom printed candles boxes at all flexible, wholesale rates. If you want to appeal your customer, then you need to avail our services. We use top-notch and unique and modern technology for printing. Besides, by printing your brand name on the wholesale candle boxes, you can appeal your customers.

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You can make your candles stand out and sell quickly by leveraging the power of custom candle boxes.

If you’re a candle retailer, you may want to make your own candles and sell them at craft fairs, crafts shows, and even online through websites.

And the best way to grab the market’s attention there is via custom candle packaging.

The right candle box must not only look right. But it should also provide extra protection to the candle. Choosing the wrong packaging can harm your reputation among customers. This is because an ugly, off-brand container will look cheap. Hence, there’s an impact on the sales.

Looking for candle custom boxes with logo?

Worry not as luxury packaging for candles suppliers like EliteCustomBoxes® (ECB). It’s our core business. We take pride in our responsibly sourced eco-felt and our precise design and cutting.

And thus, our design team will meet with you to understand your vision and we’ll turn that into a reality.

Looking for the best custom boxes for candles? Contact us at (888) 908-3029 for an instant quote or a free sample request.

Why Choose ECB for Custom Candle Boxes?

Custom Candle Gift Boxes:

Buying a housewarming gift is always stressful.

It’s because you aren’t only competing with everyone else for your friend’s attention. As a result, you need to find the perfect gift that they will love.

So if you are looking for something specific, like a candle box in an exact shape or size, it can be almost impossible to find what you want

But don’t worry.

The designers at ECB have solved all of these problems. Coming directly from their workshop to your house, they offer custom options for every design imaginable. A personalized candle box makes a perfect gift for that someone special in your life.

And with so many options, you will be sure to find something to match their personality.

Candles are more than just something to light and burn. They are a symbol of love, friendship, and happiness.

Boxes by ECB solve all of those problems with our design-your-own personalized boxes. You can create these types of boxes for any occasion and any budget. So no matter what you need we have you covered!

Endless Design Customizations:

Ordinary boxes are no fun. They’re bland and generic. And the cost of buying them is also quite high.

What if you could custom-design a unique box that perfectly matched your company or brand’s appearance? Where you could include a logo, colors, and even a photo of your own? And all for an affordable price?

ECB’s retail packaging service offers exactly that. We have cheap packages so anyone can enjoy the luxury of their very own personalized candles.

We specialize in making customized boxes, which means we have no limit to the designs you can create!

Low Prices:

Getting a custom candle box is costly.

ECB is a company that makes quality boxes for your business. They provide you with a unique, branded candle container that will stand out among the sea of candles at the store.

We have been in business for years and have worked with thousands of clients from all over the world. Our company specializes in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to get their products on the market and make some extra money. Our services start as cheap as they can and include everything from printing your design onto stickers and boxes to shipping them to your doorsteps.

Best Kraft Packaging Supplier

We know there are thousands of companies that manufacture boxes for candles. Since we’ve been doing this so long, we know creating the right boxes for your candles is critical to your final product. Through personal experience of helping customers choose the right boxes, we know that each box and each jar need to work together and fit your design and branding style. Choosing the wrong box can be a frustration you don’t need–we want to help you avoid that–we truly care about your success.

Candle packaging is our expertise. We’ve spent years to make good boxes for your candle needs, whether you are looking to wrap up your own candle-making products or want to start a profitable eCommerce business reselling other people’s candles or baths and body products.

Fully Customizable

We are a leading company in providing quality candle box packaging in wholesale rates.

Because of this, our customers appreciate our boxes. Most probably for their customization options. As well as free unlimited support from our efficient workforce.

With 100s of shape, size, color, theme options to choose from, we guarantee you to find the right packaging for your candle company. If you can’t find it on our design board, simply use our toll-free call support to talk to one of our candle box designers. They can give you options that don’t even exist yet or will work to turn your bespoke design requests into an unbelievable reality.

We’ve made thousands of candles boxes for our customers, each one unique and impeccably designed. Therefore, our extensive experience and highly skilled team can help you design the perfect artwork for your unique candle project. Our passion is creating the highest quality customized candle wedding favors and packaging boxes.

Thus, we are helping you take your packaging of candles from standard to spectacular in just a few easy steps.

Available with Logos, Inserts, Ribs, & Windows

Imagine how awesome would it be to have custom retail boxes for candles that have been personalized with your favorite logo?

Fortunately, you can do all of these things with EliteCustomBoxes®.

You can incorporate a range of products & services with our fully personalized boxes of candle.

Nothing makes a personalized candle favor more unique than laser engraving. You can even display your logo on the candle boxes as an important part of your branding campaign.

Not only will your logo or artwork look amazing on the box, but you can also create the box to be 3D with laser engraving.

With our personalized custom candle box solutions, businesses can set the tone of their products with meaningful box designs that are sure to be memorable for their customers.

We are all aware that the candle industry is booming at the moment, which has led to candle products becoming readily available in many retail outlets. Although many lovely candles can be found, an increasing number of products feature less inspired designs and inferior quality.

So how do you set your candle products apart from the rest? One way would be to take advantage of the advances in box printing and manufacturing technology only at EliteCustomBoxes®.

Therefore, business owners who want to impress their clients can do so with these custom branded boxes with inserts and ribbons that serve as your business’s first impression to potential clients.

Candle Packaging at Wholesale Prices

While candles can be part of your product line, candles alone will not help maximize your profits. So finding the right packaging at the right price is important if you want each candle to be appealing to customers.

You may be an entrepreneur with a tight budget who’s looking for some cheap custom boxes. Or, you might be a business owner who needs boxes that will make your product stand out and be eye-catching. Perhaps, you’re a company owner who needs to create packaging for candles and candles accessories and needs boxes of premium quality to do so. Well, we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to great candle packaging, first impressions are hugely important. And on the whole, customers are always right. A beautiful, premium quality packaging design can be the difference between your customers choosing you over your competitors.

Our packaging of boxes are great for decorating your home with elegance. The best part is that they are cheap and can be used as gift boxes. For retailers like you can never go wrong by partnering with a reliable supplier like ECB that’s offering the most affordable prices on top quality packaging of boxes with fast shipping anywhere in the world.

Eco-Friendly Candle Box Retail Packaging Solutions

You have a great candle company, but your packaging is boring and old-fashioned. It’s time to go for a change! EliteCustomBoxes® offers eco-friendly packaging boxes perfectly suited to your needs, so you can really stand out from the crowd. We manufacture and supply candle packaging boxes on a digital printing on-demand basis. We can digitally print on any of our ranges of eco-friendly cards, plastic, and bendable lids. Our products are very competitively priced and we can also add your personalized design/logo to the printing.

We are involved in manufacturing an immaculate range of candle boxes that are made using the modern principles of packaging. These boxes are commonly used for storing candles. Our boxes can be easily customized as per the design and specifications as demanded by the clients. With the incorporation of advanced machinery and equipment, we have been able to develop these boxes as per the exact demands of our valued customers.

Fast Shipping & Turnaround Time

We print and manufacture inexpensive, economical, and sturdy boxes that give your company a professional look. Our customized and personalized cardboard and foam box packaging solutions provide fast turnaround times and fast shipping anywhere in the world.

We are the leading supplier of cardboard candle boxes, fluted candle sleeves, and scented candle cups in the industry. ECB also provides a wide range of packaging for candles including white box, natural brown box, and clear small glass jars.

All boxes are custom-made to the exact measurements of the candles you want to pack in them, which ensures optimal product protection during shipping. There are no “guesstimations” here!

We know that your customers demand safe, undamaged products every time they order something. There is no risk involved with shipping your merchandise. Also, we focus on different shapes, styles, materials, and designs of candle boxes at cheap prices which is good for promoting your brand.

Get in touch with us at (888) 908-3029 for custom candle packaging boxes wholesale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom candle boxes?

Custom boxes is a unique and memorable way to present your candles. Candle boxes are the perfect packaging option for any occasion, whether it be a birthday party or an anniversary celebration. Your customers will love receiving their candles in this custom package. Beautiful boxes is also a great way for any business to give their customers a memorable experience, increase brand awareness, and generate sales.

Why should I choose?

Candles are always a great gift option for birthdays, anniversaries or just to say “I love you”. They are affordable and beautiful. But the problem is that most candle gift boxes look very similar. If you want to give your gift a special touch of personality, making it more memorable and unique, then consider buying a elegant box. Also, if you want your candle business to stand out from the pack, you should consider buying boxes for your products. These boxes can give your product a more exclusive feel, making it seem special and worth the price tag.

How many types of boxes available for Candles?

They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Their unique design makes them a perfect fit for many purposes. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider using a attractive box when choosing your packaging.

For starters, the look of a box is eye-catching and appealing. It’s designed to stand out on shelves while simultaneously being more practical than other forms of packaging. Another great thing about these type of boxes is that you can get them in any style and dimension. For example, you can customize your boxes with lids, windows, logos, inserts, and cutouts.

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